ok but the number 1 most important rule about developing your own art style is Make Whatever You Want However You Want

you wanna draw all faces square bc you like squares and think they look good but something says to use ovals?? draw em square. squares are rad.

you like to use thick, blunt pencils and press down for harsh, dark lines but someone says to use a sharp, thin pencil? use your blunt one, blunt is bold.

you enjoy painting straight onto a canvas using nothing but neon colours but somebody wants you to tone it down? dont let them darken your creation, paint it brighter!

art tutorials are suggestions. they are purely optional , and not necessarily the best or sole way for you to improve! your personal quirks and preferences make your art beautiful, so don’t get hung up over doing everything a certain way. you do you!

Stumbling and falling on the shores of Neverland, a place of childhood dreams where imagination ran rampant.

There was no fear as she roam the never woods despite its dangers because much like the boy who drew her to this realm to be his queen.

There was an allure to the darkness surrounding her, it wasn’t until the wolves growling is heard that she realizes her grand mistake.

Running with the earth scraping at her soles she crashes into the arms of the eternal boy king his hold on her strong and firm,green eyes looking down at her.

And when the wolffish grin painted his lips she now understood all the warnings of boys with sharpened grins and emerald eyes.

—  Bella in Neverland

how do you say some shit like “as I read eugenics are not solely evil” and be serious about it I’m gonna go into cardiac arrest

Sorry this is here

I just needed a SM space to note the one bar/party that is solely attended by gays on the spectrum is really not for me.

Because it sounds like an excellent space but for me is actually kinda terrible and I realize I should step away and let others enjoy it


A/N: I did these a while back on my instagram. People sent me song requests and I tried to write a 3-line drabble to go with it and this is what came out

Counterfeit - for the thrill of it
The bass tickled up her spine in thrilling vibrations that made her skin prickle- she was finally back, finally on her own. The sticky mess of a floor stuck to the soles of her shoes as she danced and jumped over the dance floor, beer and lit cigarette in hand; sweat-soaked bodies pressing against her, grinding in a mix of slow and amped up to the 3 chord tunes blasting through the speakers. The music seeped into every pore, effectively pushing out every worry in her blonde head and leaving her in a sedated state of euphoria- nothing could reach her here.

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one time i lost a game of Ninja solely because of my instinct to high five people. it was me and one other guy, the final showdown. it was his turn. his hand up in the air. he moved for my also raised hand. i high fived him on instinct. i screamed.

Omg no!!!!!!! I’d scream too hahahah I haven’t played Ninja in forever! I remember one time we were playing and my friends got angry at this guy because he would literally hit everyone super hard, like your wrist would turn red, so we would always avoid that one guy hahaha
(((Also thank you for the ask!! 😄😄
(((((((It’s sleepover Saturday and this inbox is open!!!

Nella notte

Sono le 5 passate. Ho i pantaloncini del pigiama e la camicia. Stasera abbiamo festeggiato il compleanno di Andrea. Si è bevuto parecchio, ed ora siamo finalmente a casa. Fra poco andiamo in spiaggia ad aspettare il sole.

Human beings can have no firm trust in the laws unless they are persuaded not only that the latter are not at variance with religion, but also that they have their source in it. There are indeed many highly placed and talented individuals in our time who believe that true wisdom consists in the separation of religion and the state [civitas]; but they are gravely mistaken. For it is manifest that the supreme and most firmly based principle in our minds and the sole source of all our duties is the notion [notio] of God. Consequently, whatever does not depend on this and is not sanctioned by the idea [species] of the divine will can be regarded as contingent, as a product of the arbitrary will or of coercion, and no one can be truly bound or obligated by it. Thus, one cannot sufficiently censure the foolishness of those who believe that the institutions and laws of the state can be reformed without restoring the true religion to which the former correspond. The fruit of regained divine liberty, and of it alone, is civil liberty and justice.
—  Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, On the Tercentenary of the Augsburg Confession

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“I know it hurts, I’m sorry.” // oops !

Not-doing-too-good Sentence Starters

teeth grind down into her lower lip, sensitive flesh red and puffy from repeated abuse each time her jaw locked rigid with PAIN. eyes squeeze shut, blinking back droplets of crystalline blue, and it’s all she can do to keep from screaming bloody murder as he works to extract the shards of a jagged shell lodged into the sole of her foot. 

white knuckles grip desperately at the marble edge behind her and she is wobbling on one foot. balance is a struggle when needles shoot up through her spine, numbing coherent thoughts. 

at his words she would wince, a sharp intake of breath. and then there is the POP.

“it’s- AHH! FUCK!”

a wheeze, filed down nails digging into his arm for a stability the moment lacks. and words are a lie, of course, but she is trying to be BRAVE. after all, it could be much worse. “it’s fine. i’m fine. promise.”

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Ok yikes sorry if this is like pretentious or annoying but you said you'd like to learn Gaelic !! Generally we (people from Ireland) would refer to it as Irish or if you're from a solely Irish speaking area (Gaeltacht (pronounce gale-tucked)) or are mentioning when speaking Irish, its referred to as Gaeilge (pronounced gwale-gah) but yeah colloquially and usually we just say Irish so that's a little FYI for you :))

Fascinating! I had no idea! Irish as a term always seemed… like generic and wrong, but good to know it’s not. I’ve always been drawn to it because my parents ensured I got spanish as a way of connecting to my grandmother on my dad’s side and the latin parts of our genetics but we never really explored the irish and it’s always been a huge interest of mine. And I like learning languages. Thanks for the phonetic pronunciations too cause damn, I would NOT know