Baby, It's Just You

A fallout 4 fic (multi chapter) series I’m starting.//

Blue, Formerly known as Nora Lynn, Is a type one diabetic, struggling in the post apocalyptic nuclear fallout. This is her story.

(( Female!SoleSurvivor based fic. F!SolexM!Sole, eventual F!SolexDanse //possibly separate little Fics branching off this to cover romances of your choice!))

Chapter 1: What a Wonderful Life

Bright light flooded into the medium sized bed room, a pair of hazy blue eyes blearily blinking against it, a soft groan permeating the warm air.

“Ugh, Nate, baby, close the shades.” Nora pleaded, flopping onto her stomach, burying her face into the pillow beside her, drinking in her husband’s scent. Her tousled, frizzy hair was plastered against her face by sweat and drool from last night’s slumber, croppy, light brown locks a tangled mess atop her head.

It was dawn, approximately 7:30am in the quaint neighborhood of Sanctuary Hills. The town was beginning to wake, noises of all sorts filling the air, bleeding through the walls of each and every house.

A light chuckle sounded at the spectacle, padded footsteps resounding down the hall. After a moment, a large, calloused hand grasped at the smaller woman’s shoulder, the warmth seeping through her thin, baggy white nightgown. “Nora. Hun, c'mon. Time to wake up. We’ve got a busy day ahead.”

The disgruntled woman lurched up, shoulders slouched as her gaze flicked to her husband, a pout morphing her face. Nathan simply let out a throaty laugh, tugging her to her feet and guiding her to the bathroom, despite her trudging steps and sulking, all efforts to get him to let her sleep in a little longer. Unfortunately, the lanky man wasn’t falling for it, pushing her into a chair they had placed adjacent to the sink, plucking a med kit from the cupboard before turning to her. A bemused smile graced his scruffy features, reaching his bright green eyes.

Brushing a few locks of dark brown hair away from his face, he knelt infront of her, unlatching the small kit. “Nate, I can do this myself, yknow. I don’t have to be babied. I’m an able bodied woman. A police officer. I don’t need to have you test my sugars for me” the brunette remarked briskly, brows arched.

The latter simply smiled, “I know… I just… I just like helping. And I like knowing what your levels are” he paused, handing her the poker, waiting patiently as she pricked the side of her index, watching attentively as a small strip sucked up the drop of crimson on her skin. “135. Not bad” commenting with a pleased hum, he glanced at her, noticing her glum disposition, “What’s wrong, hun?”

Nora faltered, lifting her gaze to state at him, “It’s just… Yknow … Not ideal, Nate. I used to test 85 in the mornings…and I…” She worried her lower lip between her teeth, averting her state to the floor, “What if Shaun has it? What would I do? It would be my fault… And we would have to-”

Nathan squeezed her hand firmly, his own folded over it, “We would help him through it. And we would know what to do. And so what if you used to test 85? Babe, that’s just your body changing. Not to mention…. Your sugars aren’t always gonna be great. You can’t control it completely, just know that you’re doing you’re best alright?” Patting her knee, he rose to his feet, putting the glucometer and various other items away before helping her to her feet and heading to the living room for a cup of coffee

Pausing in the hallway, she looked after him, a lofty sigh escaping her lips. She wished he didn’t baby her as much. She was fully capable of handling herself, even if he was a nurse. Leaning against the wall, she let her gaze travel, roaming from wall to wall, room to room, picture frame to picture frame.

Her and Nathan had had plenty of ups and downs. Enough to last a life time. But they still loved each other… Partially.

The recent arguments had definitely pushed them apart, and she felt her attraction to him ebb away a little, but maybe that was just part of marriage.

Raking a hand through her hair, she pushed away from the wall, turning on a heel and slipping into the nursery, smiling softly as the sound of her son’s trilling and cooing reached her ears. Nora leaned down over the crib, her pale hand ghosting over her baby boy’s wriggling, bundled form, huffing fondly at Shaun’s gurgling and giggling in response to his mother’s touch. Her fingers brushed against his rosy cheeks and she hummed, spinning the mobile before straightening up and sighing. “I really need to get ready..”

It was at that moment the thick green irradiated fog rolled in, the two figures step back to back of one another. guards were up as guns were trained to the sound of something massive and vicious traversing the storm. this was an unnerving situation for the two.

“ sooo… you plan on doing some real damage with that?” Hancock said in a sarcastic tone. not taking his blackened eyes off the distance.

Val bit her lip to hancock’s sarc of the small arms in her hand but stayed ready.

“ i wasn’t planning on this…” she retorted back, doing the same as her companion and maintaining her aim.

Hancock glanced up at Val as there was a silence that washed over.

“ … if you’ve been saving any kind of explosives, now is the time to use them” Hancock said quietly as both his and Val’s grips tightened on their guns.
Val felt the pit of her stomach sank to Hancocks words as a foreboding shadow fell upon them.
Val knew this was going to be a tough fight.


finally done this piece. took me days. probably wouldn’t have if i wasn’t juggling Fallout 4 and life at the same time.
Hancock looks great in road leathers and the militia hat… but recently i swapped it out for the minute mens general uniform. need to do some art with him in that coat

@accosplaytx took this awesome pic of @hipster.mermaid and I in our #fallout4 cosplays at Pax! Thanks man, looks amazing as always!

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Here’s an awesome photo of @hipster.mermaid and I in our #fallout4 cosplays over the weekend! Thanks to Cosplay Illustrated for the photo, go check them out on Facebook!

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I wanna take a minute to thank God for mods coming to Xbox one. One of my besties told me they’d change my liiiiife (gameplay) and I was like “ehh…” But because I didn’t want to disable my achievements on my main character, I created this one - Amber - and just changed her hair colour for this photo. YUUUSSS. #xboxmods #xboxonemods #falloutmods #fallout4mods #sanctuaryhills #sanctuary #robertjosephmaccready #maccready #solesurvivor #femalesolesurvivor #xboxone #xboxgamer #gamer #gamergirl #bethesda #vault111 #vaultsuit

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Sole Survivor Outfit Meme
I was tagged by the lovely @jhaithulier and @caladran (u guys are too nice)

Rules: show off four pictures of four separate outfits that your SoleSurvivor wears the most (and explain them if you want to), then tag four friends.

This is what my silly little synth wears when he’s out and about!!

1. Brotherhood For some reason, James fell in love with the fatigues. He’s always wearing them. I guess since this was the first outfit Danse gave to him, when he first joined the Brotherhood.

2. Survival Outfit Collection + Beanies With Hair + Rad-Ban Eye Wear

I like dressing James up like a hipster, and these 3 mods helped me achieve this. (Note: I edited the Survival Hoodie with Flannel to take off all the extra things, I wanted just a simple hoodie…I sill love the original though)

3. Eli’s Sleeveless Outfits -Grognak the Barbarian James is a huge huge nerd, and he loves Grognak the Barbarian. So when he found this shirt, he just had to have it!

4. NCR Ranger Veteran Armor James loves this armor, for the sole fact that he thinks it makes him look really awesome and tough (News flash it’s hard to find James intimidating when he’s always smiling)

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Sole Survivor Outfit Meme
Tagged by the most beautiful @wasdmoving, thank you so much!

Rules: show off four pictures of four separate outfits that your SoleSurvivor wears the most (and explain them if you want to), then tag four friends.

So basically these are the outfits that Jay Thulier (aka grownup Vault Boy) wears.

1. Danbrother’s vaultsuit and military pants. Very practical. Also prevents ppl from commenting about one’s ass. 

2. wadsmoving made me an amazing mash-up outfit with a tilted cowboy hat just for Jay, clothing perfect for chilling at a settlement (and pretending you’re busy).

3. Eli’s Vault jumspuit. Very practical, perfect for tinkering, and quite comfy.

4. Marine Armor full set. The most awesome armor save for Power armor in game. 

If I tag someone who’s already been tagged, sorry!

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Sole Survivor Outfit Meme.

Tagged by @jhaithulier and @caladran! Thank you cuties! ^w^

Rules: show off four pictures of four separate outfits that your SoleSurvivor wears the most (and explain them if you want to), then tag four friends.

Here are the four outfits my Sole Nathan “Nate” Blackwell wears the most :3

1. Brotherhood of Steel gears: a sturdy / heavy combat armor set, an armored brotherhood of steel officer uniform, anti-gas mask, tactical flashlight and shades. This is the outfit he wears the most while on duty.

2. Pre-war fatigues: Most of Nate’s prewar gear survived all this time because it was buried in a wooden box in his old house’s backyard. It’s just some old armored military fatigues, gas mask and tactical flashlight.

3. Casual gear: Not actually armored, Nate only wears it when he knows he’s safe and no one’s gonna stab him in the back.

4. Off-duty: just a random messy mashup. Nothing too special.

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