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This was supposed to be a super quick doodle for Valentine’s Day because I needed an excuse to draw the otp in my two fav sweaters but I spent way too much time on it and it still looks super sloppy. It took me 15 min to realise that I wouldn’t be able to draw Roy’s eyes closed tonight so I opened them wth?? Happy V-Day everyone!

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Are you poly yourself? Sorry if this seems too personal

I am a very demi, very anti-social, extremely secluded hermit. What does this mean? I love appreciating all sorts of people aesthetically and for their personality, but I personally experience zero romantic or sexual attraction towards anyone until I know them as a person, and if I find them a cool enough person to feel attraction and that feeling is somewhat reciprocal, they are presumably also my friend at that point. HOWEVER, given how anti-social I am, the amount of people I even speak to in any given day, month, week, even year is extremely limited, let alone getting to know new people or befriending them.

So uh, hypothetically? I love the idea of poly relationships, I feel I could definitely be happy in one and feel capable of romantically loving more than one person at once, and honestly the idea of a poly relationship appeals to me in so many more ways than a monogamous one. But currently, in actual practice? Me being romantically interested in a person happens so rarely if at all, and I also haven’t spoken most humans in ages and any kind of romantic relationship with even one person, let alone multiple, is completely out of question ^ ^;;;

L’estate è magica. È il tempo di incontri, nuovi amici, nuove relazioni, nuove avventure. Cambi colore di pelle, di capelli, di occhi. Vai alle feste, vai al mare. Dormi alle 6, ti alzi alle 1 con i postumi di una sbronza. É il tempo dei segreti custoditi a chiave e mai più riaperti. É il periodo dei cambiamenti. Parti l’estate in un modo e arrivi in un altro, migliore di prima. E è questa la cosa migliore, ti butti senza aver paura di sbagliare perchè sai che tutto è lecito adesso.
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Do’s and Don’ts of Writing Relationships

In my opinion, the worst part of any book is a highly unrealistic relationship.  It ruins the entire piece for me.  If you’re including a relationship in your book, and you don’t want your readers to throw your book in the trash, follow these guidelines to create a successful fictional relationship.

DO: Build the relationship gradually

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: relationships don’t work the way they did in Les Misérables. I love Victor Hugo, but he missed the mark on creating a realistic relationship.

It’s okay to believe in love at first sight, and it’s fine to put that in your novel.  However, your characters need to realize that this relationship is only going to work if they get to know each other. It’s completely unrealistic to have a couple who falls in love immediately after meeting for the first time, especially if there’s no turbulence in their relationship.

They must get to know each other first.  Their love is only true if they love them for both their bad and good qualities.

And for the love of God, can they at least fall in love after they know each other’s names?  I’m looking at you, Marius.

DON’T: Make it a “perfect” relationship

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Relationships can be great, but no relationship is perfect.

It seems nowadays that writers tend to forget that every couple argues.  They have bad days, and they disagree on things.  Sometimes these arguments are just petty disagreements, and other times they’re explosive quarrels.  Either way, you can’t write a relationship that doesn’t have any issues.

Many writers tend to live vicariously through their characters, so they create the relationship that they want, not the one that is realistic.

Even if it’s just a small argument over not wanting to eat at the same restaurant they always do, make your couple have a disagreement.  They can’t always get along, no matter how much we want them to.

DO: Make it a compromise

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A relationship should not be one-sided.  One character can’t be doing all the work in the relationship, without something going awry.

Your couple needs a compromise.  They need to care for each other somewhat equally, and work things out together.

If the relationship is one-sided, there has to be some turbulence.  Sooner or later, something has to go wrong.  The relationship cannot be completely perfect, if only one character is doing the work.

DON’T: Lack representation

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At least make an attempt to have some sort of representation in your novel.  It’s a huge issue in writing that needs to be addressed.

I know that it may depend on the setting of your writing, but at least try.  This problem is especially prevalent in romance, so be the one to make a difference.

DO: Let them have lives outside of their partner

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Your characters’ lives cannot revolve solely around their relationship.  Real people have jobs, hobbies, families, and friends.  They have aspirations and dreams that don’t always involve their partners.

Show them having fun without their partner, or at least show them doing something without them.  Even if that’s just your character going to the supermarket or getting a coffee with a coworker, let them have a life outside of their relationship.

DO: Let them have fun!

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Yes, relationships take work, which means that they can be pretty serious.  But your characters should be having fun with it!

If your characters are truly in love, they should be comfortable enough to be weird around each other.  Show that!  Most of the time, readers would much rather see your characters being cute and silly with each other, instead of constantly being serious or sensual.

Your characters deserve fun, so let them have it. Let them enjoy their love.