Found an old sketch, so threw some greys on it. More no armour Nightlight and Jack, apparently having some fly time shenanigans or whatever. Something about staff tricks and combat stuff. North let’s the boys have their fun as long as they don’t trash the exterior of the Workshop.

There was actually more that I wanted to write about no armour Nightlight or 300 years later Nightlight but I’ll get to that when I do up some witty pictures to go along with the descriptions. 

I’m a master at ruining my ships but here’s a quick doodle to hoping that in some universe somewhere Pitch/Kozmotis doesn’t turn out evil and finds Jack again to give him a well deserved hug. And kiss. In the snow. Which they will regret about 10 minutes into said hug because snow is really wet and cold. 


Captioning time!

  1. Don’t you feel like a right fool, destroying one Nightmare King, only to create one infinitely more powerful?
  2. Don’t fucking underestimate me! Jack Frost you little shit!
  3. We can’t allow you to end it! Not now. not ever! For those who have left, for those that are to come! *Insert cheesy corny battle cries here*
  4. Man, I could really use a beer right now.
  5. The first guardian is the last. And everyone else is gone.

TL:DR Jack you little shit, Nightlight is here to wipe up the mess and kick some ass

Now time for me to do some Gurren Lagann fanart.

Edit: My god Internet Explorer just deleted my whole paragraph. Let me summarise it: I suck at colouring, not the finished thing, Pitch is a bitch, The Fabulous Winter General Jack Frost.

Also, has anyone been having problems using Tumblr on Chrome?