Walking Gods cast (or at least some of ‘em).  photoshop.

Whoops, this slowly appeared over the course of the past week.  A lot of these guys I haven’t drawn in literally years.  For those curious, Noalle is a sibyl and Kaia’s friend.  Haldae is a scary dragon.  Círran is a flower farmer.  Oria is the god of the harvest. (more information about this story here)

If the CUTTINGS kickstarter hits its next goal (adding SIXTEEN pages of content), there’s a really good chance this’ll be included in the book!  It only has 8 days to go, aaa!  Thank you so much again to everyone who’s supported the project!!

Soleon winter clothing.

Sometimes when I am bored, I will try to design practical-looking clothing for my weird fantasy critters.  It is probably difficult for an improbable beast-person with four arms in a pre-industrial culture to find decent clothes.  Dumped the lot of them on a texture because these were spread across a couple pages and the cream sketchbook paper looked pretty gross after everything was pieced together.

You might remember these dudes from this post from way-back-when.

i tried to post this like 5 times yesterday but it wouldnt work u gh but anywas soleone said to do more front bottoms so heres a weird n sloppy mix thing of a few songs