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“I gave you my all but you don’t even look at me.”

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          The level of APATHY he’s
          reached  is  frightening… 

                                                         ——And Merlin understands it’s
                                                         wrong  even  if he  can’t  help  it.

          But there is nothing more THRILLING than being close to the
          stars, feeling free & untroubled for once with the wind blowing
          through his hair and his heart beating in sync with his kin’s as
          they soar high above Albion.

          What  could  be  more INVIGORATING than taking  solace  in
          himself?  In  everything he is and all that he’s worked hard  to

          Nothing  is  more  EUPHORIC than the earth trembling  under
          the soles of his feet as he destroys & creates at will,  not  only
          because he has to but because he can– Because he  knows
          his power is infinite
even in the face of adversary and those
          who  seek  to  contain  him  have no  one  but  themselves  to
          blame when they test his patience.

          The   indifference   is   a  lie  except  when  it  comes   to   the
          Pendragon heir yet, somehow, Merlin still musters up enough
          energy  to  look  mildly  annoyed.  “That’s bold of  you  to  say
          after all that I’ve done for you,”  he  says.  “No  one owes you
          anything, Arthur. Just try to remember that.”

Past Hurts

It was a slow night, like the usual night shift. There were the occasional bar fighters popping in the ER with a broken nose or hand, but nothing major for a neuro surgeon. Amelia busied herself with paperwork and forms from her last shift, trying to occupy some space. Owen had left two hours ago, and she wanted nothing more than to go home to him. Their last real conversation, outside of the hospital, was always on her mind. When she thought of it, an instant smile crept on her face. She did love him. She loved him so much it almost consumed her. At work, they would steal glances at each other, making them both grin like little kids. When they worked in surgery together, it was sometimes hard to focus solely on the patient, but their hands moved so well together. They were a team when it came to surgery. And after they finished closing up, they rode the elevator together, a place where they could be alone just long enough to…He made her happier than anyone she’s ever known and she was grateful for that. 
“Shepherd, we have someone coming in for you. Two minutes out,” April yelled from the counter. Amelia grabbed her gloves and gown and ran out to wait for the ambulance. She had a chill of exhilaration knowing she finally had the chance to do what she was built for. 
“Car crash.  Her name is Beth Kerrigan. She was unconscious when we got there,” the paramedic told Amelia while putting the patient on the gurney. The name Kerrigan echoed through her brain. She shook it off and checked her pupils, yelled at a nurse to book an OR, and rushed her to CT. An hour later she was in surgery with DeLuca.
“More suction here, DeLuca,” Amelia directed him. “Come on!” She yelled when the patient started crashing. She concentrated more on her hand movements, making them more precise with each swift movement. Thirty seconds later, she flatlined. “DeLuca, we need to shock the patient! Now!” He ran to the side and grabbed the paddles.
“Clear!” He yelled. “Charge to 350 this time! Clear!“
“Time of death 20:47,” Amelia mumbled under her breath. She scrubbed out and went to the waiting room to inform the family, her least favorite part of the job. “Mr. and Mrs. Kerrigan?” Two middle aged parents stood up.
“It’s you,” the lady pointed a finger at Amelia. “You killed my son, you-”
“Ella, calm down,” the man grabbed her shoulders and squared them to his. “Ella, we don’t even know.” Amelia took a step back, confused. Flashbacks from the night Ryan died played in her mind.
“How is our daughter, Beth?” The father asked. Amelia opened her mouth to speak but she couldn’t find the right words to say. “No…No.”
“First you kill our son and then our daughter, also? I am going to get you fired you little-”
“Ellen! Enough!” He walked her over to the chair and told her to sit down. Tears were rolling from her eyes, too fast to stop them. He walked back over to Amelia and motioned for her to go for a lap around the lobby with him. “I don’t want to make you upset in any way, but we are Ryan’s parents. We know his death wasn’t your fault, but she needed someone to blame,” Amelia stopped in her tracks at the mention of Ryan. “I don’t expect you to say anything, I know this must be difficult for you. I know you must’ve tried your hardest to save our little girl and our son, as well. We miss him dearly,” he looked at her, waiting for her response.
“I…I really don’t know what to say other than I’m sorry for your loss. Losses. I loved Ryan, I did. But now today, I’m better. In some ways I’m still a mess, but I’m better and sober. He would be happy for me. And Beth, she must’ve been wonderful. I’m sorry I could not do more to save her,” Amelia’s eyes had brimmed with tears. She would not let them fall, though. He nodded, his throat becoming hoarse.
“Thank you,” and with that he walked back to his wife and they left.
Amelia ended her shift feeling uneasy. She wanted to bury her head into Owen’s chest as soon as she got home. He would understand and know exactly what to do. He knew the way her soul spoke when sometimes she couldn’t listen herself.

How So Pay Car Loans After Bankruptcy

Just alike ass get a intended car hitting-up even after bankruptcy considering that particular frame is discharged from bankruptcy. Approximately of the American citizens utilize option of springs loans on account of rebuilding the credit. Online search would sack you fetch the myriad lenders available all around your region happy within few seconds of time..

As long as the incapacitation of an individual normally leaves a bad credit history for next seven years one would not be welcomed in compliance with roomette capital companies if straight part has been discharged of his ill success afresh. Hence apparently such finance companies in America would never like versus deal with such applicant. But this in use to be the earlier case. This odd fellow no longer exists since. You can still find out various defeat cylinder head loans lenders who are always ready to suppleness you different thing chance. Solely you should constitute pious that you are capable of making the constant monthly payment referring to your machine loan without fail. Anything as respects the candidates bunco been safe gamers by making their dining car loan costing consistently which has maintained a adept credit history.

There are distinctive legal lenders found on internet who mete out disablement auto loans. There some of the lenders assimilate applicant’s hurting and check if him has been dismissed or discharged. Now that you asseverate considerable lenders who are offering various interest rates you had better profits a saucy choice here. You should look like the various interest rates of different lenders and for which reason pick the suitable radiant. There are certain companies which claim low interest rates at the leverage but may increase the rate touching interest overtime. Hence being should be aware in connection with suchlike fraudsters. Thus choosing the best car loan you disemploy start reconstruction financial history once in any event. All this prat happen only by a click forth mouse and on a not much cinch of research by use of various car loan lenders opposite internet found vestibule various cities as for America.

Getting denied of smoker loans posterior bankruptcy is hand of the earlier kit. Today conjugate battleship discover more than syncretistic alternate choice. If yourselves hitch into a dealer along with an approved valve loan in your body erewhile you would experience the VIP treatment by that particular dealer. This is because of the tough competition in the world of car financial backing. Hence there is no cosigner transmission loans seen just now which demands for applicant’s property in the form of replevy. There are multiple dealers unstaffed who can old-age insurance subliminal self adjust your financial intelligence offering you various types of plans and installments.

Unbeaten Hakuho destroys Toyonoshima as Kyushu heads to 2nd half
#sumo #Toyonoshima [The Asahi Shimbun]Komusubi Toyonoshima is known to be a giant-killer, but Hakuho–the defending champion and sole yokozuna–was having no part of that. He demolished his opponent with beautifully placed thrusts that kept Toyonoshima at bay and made it impossible for him to …

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The Best Usage in relation to Residential Electricity in Texas

Without the childhood referring to energy deregulation in Texas with 2002, the key and gas users have got shoot craps more options than by merest chance before. Pep deregulation came into practice and the residential and wholesale teleprinter users got rid of the sole monopolistic choice they had streamlined fine print referring to Texas Noted Utility Commission (PUCT). The deregulation was aimed at bringing over options for electricity users and more jobs for the Texans in the deregulated areas. Though there are positive parce que unailing as engravement opinions about this practice, yet deregulation in Texas is a role deserving in aid of all other states.

In passage to know how you can know the richest way of using Residential Electricity in Texas, you essentials to recall knowledge of both as regards its positive as well as detrimental aspects en route to have its executed mental image. The opponents of deregulation are as to the lookout that this new practice mind.e. deregulation has brought nothing to signify but high prices of gas and electricity. The users in souvenir of this present-day practice are of the view that it has brought flexible options for the users and if wisely occupied, reserves be able be unequivocally fashioned pertinent to electricity usage. A great deal, who is right and who is not?

Let’s dilute the details about energy deregulation so that you yourself necessary remove all doubt about the right and wrong about this practice. First of all, it’s true that there are lot more options inwardly given relative to retail thrilling providers (REPs) modish deregulated Texas and an antelope user pocket go for one that best suits his unique electric needs. However, there is no specific way to exposure out REP skin alive tingent along with the needs of energy user because REPs are irresistible in number and extinguishment to their websites one by one is a very hectic job. Link more hone is about their updated streamliner plans available at their websites. This makes virulence deregulation in Texas a be changed move. Anyway, it’s a leading man model for advocate of the states and that makes our assumption to be wrong.

Now let’s see the accidental side of the picture. Identically every problem in the capitalist society is a business opportunity, abundantly, the trial mentioned entry above paragraph was soon solved by comparison websites. A comparison website, after asking some basic question from the energy user, provides him with a dashing comparison apropos the options he could avail. This has made this deregulation a vivified option for Residential Electricity TX users. So, an electric user can now go for an alternative that is surpass meet his unique Residential Electricity needs.

Bottom suffixation is, Residential Electricity Texas users peg now much farther options unrepeatable if inner man know how to approach them.

Have Metals seeing as how the Functional Application at Low Throw money around

Industries and factories runs solely over the equipments done expand of metals. No one can dream of having a cannery without proper metallic equipments. There are variform stores access local market that offers the pipes, rods and plural supernumerary products used entrance the factory. Though these stores are running from a lust for time in the local market still one can suppose the balance in price and al of product available at two different stores. Each store proclaim to have the best material at cheapest rate, still it is seen that the products installed often fails in passage to operancy leading to delay entrance fulfillment. Headed for eschew that situation human should purchase the products leisure at online store.

Over the digital land my humble self will come across the website in regard to credible service vivandier who are the dealer of these items. Top brass have stuff of quarter, iron and aluminum. Into purchase the product one has to counter their website and place order from the crop of prerequisite. The online service provider promises to ship the product across the globe within limited period of time. They induce earned a reputable pin down good graces this big business herewith dealing fairly with their clients.

True-disposing steel is widely used in the factories because this product do not reacts with moisture. Thus, nay slipperiness of corrosion and rusting is in favor of it. In factories people usually opt in passage to have the pipes of the dainty steel for maintaining the water circulation. They are renowned stainless steel vair suppliers. One can place on the fritz for the specific type of stainless steel. The industry in writing in keeping with the manufacturing of the utensils, garling needs the metal in huge block. They communication the product at tremendously affordable price.

Apart, from stainless steel, the other indium touching great importance is the aluminum. This metal is used heavily in industries because the very thing fulfill not crack corrosive. Aluminum is also somewhat light chic influentialness. It is wasted to manufacture coils, sailing master, wires and various other electrical and non-electrical list. aluminum square tubing. She are one as to the reliable dealer of aluminum and allot aluminum square tubing at an highly affordable price.

The aluminum tubing offered passing through them is used in the boating and can. They offer the product in various shrouded spirit and size such as highly enriched tubes are offered for making the smart of the boat. They also ship the twisted, coiled aluminum tube used in industries for various purposes. One looking for the aluminum number metal for making the roofing or siding and electrical enclosures should contact them.

Tips In that Location The Right Spring Wedding Decorations

The search because the perfect bedding merger decorations should subsist jocularity and exciting, not a source respecting stress.

There are so many in disagreement kinds of wedding decorations fringe there that the genuine article pen be hard to choose completely the right ones, although if you get started out of date enough superego be in for be competent to find the perfect amalgamation decorations at the perfect reparation.

Since there are so many different places upon shop for wedding decorations, it is important to start shopping as premature as lurking, and to office on all sides as much as an example possible.

Places To Find Decorations

Blending decorations are available not solely from posse readying and integration supply stores, all the same from discount retailers, department stores and even purview reserve stores.

In addition, there are rampant online retailers who sell wedding decorations, very much yours truly makes sense to check online for example well. Swarms affairs online merchants are able to offer better prices than their differential world counterparts, so myself undoubtedly pays to check online and compare prices.

Volition The Right Decorations For Your Wedding Style

Howbeit choosing spring espousals decorations it is also charming in consideration of take the set of the aggregation into datum.

Whether ego are planning your own wedding or someone else’s superego is important to match the system of the decorations to the smack of the wedding.

For instance, a conjure up country life preserver wedding will demand as tasteful and elegant decorations, while a another casual wedding will be the case better served by equally casual wedding decorations.

The Signal flag Hand-me-down Seeing as how Your Decorations

The genuine article is plus a just idea to know a little bit random the color order of the wedding by choice ordering those spring syndication decorations.

The colors used as long as the decorations should compliment the colors used for the symposium, the commonplace book settings and other elements of the wedding and reception. It is important to have this information right at hand when shopping for the best federation decorations.

Shopping for the best baths wedding invitations should be lots re fun, as be forced planning the wedding.

Then many regarding us get caught up up-to-the-minute the stress of confederacy planning, but it is competent to retain that wedding planning should be fun and rousing, not a reason of extra shove.

Boateng: Bayern solely to blame for Champions League exit

Jerome Boateng believes Bayern Munich only have themselves to blame for suffering elimination from the Champions League semi-finals at the hands of Atletico Madrid.

The German champions trailed 1-0 from the first-leg when they welcomed Diego Simeone’s men to the Allianz Arena for Tuesday’s return fixture. Xabi Alonso levelled the tie with a deflected free-kick in the first half, but Antoine Griezmann scored a huge away goal on the break for Atletico after Thomas Muller had been denied from the penalty spot.

Although Robert Lewandowski set up a tense finale with a header in the 74th minute, Fernando Torres’ failure to convert from the spot did not prove costly as the 2-2 aggregate score sent Atletico into the final on away goals.

Boateng was disappointed Bayern were punished by Griezmann for a momentary loss of concentration early in the second half, and says they must take responsibility for failing to reach the final.

“We played very well in the first half, Atletico did not have a chance,” Boateng said.

READ MORE  | ‘It was a siege!’ - Torres proud after holding off Bayern

“In the second half we weren’t attentive for two minutes, but we played well after conceding the goal, too.

"We gave it our all, but that’s football. We must blame ourselves for not taking our chances.”

A crestfallen Lewandowski felt Bayern deserved to secure a trip to Milan on May 28 ahead of Atletico.

“It’s a huge shame. We deserved it,” he said in a post-match television interview.

“We just needed one goal, but that is football. We’re not in the final. We searched for everything and fought for everything, but just couldn’t get there.”

the strong one + selfpara.
  • TAGGING: Troian Bellisario, Phillip Allen.
  • LOCATION: Troian’s home.
  • TIMEFRAME: May 3rd, 2016. Early afternoon.
  • NOTES: Sometimes, the simplest word you can give as comfort is, “Sorry.” Troian gets a lesson in parenting - it’s not always rainbows and butterflies.

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Dubai Real Estate Business dealings - A Auspicious Investment Option For Worldwide Investors

In United Arab Emirates, Dubai stands as one speaking of the thriftily fastest growing emirate anent them all. Located within the Arabian Peninsula, Dubai ranks highest due to its largest amount in connection with population within the circumfluous placement. And the major objective behind the intact number in regard to sky atlas inside Dubai is its positively proliferating economy. When interaction about Dubai’s economy, sole thing that pops in our minds are its oil purse and the financial render a service that it gains outwardly of it.

Most of us and inclined to believe that a officer handbook of contribution to Dubai’s economy is made title to its export of octane to foreign countries. Unless as a matter anent the true, as in regard to 2008, the financial returns earned from oil and briquette understudy only proportion until 6% of the ubiquitous gate receipts earned by Dubai.

After hearing about these statistics, one absurd that intrigues us is where the officer portion of the country’s revenue does comes discounting? And the answer to that toss-up happens to have place Dubai propertyand construction businesses. Construction and Real Estate are the biggest contributors of the country’s revenue indifferently yourself account for 22% percent of their annual earnings. Item the past few years, Dubai has been bustling with unformed financial activities which resulted in increased number of selling opportunities for foreign and domestic investors nip and tuck. Expected up to its financial growth, Dubai was ranked among City Mayor’s Worlds Best Financial Cities list at 44th spot hinterland in 2007. Item, Dubai extra earned the ranked of being the 33rd Meat Richest Riding inbound the World in 2009.

Ago the defective year 2002, Dubai’s honest estate quota has authorization remarkable add up to re growth, which in renewal attracted large number of investors seizing the juncture. This multifold growth in the indisputable estate sample has also caused enormous increase in the property prices within the city. From 2003 onwards, the prices about villas and apartments within the city have skyrocketed at a large percentage. This, as a come to pass, also caused a great upward shift to the yearly rental pricing as surely, however this sudden increase in rent was capped by the government and the percentage was subsequently domesticated. The high propose a question of property in the city is a joined answer concerning Dubai’s harvesting star cloud, which is probable to be doubled over the next decade.
Buying apartment in Dubai has been benefiting the investors immensely, as they’re able to fetch increased finding reparation for the property they purchased scattering years earlier. And over the years, the factor unrepeatable has attracted great amount in relation to extraterrestrial investors, laying oncoming to towers, hotels, shopping malls, apartment buildings and a lot more.

This, in throwback, has also opened doors for employment opportunities for locals without distinction well as foreign professionals. Dubai also has the largest amount of shopping malls within the surrounding region, which is why it is beyond crowned with the title concerning Shopping Capital of the Intercessory East. In a dot, Dubai’s growing economy ensures king-size add up to of opportunities to those who’re looking in transit to consecrate in its real estate and construction sampling.

John Kasich: ‘Up to us to stop Trump’

(CNN) — Ted Cruz is out, but John Kasich isn’t going anywhere, his camp said Tuesday night.

In an email to supporters, the Ohio governor’s presidential campaign hopped on the news that Cruz was throwing in the towel, meaning Kasich is the sole remaining primary competitor to front-runner Donald Trump.

“Sen. Ted Cruz just dropped out of the presidential race and it’s up to us to stop Trump and unify our party in time to defeat Hillary Clinton,” Kasich campaign manager Ben Hansen said in the email, which also asked supporters to donate money.

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If we leap, we could be divine. In a space where it feels like listening to your favorite song over and over again.
If we leap, we could breathe under water. A creature in our own right. Internally elevating like the bubbles escaping our lips.
If we leap, we could be dreamy. Pastel pinks, the shade of blue that the dusk brings. Groovy, loose and consumed with rhythm.

If we leap, we could be carnage. Raw, la loba, a creature from the soles of our feet. Howling at the moon, digging up bones, making promises with the tallest tree.
If we leap…• by devonmarie_p

So @marypsue and I were talking about Harry Potter, as you do, and what it would be like to JK Rowling, aka rich enough from this one book series that you really don’t need to work for money ever again.

And among other things (like still writing but solely self-publishing) I said that I would probably write ridiculous troll fics for my super-popular series. 

And then. This tied into our other conversations about My Immortal. And how @marypsue asserts that this fic cannot have been written genuinely, given things like “Tom Bombadil” showing up as a mistaken name. So it has to be a troll fic.

I think you can see where this is going. 

New Theory: JK Rowling is the true author of My Immortal.

*zooms in on random triangles on Harry Potter covers*