I’m not sure if I love the Marauders era, the Harry Potter era or the Next Generation era more.
—  I solemny swear that I am up to no good.
There’s no need to call me sir, professor.
Friends? Always.
Master Post

Tom Riddle:
How To Live Forever

Golden Trio Era


Harry Potter:
Untitled (Pregnancy)
Untitled (Animagus)

Ron Weasley:
Knight in Shining Armour
You and Me
Detention With Umbridge
Family, New and Old
The Family

Hermione Granger:(girlxgirl)

Neville Longbottom:
The Password

Ginny Weasley:
Untitled (girlxgirl)

Draco Malfoy:
Devil’s Backbone
Someone Who Understands
Untitled (smut)
Untitled (smut)
Jag alskar dig
Lakeside Kisses

Fred Weasley:
What Love Is
Little Differences
Who I Choose

George Weasley:
Untitled (pregnancy)
Just Someone
I Solemny Swear That I Am Thoroughly Confused

Weasley Twins:
Untitled (polyamory)

Oliver Wood:
At Last

Cedric Diggory:

Marauders Era


Sirius Black:
Maybe Next Time
The New Sexy
The King
Even Witched Get Flu

Remus Lupin:
The Yule Blues

Regulus Black:
Regulus’ Daughter

Severus Snape:

Next Gen

Teddy Lupin:

Louis Weasley:

Dating ___ would be like:



Hufflepuff/Slytherin (Roomates)
Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw (Friendship)
Ravenclaw/Slytherin (Friendship)
Ravenclaw/Slytherin (Roomates)
Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw (Dating)
Hufflepuff/Slytherin (Dating)


How He Dances With You
How You Two Cuddle (Marauders Era)
How You Two Cuddle (Golden Trio Era)
How They Act When Their Daughter Goes On Her First Date (Marauders)
When He Sees You Walking Down The Aisle
How They Kiss You
How They Say Sorry
Your First Fight (Marauders Era)





Top 25 Favorite Composers

No.11: Ludwig van Beethoven (~17 December 1770 - 26 March 1826)

In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a Titan who brought Olympian fire down to mankind. It makes a lot of sense that Beethoven would idealize Prometheus through music, first in his ballet The Creatures of Prometheus, and then in a set of variations for piano, and then by taking those variations and using them as the end of his groundbreaking Eroica Symphony. Beethoven is a genius of contrasts, of going against convention to elevate it. His music is Classical, a shift into Romanticism, but he himself has been mythologized by Romantic idealists. He was influential in the major genre; sonatas, symphonies, concertos…and in all three he pushed the limits of what was allowed and completely overturned the cultural attitudes to music. “What can music do?” Beethoven answers that question with sound and fury, with humanism, emotion, experimentation, all while ironically becoming deaf. Like Mozart, it is easy to put the man on a pedestal, his brooding scowl, a Byronic hero, a misunderstood genius, all of those cliches…but we need to recognize that these great names and figures are human. They are flawed. And they exemplify the height of human creativity in spite of those flaws. My favorite works by Beethoven are his nine symphonies, his piano concertos 3-5, his later string quartets and the grosse fuge, too many piano sonatas to count, his “Archduke” Piano Trio, his late violin sonatas, and his Missa Solemnis.


Ludwig van Beethoven

Baptised 17 December 1770 – 26 March 1827 was a German composer and pianist. A crucial figure in the transition between the Classical and Romantic eras in Western art music, he remains one of the most famous and influential of all composers. His best-known compositions include 9 symphonies, 5 concertos for piano, 32 piano sonatas, and 16 string quartets. He also composed other chamber music, choral works (including the celebrated Missa solemnis), and songs.

Symphony No. 5

Bagatelle in A minor (“Für Elise”), WoO 59

Symphony No. 7

Moonlight Sonata

Symphony No. 9

Born in Bonn, then the capital of the Electorate of Cologne and part of the Holy Roman Empire, Beethoven displayed his musical talents at an early age and was taught by his father Johann van Beethoven and by Christian Gottlob Neefe. During his first 22 years in Bonn, Beethoven intended to study with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and befriended Joseph Haydn. Beethoven moved to Vienna in 1792 and began studying with Haydn, quickly gaining a reputation as a virtuoso pianist. He lived in Vienna until his death. In about 1800 his hearing began to deteriorate, and by the last decade of his life he was almost totally deaf. He gave up conducting and performing in public but continued to compose; many of his most admired works come from this period. x

Proust was right: life is represented better by bad music than by a Missa solemnis. Great Art makes fun of us as it comforts us, because it shows us the world as the artists would like the world to be. The dime novel, however, pretends to joke, but then it shows us the world as it actually is - or at least the world as it will become.
—  Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco

Happy Birthday, Ludwig van Beethoven!

Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven (1770 - 1827)

Work: Gloria in Excelsis Deo from Missa solemnis in D major (1819-23)

Performer: Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Christa Ludwig, Nicolai Gedda, Nicola Zaccaria, Singverein der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Wien, Philharmonia Orchestra; conducted by Herbert von Karajan


Schmidt - Fuga Solemnis for Organ, brass instruments, and percussion

better late then nevaahh

12. Things you said when you thought I was asleep

’’Schhh, Harry, schh… mama’s asleep.’’

No, she was not. But Lily Potter was way too tired to even open her eyes. She had been up for more than fourty eight hours straight and she had a horrible headache. Newborn babies took a lot of time. And sleep. And energy.

She was soaring in the stage between sleep and reality, when she heard James whispering voice again;

’’She’s beautiful, isn’t she?’’

Lily smiled, but James did not notice.

’’You have her eyes’’, he continued. ’’Do you know that? Those perfect, almond-shaped, green eyes. I love them.’’

Harry had his mother’s eyes indeed. From the very first day he was born. Except from that, he looked just like his father.

’’Are you scared, Harry?’’

James voice was suddenly shaking.

‘’I try to think that you’re too young to realize what is going on. That you have no clue, that you are just a happy child just like everyone else. But I heard that babies can take up the fear from they parents, that they understand it even if they don’t know why. Is that true? You don’t have to be scared, Harry. I won’t let anything happen to you or Lily. I love you both, so, so much. I don’t know what I would do if something bad happened to you. You’re my family, and in a family, you stand up for each other. I would take a million killing curses for the two of you if I had to, I promise. Do you hear me, Harry? I promise to pr… no, I solemny swear that I will protect you ’til the day I die.’’

Lily had to hold back a laugh.

’’You will never have to be afraid. And I don’t plan to leave you as soon as my parents had to leave me – I want to see you grow up. I want to see you grow old, Harry. I want to see your children and I want to get to know you. And I want to make sure that you are okay. And even if there comes a day when I can’t do that, you will never have to be alone or scared. You are so loved, Harry. There is mum, and there is Sirius. Uncle Moony and uncle Wormtail. They all love you so much, sweetheart. They won’t let anything bad happen to you. You are safe. Lily, too.’’

Suddenly, Lily could almost feel James’ eyes on her.

’’She usually sings to you, doesn’t she? When you can’t sleep? Maybe I should try it. Or maybe not. Well, I have actually been singing people to sleep before, but that was when I was twelve. Hm. Maybe later. I am not as good at it as Lily is. I am not actually as good as a parent like her, at all. I am so glad we have her, I have no idea what I would have done without her. We should never stop being grateful, you and I. I promise you that we have the absolutely best woman alive right here next to us. And if I ever become one of those old men who complains about their wives and stops appreciating her, tell me that I’m a fucking idiot, okay? Oh no, I swore… shit. Fuck, I did it again. Bloody…’’

This time, Lily could not help but laughing.

’’Wh… are you awake, Lils?’’

She turned around in bed and opened her eyes slightly.

’’Yeah, I am.’’

’’You were not really supposed to hear that…’’

Lily smiled, sat up in bed and kissed his cheek.

’’I love you, Potter.’’

He blushed.

’’I love you too. Did I wake you up?’’

’’No, I hadn’t fell asleep yet.’’

’’Do you want… do you want me to leave?’’

’’What are you talking about, silly?’’

’’I know you haven’t slept for ages. And Harry will probably wake up really early tomorrow. I can take him with me and spend the night at Padfoot’s.’’

Lily hesitated.

’’You don’t have to…’’

’’I know. But I want to. You have to get some sleep, beautiful. I admire you for your super powers the past few days, but you can not ignore your human needs. You will get ill. We’ll be back tomorrow after noon, okay?’’

She really wanted to fall asleep next to James just like always, but she realized that he was right.

’’Oh my God. You’re a superdad. And a superhusband. I love you.’’

’’I love you too’’, James said and stood up. ’’Just call for me if you need me, okay? I’ll see you tomorrow. Sleep well. And never forget that you are my everything.’’

She grabbed his hand and pulled him back, just to kiss his lips and give Harry a small kiss on the forehead.

’’Be nice to dad and Padfoot, okay? I love you’’, she said to her son. She turned to James and grabbed his hand. ’’Say hello to Sirius for me, will you?’’

’’Of course. Good night, love.’’

He walked out of the room and moments later, she heard his voice again;

’’Oi, Black! Are you there? Hello? Ah, there you are. Did I wake you up?’’

Lily realized that he must be talking in the mirror.

’’You see, Lily haven’t slept for two days and Harry starts crying the moment you let go of him and… what, you can’t possibly know what I was going to say! Oh, okay, are you sure? Is it really okay with you? You are the best, do you know that? We’ll be there in ten.’’

She fell asleep just seconds later, with a smile on her lips, thinking about how blessed she was.