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I need ya all to watch 3% on Netflix

It’s a show based in a dystopian future Brazil, with SOME elements of hunger games but it’s unique in its story. Great acting and really diverse cast and by then end your fave will probably be the black chick in the main character circle!
I was pleasantly surprised by it and I need a 2nd season so y'all watch the fuck out of it.

I also need to finish watching Westworld…

Putting these 2 asks together to answer them.


They are NOT the same. You have the books. The origins are vastly different. The events that shaped the characters are different. The timeline does not even add up. DC made this up as they went along. Even Greg Rucka admitted on his tumblr that Geoff Johns asked them to take things back to basics..meaning I guess the traditional status quo and he also said Johns said he did not care how they did it. I repeat he did not care how they did it. Meaning jump the shark if you got to and they did. 

Azzarello’s Diana is NOT Rucka’s Diana. As is Morrison’s, Pak’s, Soule’s Superman not Jurgens and Tomasi Rebirth one. 

To come and say they are the same characters is disingenuous and insulting the intellect of fans. Especially those  who bought the stories, thought they mattered and liked them. You cannot come tell me bs like 2 Supermen were split after you did 5 years of Superman origin, events and history in a company wide REBOOT in 2011 and then tried to sneak in another older version from another timeline and then backpedal and say oh they the same guy. All the events you read from the older guy suddenly like the younger guy doesn’t matter and suddenly there is a  Superman out of the blue who   claims he is the lives of the 2 but he is conveniently younger and has a totally different origin and a kid conveniently aging like magic.  First he is 10 and now he is 13 and guess what no time has passed. Cause time and history just fixes itself for them. They don’t earn a thing. Because DC wanted to sneakily reboot to get some #1s. But disguises it as love and hope has been lost. Cats are fried, legs are cut off in this bright and shiny loving and hopeful place. 

 And as for Wonder Woman the bs gets even more crazy. She was actually insane. Yep. God forbid Diana can have a timeline and keep it. Nope. She’s a mess because she is angry and confused and needs to get some gold and get laid. But DC makes sure and gives Azzarello and Chiang new 52 the Absolute treatment. Because a good book is a good book. And Gal’s Diana is very much based on the thing DC has crapped on too…the new 52. 

It is a shame that the current group of creators at DC cannot respect the  work of others. They need to trash it to make theirs matter. The multiverse is a thing they could have used. But nope. This  way they make sure their stuff takes the stage. Look at Jurgens making sure some of his 90ties stuff stays. Rehashing tired old plot-lines in 2017.  But hey the older long boxers like it. So that is all that matters. 

Good  writing is simple. It does not require jumping through hoops nor convoluted messes to explain  away something you might not like. The oldest laziest trick in the book is …it was a dream or never happened. Good writing involves a coherent plot with good characterization, development, consequence, payoff, via a good ending. The ending could be the end of a universe or timeline. It can make you feel sad but at least you would get your good bye and  your satisfaction in the stories you read and the people/events you grew to love mattered and stood. Pre new 52 I know got a chance to say goodbye. I recall those last stories being  hopeful and you guessed out there somewhere the characters still lived on.

Rebirth totally crapped on the new 52. They crapped on the things that mattered when you read a story as a reader. They demeaned the characters history and undermined the events and in doing so insulted the fans  who spent money for years to support DC. 

Rebirth is DC trying to force your hand as a reader to accept  what they want you to think is better or love etc. That is not how good literature  works. If you have to cheat via the narrative by outright lying, manipulating and forcing your agenda then you’re not a good writer.  Good stories just are. They unfold with some coherence and consistency. They have logical consequence/payoff. They bring up emotions because they are about the story, not undermining other writers and another version or events. That is all the Superman and Wonder Woman Rebirth creative teams have been doing. Taking jabs at the new 52. 

I bought books from DC pre nu 52 and nu 52. I have posted up my collections many times. I am used to timelines ending and reboots and retcons to tweak stuff here and there. But what DC has pulled with Rebirth has turned me off. As a customer I feel disrespected. Basically our fandom got called  fake fans by some of these creators.  I never asked DC to reboot and I believed them when they said they were building a new verse.  If I knew they’d pull this bs I’d never have  wasted my money for 5 years. I am never going to spend the manner I did during the new 52.  I still love my DC characters and will support when I can. Recently saw the Wonder Woman movie and really enjoyed it. Love the JLA Action cartoon too and I still buy merchandise. 

For yourself, do as you see fit for you. I can’t tell anyone  what to do but people would have read enough in their lifetime hopefully to know if a story is good, original, creative or simply pandering.  

 Personally I am gonna pick and choose carefully if I ever choose to buy comics again. Prob trade  wait or simply find a series that offers story telling that is not solely  driven by nostalgia and certainly not about trying to tell me x is better than y without truly making x earn his/her place. Or hell a good damn book or fan fic.  

Nicole Beharie hosts Season 9 of AfroPoP: The Ultimate Cultural Exchange 

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This independent documentary series is produced by the National Black Programming Consortium (NBPC), distributed by American Public Television (APT), and supported by funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

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