Karaoke Party at Ya Hey Cafe

Attention Seasons of Love members- a Karaoke Party is to be hosted at YHC from Wednesday July 17th to Sunday July 21st. The event will begin at 5pm EST on the 17th, and end at 11:59pm EST on the 21st.

The rules are as follow:

  1. You will be assigned a karaoke partner via, the partner list will be posted on Tuesday July 15th, which gives you about a day or so for you to plot with your partner and plan out a song.
  2. Stick to your partner. You may gif-chat with other characters, but para with your partner at this event only.
  3. Tag your posts as SOL Karaoke.
  4. IC drama is heavily encouraged, however, if you want something major to happen, please consult with me first.
  5. Please please please have fun, this is meant to be a get-together for those living in the building and to test out character dynamics.
  6. Your character may be assigned to somebody who he/she does not like or vice versa. Go with it. Make them bicker, make their karaoke song absolutely terrible, whatever, you have free reign with this.

Lots of love,