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“One of the most unique places in the world - a penguin colony in suburban Cape Town! And the best way to see it is from the water.The trip leaves from Simon’s Town Waterfront and we paddle past the Naval Harbour and out to Boulder’s Beach to see the penguins. If the time and tide is right we may stop on a beach for a swimming break and will generally be able to get a close up look at penguins on the rocks nearby.”

summer - norwegian vocab☀️

sommer - summer

juni - june

juli - july

august - august

varm - warm

varmen - the heat

solen - the sun

ferie - vacation

å reise - to travel

havet - the ocean

en bølge - a wave

en strand - a beach

sand - sand

et sandslott - a sandcastle

to swim - å svømme

solbrenthet - sunburn

et basseng - a pool

en piknik - a picnic

iskrem - ice cream

solbriller - sunglasses

en badedrakt - a bathing suit

shorts - shorts

en kjole - a dress

en skjorte - a shirt