Peter Pettigrew was not an evil child, James Potter thought, staring down a wand and refusing to believe that his best friend betrayed him.

Peter was a strategist, always up for a game of chess and rarely losing. He was a listener and an observer, the first to realize when something was wrong and the first there with a shoulder and some good advice. He slept lightly, and whenever James had a nightmare he could count on Peter to sneak down to the kitchen with him. He gave James a smile when it was needed, never mentioned his tears to anyone else and learned to knit because the sound reminded James of home.

Peter Pettigrew was not an evil child, Sirius Black decided, alone in his cell in Azkaban and trying to process that his best friend was a murderer.

No, Peter was a stargazer, the first to give Sirius’ name another meaning than the Black heir. He was a silent supporter, had sat next to Sirius silently, for hours, countless of times. He sat through his rage after yet another fight with Regulus, he climbed towers and mountains to satisfy Sirius’ need for recklessness and he picked Muggle Studies just so Sirius wouldn’t be alone.

Peter Pettigrew was not an evil child, Remus Lupin realized, running towards the Whomping Willow and hoping to every God there was that it was all a misunderstanding.

See, Peter was a storyteller, always ready with one to distract the werewolf from what was coming on full moon nights. He was perceptive, knowing when Remus was hiding pain before anyone else. He always carried chocolate with him, he went with Remus on his late night walks in the rain and he gave him photographs of all the things Remus missed about home for his birthday.

Peter Pettigrew was not an evil child, no, and not an evil man either. He was a lost boy, good at reading people and better at using it to his own advantage. And years later, when his childhood was long gone and he was choking by his own arm, Peter wondered what had happened to the boy who once would have done anything for the people he ended up ruining.

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5 things Poe (and BB-8) introduces to Rey and Finn

Five things Poe and BB-8 did that are improved by Finn and Rey:

Lunchtime. BB-8 can’t eat, but Poe hoists them into the bench beside him anyway and these days, Rey is around to help him and Finn is there to solemnly pass them whatever bits of his lunch take BB-8′s fancy. BB-8 likes to listen to them talk: Poe’s voice gets light and happy, and he laughs a lot more than he used to. 

Laughing. BB-8 tries their best with a burbling kind of beep, but Poe laughing on his own sounds weird. You need organic voices, BB-8 surmises. So it’s good that Poe has found Finn and Rey, because they do laugh together a lot. BB-8 can’t even be jealous, because they include them too.

BB-8 tag. This is hopefully self-explanatory, but it’s always nice to have extra players when Jessika and Snap and Ello are busy. Finn is better than Rey at chasing bB-8: Rey can’t quite bring herself to tackle them despite BB-8′s fluting assurances that it doesn’t hurt them.

Sleeping. After he was captured, Poe would sometimes make noises in his sleep or move around violently in ways that made BB-8 scared. BB-8 knows that humans can’t have memory wipes, but they do wonder sometimes if there’s something that couldn’t be done about Poe’s logic circuits. This is solved a few days after Rey and Finn arrive. They all sleep together, and though they still sometimes make noises they seem happy about it.

Holodrama night. BB-8 loves projecting holodramas for Poe (especially the sappy, meolodramatic ones). It makes them feel useful (though of course BB-8 is always useful) and it also means that Poe’s attention is fixed on them. Rey and Finn appreciate the holodramas too, following them avidly, and Poe and BB-8 can relive their favourite episodes one by one.

I admittedly have been Harry Potter (specifically Wolfstar) trash for near 12 years now. However It’s been barely 2 weeks since The Magicians has started airing and I’m falling deeper and deeper into the fandom dumpster by the minute. Im tearing through the books like my very life depends on it. Im loving how small the fandom is right now…. I am absolutely doomed.

Dumpster senpai, please notice me.

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In the slytherin au, who has the marauders map? Raven right?

yeah she made one for herself. its got a couple cool tricks the original didnt have, but she still uses “i solemnly swear that i am up to no good”/ “mischief managed” cause its totally a classic

Do you ever just

Watch a gag reel… Or the actors at a convention… Or even just going about their everyday lives…

And you get this big stupid grin on your face and your eyes close and your nose crinkles up and you just say, out loud, to your phone screen, very solemnly, “I LOVE YOU. SO MUCH.”

And then you look around you and think, “What am I doing with my life?”

Because same.

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12 and 50

Alright this is for Kabby!
Prompt: 12 “I think we need to talk” and 16 “It could be worse.”

“I think we need to talk.”


It was an understatement to say that Marcus wasn’t listening to anything Abby was saying, no, instead his eyes were solemnly focused on the task before him; a very important task.


“Abby, as you can see, I’m a bit busy.”

Her eyes switched back and forth between him and his toy.

“Marcus, you’re playing games.”

“I’m building a model ship!”

It had started out as a hobby, right after Mount Weather. When they had both made the decision to send out an exploratory team to the facility, Monty thought it would be a good idea to pack up a couple of model boats he had spotted in the President’s office. And ever since that damn exploratory team came back, Marcus had been glued to this desk, disassembling and re building every single model ship he could find. What had been a cute little hobby which even pleased Abby at the time, was now a ridiculous obsession and she was frustrated.

In one swift move, her hand reached up to grab the half assembled ship from Marcus’ hands and she held it away from his grasp. His eyes widened in shock.

“Abby, come on!” he tried to reach for it but she pulled it away the last second. He could have gotten it if he wanted to, her strength was nothing compared to his but for some reason he knew that this subject was not up for discussion as he sat there and pouted like a little child.

“You. Me. Talk.” With that she placed the ship back on the table, careful to set it down gently just because she had seen how long Marcus had been working on it. “Now!”

He raised his hands in front of him in a defensive state before throwing his beloved ship one last glance. Sighing, he got up and followed her into the back.

“Marcus, this is getting ridiculous!” she complained once she came to a stop and turned to look at him. “You missed two council meetings already because of this!”

“It could be worse.” He shrugged. “I could have been addicted to cocaine.”

“We don’t have cocaine here.” She scoffed at the stupidity of his excuse.

“I could have been addicted to sex?”

“Believe me; I would have handled that much better than this.” She rolled her eyes.

Whatever words he had prepared died down in his throat as he paused before staring back up at her with a frown. When he realized what she had actually just said, his lips curved into a sly smile as he wiggled his eyebrows at her.

“You know…” he started.

“No!” she cut him off once she realized his intentions as she put a hand in front of her so he could keep his distance. “Don’t even go there.”

When she saw the smirk leave his lips only to be replaced with a disappointed sigh, a wicked idea popped into her mind as her eyes switched back and forth between him and the model ship lying on the table.

“Well at least,” she stepped closer to him until there were inches between their bodies as she rose to her tiptoes to whisper against his ear. “Not until you get rid of that… thing.”

She gestured the table and caught him staring back at her with wide eyes. She laughed as his mouth drop open his surprise as he struggled to speak.

“You mean…”

“Get rid of the ship, Marcus.” With that she left the room, leaving him alone and staring after her in shock.

Next day the model ships were in the trash.


We solemnly swear this is for a good cause!

In conjunction with UCD Harry Potter Soc, we’re raising money for Helium Arts and we need your help!

i really love the idea of the king summoning a member of his gang, very solemnly handing them an ear of corn and telling them to deliver it to the courier post-haste