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Mavi Kül Tablası
Music:Soley - Pretty Face


After a bit of reading other theories, I realized…

…Mark still being alive was a theory as well.

To which I think it may be plausible to what is going on.

The lightning thing is inconclusive though, being that it’s a theory whoever says murder and gets lightning is involved in said murder.

But maybe whoever TRIED to kill Mark, and when they thought he was dead Mark ran off to hide, and maybe someone is helping him. As another theory I read he could very well be baiting because someone wanted to kill him, and they are trying to find out who.

I still think Tyler has a bit part in whatever is going on, maybe he helped cover up the murder or maybe he is helping Mark. Trying to find out who would want him dead. Although that would only be in Mark is in fact still alive which we will leave undetermined.

Maybe that’s why Tyler is sort of ‘playing the fields’ He is trying to figure out who actually tried to murder Mark or would want him dead after staging his murder.

Tyler could very well be the very loyal butler keeping his master safe.

Tyler could also very well be the butler that hates his master and kills him/wants him dead.

We never really see Tyler taking sides, he’s more so as I said playing the field. Could he be guilty? Or just the same be trying to find out who would/did kill Mark.

Smashed Birds
Smashed Birds

Sóley - Smashed Birds

And there I took all of your birds
And I smashed them in my pocket, oh
And then I got the feathers off and
I made myself a beautiful dress

In your basement was a letter to myself
You wrote it when we were married
I took this note and put it in my mouth
With your words

And then I took all your words
And I ate them by the fire, oh
And then I tore the pages up
And I made myself a beautiful dress

Hombre ficticio

Es tu voz
Grave y difusa
Dulce y a su vez áspera
Voz que canta
Voz que afina
Voz que ama
Voz que es arte
Sólo tu voz conozco

Es tu alma
Tierna y simple
Fuerte y grande
Digna de admiración
Que se vuelve una
Con su conciencia
Y suspira bajo
Mientras suena el piano

Es su mirada
Ese profundo mundo
Lleno de miedos, de verdades
De un pasado que traiciona
De un futuro que se espera
Es ella quien vive
Y no la puedo sentir

Y es que estás tan allá
Que sólo cabes en mis sueños
En mis falsas ilusiones
En mis falsas esperanzas
Quiero sentir tus manos
Sentir tus latidos
Sentirte a ti
Sin tocarte

Tú sigue cantando versos
Yo sigo escribiendo prosa
Pero vive la idea
Que algún día después de Marzo
Nuestras bocas ya cercanas
Lograrán al hombre ficticio
Hacer manifestarse
Con un beso increíble.

—Soley Guerra

Playlists for the Signs


1. Compass - Zella Day

2. Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground

3. Pretty When You Cry - Lana Del Rey

4. Moon and Moon - Bat for Lashes

5. Kids - MGMT

6. Heavy in Your Arms - Florence + Machine

7. Pretty Face - Soley

8. Cruel - St. Vincent

9. Bugs - Emma Louise

10. New Slang - The Shins

11. 1965 - Zella Day

12. Swan Dive - Waxahatchee


Sóley - I’ll Drown (Live on KEXP)

This is the most beautiful thing I’ve seen/heard in a while.