The Pearl/Greg hate is honestly getting ridiculous at this point

I love how people still insist that shipping Pearl/Greg is “lesbophobic” or lesbian erasure, despite the following reasons for why it isn’t:

1. Pearl has not been canonically confirmed to be soley attracted to women. Unless Rebecca Sugar outright states that Pearl is a lesbian, people are free to headcanon her as bisexual. Get over it.

2. Things like headcanons and shipping are, in fact, fanon. And unless I’m somehow mistaken on this, fanon does not erase canon. Rebecca Sugar isn’t suddenly going to scrap her current plans and specifically write Pearl as being straight just because people ship her with Greg or Mayor Dewey.

3. Rebecca Sugar herself said the following about shipping during a Reddit AMA:

“They are ALL my favorite pairing. please pair everyone with everyone else, don’t stop 0_0″

So, in conclusion, ship and let ship.

El lado oscuro de la luna

Amado mar azul:

Mi plan era acompañarte, era estar contigo en tus triunfos y caídas. Estar cerca de ti cuando recibieses tu título de la universidad, cuando fueses a una entrevista para tu primer empleo permanente, cuando estuvieses estrenado de la ciudad y necesitases un par de cervezas y una buena fogata a la orilla del mar. Quería estar presente en cada una de tus prácticas, verte intentando hacerlo mejor, a pesar de que ya estabas dando el cien por ciento. Quería gritar tu nombre en ese auditorio y también en esa cancha, ¡quería compartir el mejor café del mundo contigo! Yo soñaba con dormirme en tu pecho al sonar del lado oscuro de la luna. Esperaba que al salir de aquellas clases atareadas estuvieses esperándome en la entrada, contándome como no te salían unas notas y que eran un verdadero fastidio. Yo quería estar en el momento de tus primeros aplausos genuinos, cuando todo queda en silencio y el talento se comienza a escapar por los poros. Deseaba escuchar la bocina de tu auto afuera de mi edificio para decirme que me apresurara, que ibas tarde y que tenías una entrevista radial. Quería tomar tu mano cuando te dijeran que “no eras lo que ellos buscaban”, tapar tus oídos cuando las personas dijesen que no eras lo suficientemente bueno, levantarte cuando no hallases alivio en ningún lugar. Yo quería ser quien te acompañase al doctor cuando tus oídos estallasen o cuando tu voz ya no fuese la misma, quería ser quien estuviese pendiente de la hora para que tomases tu medicamento. Quería que me enseñases a tocar de frente a una ciudad vacía. Yo quería sentir tu apoyo cuando la decisión más difícil tocase mi puerta. Yo lo único que quería era que fuese real, pero no fue así. No fue mi mano la que tomaste, no fueron mis labios a los que esperaste, no fui yo a quién le tocaste bajo el lado oscuro de la luna. Porque tú eras mi plan de vida, pero el tuyo era diferente hasta hoy, tan Diferente que tachaste mí nombre lleno de amor genuino… Por el de ella, que te veía como a todos.

Atentamente, ese Sol que antes veías

—Soley Guerra.

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❃ If you're still taking them and you don't mind q c q))

❃ -Dancing with my muse

((But of course!! Ami, being a bit of an acrobat herself, would be more than happy to dance with such a talented Bea! I could see them doing a little act together~~ ))


Guys, recently it was brought to my attention, That a few of you wanted to know why I don’t follow you, or that many other blogs as most of my reblogs come from 1 of 4 places.

I only follow 10 people. I only ACTIVELY follow 3.

This page is created SOLEY for wwe. I love other thing and am Intrested in other things, but that’s not what this page is about. If you want to get to know me as a person, follow my personal blog, @jizzinjesusjuice.

That being said, I do look at you guyses blogs, and I do heart things in them, but I try to seperate my PERSONAL opinions and views and my FanFiction blog.

I’m sorry if that upsets you, like I said you can follow my personal blog if you want, you can hmu on IG @breepreciado2, or kik me @breepreciado, for business or blog related issues message me directly or email me at, but I will not, I repeat, WILL NOT post anything political, racial, or religious on this page, and I would appreciate it if you would refain from mentioning me in these things as this is a STRICTLY WWE blog.

I’m sorry if it hurts your feelings or you feel neglected that I don’t follow you. I promise I love you all, and I do creep on your blogs. I just only follow a small amount of people who also post strictly or near strictly wwe related stuff. I appreciate all of you, and love the wonderful love and support you give me, it means the world to me. Please don’t get upset if I don’t follow you back.

Thank you.

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Per Russell Eslamifar's Facebook which johannah Deakin and a whole bunch of the others follow, he works soley for JG and has Sony listed as PAST employment. If you dig enough you will see he was around in 1D's early days and then left and moved to James Grant. I'll gladly send you more info if you like so you can adjust the theory you have accordindly about Louis signing with JG, just let me know.

Really?  That’s interesting. I was going off of his LinkedIn page which showed him concurrently working for JGG and Syco/Sony. But it seems to have changed!  It’s a bit vague, but it no longer says “Present” under the Syco line like the first screenshot did.  

If you would either link me or send screenshots showing otherwise, that would be great, thank you!

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Hey I'm new to this blog, if you haven't already. Would do what iKon's Bobby would be like or react when he learns you're older than him? If you have done that please link me.

[this is soley based on my opinion] 

If he found out that you were older than him, he’d try super hard to impress you. He’d constantly try to show you that he’s a “real man”. He’d probably find it super attractive that you’re older. He’d like the thrill of pursing someone older than him. 

Now, I’m not saying he wouldn’t go for someone younger than him, but he has said on multiple occasions that a quality he likes in a girl is confidence - which is an easier quality to find in someone older rather than younger (not to say that there aren’t older ladies that are insecure or younger girls that are confident) because with age comes maturity and experience of learning to love yourself and your self-worth. 

But honestly, Age ain’t nothing but a number Bobby wouldn’t mind if you were older (or younger), you just have to catch his eye.

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[A/N: a very long answer to a short question oops]

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I do a kind of weird thing with certain characters, actually. There are some where I don't exactly 'selfship' myself with them but? I insert myself into their universe as a more sister/maternal figure. Like if character's never have defined or 'canon' parents/parental figures I'm always thinking about or tempted to put myself in as just like. Their mom or older sister or someone who is there soley for taking care of them & being proud of them & loving them in a familial kind of way. Is it weird?

That is…freakin adorable…….. Familial love is super sweet!! And you’re adorable for wanting to emulate that and give that kind of love to your faves ahhhhh~ ❤

Jin Gundersen.

Meaning behind poem: When I came out, it seemed that everyone became my friend soley because I was trans. I felt no authenticity whereas before I came out I was excited that I was discovering myself. The label ‘trans’ became something of an expectation and a show-stopper than a true reflection of myself.

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and by judging bayonetta soley upon one look you are basically holding a magnifying class up to it just so you can focus one this one little thing while ignoring the other parts of it. Would you prefer she was just another sexy female character with nothing interesting about her other than that shes sexy? Shes her own unique character with a lot of story behind her, focusing on the sexy is like soley focusing on the moustache of Mario

Which is precisely why I didn’t focus on it and linked to a good overall article about both her empowering and disempowering features when pressed to elaborate on my intial stance, which was “it’s complicated.” Again, please read what I’m actually saying.

It would be weird if almost every male character had a moustache like Mario’s though. People would start to wonder about that.


my name is claire and I live in virginia, usa. i just turned 16 xx

some of my interests:

-reading (i don’t as much as i should honestly but i lovelove 1984, john green books, harry potter, and others). 

-any movies, a lot of disney lol

-some shows i watch are shERLOCK (so much), boy/girl meets world, pretty little liars, i love lucy, and some of gilmore girls

-music: i love all and every kind there is. my all time fave band is the beatles  but i also like the 1975, twenty one pilots, tom odell, soley, agnes obel, and lots more haha. i also really like classical-type music. i play harp in orchestra and also piano if that counts for anything, and i really reALLY want to learn violin!!!

-im kind of a nerd? ? i spend a lot of time studying, a little too obsessed with school and grades if you ask me haha. i love basically any kind of science!! im kind of obsessed with learning about space and the brain.. i hope to be an astronomer or something related to psychology/neuroscience some day!

-the only other language i speak is the language of the dead, latin. which pretty much doesn’t matter on here lol. though it would be pretty cool if anyone else does too?? ahh

-i will honestly talk about anything haha! i am open to learning about the things that you like. i am here to listen if you need advice or someone to open up to about emotions / personal things such as mental illness, etc.

im open to any age, race, gender, sexuality, etc. as long as you are kind and open-minded.

tumblr - naeuta

email -



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Would Sans give games another Shot when he's above ground and No Man Sky is out?

I can imagine one of the other characters trying to convince him to give X game a try and play with them– mainly Frisk, and probably with Pokemon. He might cave and give it ten minutes for the sake of their company, but mostly I think it just wouldn’t hold his interest. Not soley because ET was a bad first experience, but also I picture him being more of a social creature and wanting to do other things with his time. For all he’s called a layabout in the game, he’s almost always hanging around other people.

If he DOES ever play games in his adult life, they’d almost exclusively be arcadey games that are pick-up-and-play types and don’t have long-term progression. Tetris. Galaga. Mario Kart. Things where you can play it for one round and then put it away. Nothing where your achievements and completion can get written over by a reset. Losing a high score is okay. Losing hours of gameplay sucks.

Besides arcadey games, maybe party games like JackBox games? I can see him enjoying (and dominating at) something like Fibbage or Drawful. Anything with a more social component.

No Man’s Sky seems like it would be a lot more appealing to someone NOT on the surface. Why bother with a colorful video game when you’ve had literally the entire planet Earth opened up to you to explore?

also please please please show support to amateur or “bad” artists (and i hate using that term bc the concept of “bad art” is damaging and is soley based on what society percieves to be “good art” and tbh i could make a whole nother post about this but) bc every artists deserves to feel proud and motivated for what they do, it drives them to grow and progress <3 show them love and encouragement please, it means the world