It will be like watching a dream.

Day 7: In the Rain ( + Day 3? AU? I dunno)

Well not in it literally, but there’s rain outside so it sort of counts? Obvious crossover is obvious so go dim the lights, pour yourself a glass, and rewatch the series one more time.

Now suppose the Phoenix force went hum dee dum dee dum by the poor General Kozmotis and was like “whaddup yo need my help yo” and Pitch was all “ah no I got dis I got dis waitaminute you got like power, I could use dat” and Phoenix Force was all “Oh. Your ttly good, imma join up with you for a bit”

Then they killed all the fearlings and by their superior godlike existence led the Golden age into an even shinier Golden age. I call it the Shiny Golden Age. Like shiny Pokemon. There was supposed to be a Sera and Nightlight and Mr and Mrs Lunaoff, but I got scared by datelines and dropped them for a bit. 


Clean-up? What’s that? 

So a fanfic writer says that there’ll be a steampunk fic with a demon Tooth in it. Honestly, the only things I know about steampunk are corsets and clicky windy bits, but hey I think a sari bustle dress would look nice. 

(how come I never wore one for Racial Harmony Day before, HOW COME, PRETTY)

Long term WIP because what is three point perspective I has no clue. So many things to fix. Also, designing a Golden Age skyline. I’m thinking lots of minarets and organic shapes. 

Also, I tend to draw NL a bit more musculary when I’m drawing him pre-trapped-inside-Pitch-how-kinky-is-that. I’m also making the assumption about the weapon of choice (here as a sort of spear, wanted to give him a glaive but the blade felt a big huge for NL, and also Pitch seems to be the huge blade guy and Nightlight seems like a more agile fighter) since it felt most similar to the dagger-on-stik I see him with in most images. This dagger/spear was not the one he used to poke Pitch with. I almost went HUGE PAULDRONSSSSSS on him, but I controlled myself. Work time…