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Auston Matthews #1.2


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A/N: In honour of the first part reaching 100 notes I decided to post this earlier than planned. I just wanna say thanks for the response on this imagine I did, I hope you all like the second part as much as the first :) it turned out to be much longer than intended and also I couldn’t kept writing soooo feel free to send me requests or request another part of this story cause why not 

Word Count: 2,520

The date was casual. That’s what you two had discussed via text messages for the past 4 days now. Since it was reading week, your whole week was free but spend stressing over the much anticipated dinner date with Auston Matthews. After Mitch was done teasing you, you hounded him with questions. 

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(Companions React) All of them are at sole's funeral and sole walks up (not out of the casket) and nonchalantly asks Nick of a cigarette.

Ada: She has to momentarily shut-down due to the shock to her system. Sole being alive was illogical. 

Cait: She screams and runs up to Sole, “Are you fuckin’ kidding me? You’re alive? Don’t you dare ever scare me like that again!” After she calms down, she spends hours grilling Sole with Piper over what happened and why they did that stunt. 

Codsworth: He rushes over to Sole and makes sure they aren’t injured. He’s very flustered and basically fawns over Sole. 

Curie: She straight up faints. Luckily, Danse was right by her and was able to gracefully catch her before she hit the ground. “Where am I? What happened?? I had a dream that Sole was…” When she realizes it was real, she insists running tests on them. 

Danse: After he caught Curie and set her down in a bed, tears ran down his face, staining his black suit. He wasn’t even sure why the waterworks, but when he went outside to Sole, he wordlessly picked them up and wrapped him in a huge bear hug. 

Deacon: Deacon is mad for two reasons. One, Sole puling such a stupid stunt. Two, the fact that someone else was able to flawlessly pull the wool over his eyes. “You better tell me exactly how you did…this.” He says, voice slightly bitter. 

Hancock: In a near-panic, he retreated to the corner and splashed water on his face. He bumped up his chem use after Sole’s ‘death’, but he didn’t have any today. When he realized it wasn’t a bad trip, he walked up and gave them a tight hug. “You’re a fuckin’ nerd,” he mumbled into their shoulder. 

Nick: His mouth dropped open. He glanced around the room, hoping that someone had guidance, But no, everyone else was just as blown away as he was. With shaky fingers, he reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a cig, placing it into their outstretched hand. 

Piper: For once in her life, she didn’t have anything to say. As the scene turned chaotic outside, she turned and retreated into a shelter. She frantically grabbed her pad and pencil, not noticing her wet cheeks until she caught herself in the mirror. She spent the next 3 hours harassing Sole over what happened and why they’d do this. 

Preston: His lip quivered as a complex wave of emotions washed over him. The scene was still quiet, Sole struck and lighter and happily puffed their cigarette. With long strides, he crossed the circle of people and stood in front of Sole. Shakily, with tears beginning to blur his vision and run down his face, he saluted his general. Then, all hell broke loose. 

MacCready: He was so overwhelmed that for a few minutes, he had no idea what was going on. The sounds of everyone crying, yelling or shouting sounded distant, like he was underwater. After he got a hold of himself, he observed Piper and Cait grilling Sole, just as hungry for answers as they were. 

X6-88: His mouth dropped open in surprise as Sole, almost cockily, arrived on scene. After all the chaos was over, he approached them. “I don’t know what the hell you just did back there. I may not even want to know. But for your sake, I would never do that again. Ever.” A wave of emotion hit him, and X6 suddenly wrapped Sole into an awkward hug. 

Dogmeat: He doesn’t know what’s happening, but Sole is back! He literally never leaves their side.

Strong: “Human… alive?” In a state of dismay, he reached down into the pit and pried open the coffin lid. All that was inside was a messy pile of brahmin meat. He practically scolds them later on, but he’s glad they’re back. 

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Can you do the boys being jealous when the Diamond City Guards are doing those cat calls and flirting with Sole (romanced and before romance) pls!!! I love your reaction posts!!! ❤️

Oooh, I like this one! I hope you like it! <3

Hancock (Pre Romance) - He still hates Diamond City - and probably always will - which means he still hates those sons of bitches that whistle at every bit of ass that walks by. He’s trailing behind Sole when one of the guards, a young lad with greaser hair and bright eyes, calls out to Sole. ‘Hey baby, you’s looking for a good time?’ It takes all of Hancock’s strength not to growl, and his fingers tighten on their grip of his gun, before he catches himself. He doesn’t have any claim on Sole - they aren’t marked by his teeth, they’re not an item, and with the way he looks they probably never will be. Still, watching that smoothskin, with his perfect hair and teeth and skin… well, he knows he can’t compete with that. Doesn’t mean he wants it rubbed in his face though. He’s relieved when Sole waves the guard off, smiling her perfect smile and continuing to walk whilst swaying those perfect hips and fuuuuck, he knows that if any of those losers touch her, they’re going to end up losing a hand.

Hancock (Romanced) – He’s got his head buried in Sole’s neck as they walk around Diamond City – he trusts them to not lead him into any pillars or boxes. Besides, when their skin feels this good between his teeth, and they smell this great? Well, it’s almost enough to make him forget about everything else in the world.


They’re strolling past the Dugout Inn when one of the guards patrolling the makeshift streets makes a pass with Sole. His Sole. His. He hears them whistle, before they mutter something about how they ‘wouldn’t mind those legs wrapped around my head’. Hancock stops walking, his arm tightening around Sole’s waist. Slowly, he turns his head, and his black eyes gleam menacingly in the lamplight. In a voice rough and low, he deliberately asks the guard to repeat himself. When the man stutters in his place, Hancock releases Sole and makes a go for the guard slowly, his hand slipping to his belt – and his knife. Before he can take another step, however, Sole grabs him by the shoulder and spins him back around, telling him ‘Not tonight. He’s not worth it.’ Hancock spares one last look at the guard before gathering Sole up in his arms and dipping her in for the kiss of a lifetime, like from those old timey mags Sole loves so much. He grabs a handful of Sole’s ass, making them squeak, before he pulls his mouth back and gives their rump a firm smack. He growls low in his throat, and in his peripheral vision he sees the guard scamper off. He smirks at Sole’s dishevelled appearance, and not even ten seconds pass before Sole is dragging him into an alley. He knows how much his possessive streak gets them going.

MacCready (Pre-Romance) – He’s looking at gun mods in the market when he hears a whistle over his shoulder, and he turns to see Sole bent over a stall observing wares. He also sees two Diamond City guards checking out Sole’s ass with absolutely no shame – and who can blame them. Their ass is a perfect thing. But still, he feels something pang within his chest, a feeling that is almost unrecognisable because god, it’s been years since he’s felt it.

But even MacCready knows what jealousy feels like.

Still, it’s not his place. There’s nothing between him and Sole, even if he wishes there was, even if it’s their face he sees at night in his dreams. Doesn’t look like he needs to get involved, anyway; Sole has apparently seen the guards, and flips them off with a smirk. His heart stutters.

God, he’s got it bad.

MacCready (Romanced) – He’s sitting next to Sole at the Noodle stall late one afternoon, studying their profile intently. The slop of their nose, the glitter in their eyes, the curve of their lips – and the adorable way they’re desperately trying to eat the noodles properly. He smiles dreamily, and takes a moment to turn and look out over the market. It is peaceful here, inside these great metal walls, a place of sanctuary amidst a world of carnage.

He turns back to Sole, a smile on his lips, but it dies quickly. One of the regular guards – though to be honest, who can tell, what with them always wearing those stupid masks – leaning over the counter, nasally voice propositioning Sole, asking if they wanna ‘Take a swing, sometime,’. MacCready frowns, but his annoyance is short lived as Sole declines, placing their hand on MacCready’s thigh and leaning in for a sweet kiss.

Preston (Pre-Romance) – He doesn’t really think it’s any of his business to intervene when he sees how the guards trip over their feet trying to win Sole over. He isn’t happy, by any means – he sure as hell knows better pickup lines than the guards do, and he likes to think he’d know how to win Sole over properly. He’d wine and dine them, maybe a nice embrace under the stars. Part of him wants to let Sole know that he could do better than these jackasses, but he holds his tongue. It’s not like Sole is paying attention to the guards anyway.

Preston just wishes that Sole would pay attention to him.

Preston (Romanced) – No matter where they are, Preston likes touching Sole. Nothing too intimate – they haven’t explored what a public setting does for them yet, and Preston likes knowing he has Sole all to himself – but a hand in a back pocket, or an arm slung around a shoulder or waist. He likes knowing that they’re there, that they’re still with him, after all of this madness.

So when he hears another man making a pass on his lover, he goes tense, but other than that he doesn’t react. His arm slips around them a bit tighter, and he maybe leans in a bit closer, but he’s not going to start a fight where one isn’t due. Hell, he even sees it as a compliment – they can talk all they want, but he’s the one who gets to hold Sole at night.

Nick (Pre-Romance) – He’s used to the boys in Diamond City making a pass at any pretty thing that walks by, but there’s something different about it when it’s Sole. They’re wearing that Vault suit again, that nice tight blue number that makes them an absolute picture, and Nick can knows that he’s not the only one who appreciates the view. But when he sees a nice young man, with a cut jaw and a smouldering gaze chatting up his travelling companion…he can feel his fans whirring just a little bit faster. With a frown, he glances down at his hands – an ugly mixture of plastic and metal – and sighs. He thinks about intervening, but why bother? Why stop Sole from having a little bit of fun with someone who is flesh and blood?

Because he desperately wants to be the one to make them smile, wants to feel their skin beneath his hands, wants to know what they taste like, wants to-

His mind is cut off the sound of Sole laughing and declining the invitation from the guard. They turn to Nick and smile, and for a moment, his fans stop.

Nick (Romanced) – Despite being a synth, Nick has been able to garner a reasonable amount of respect in Diamond City. Enough at least, that the guards know that the Sole Survivor is off limits. After all, Sole and the Detective have been getting awfully cosy, and if the marks on Sole’s neck are anything to go by (and perhaps the outline of metal fingers on their arms), then there is definitely something between the two. That’s not going to stop a couple of jibes and remarks being let loose, mind you. Some of the guards still whistle, but most now add on ‘You’re a lucky man, Valentine.’, or ‘Hope Mr Valentine is treating you well, sweetheart. If not, you know where to find me.’ Sole always responds kindly and politely, but Nick can see the love for him in their eyes and know their loyalty is flawless. Sometimes, though, he likes to play the role of jealous boyfriend. Any excuse to pull Sole a bit closer and maybe add to the collection of red on their neck is fine with dear old Nick.

Danse (Pre-Romance) – He thinks it’s almost primitive, the way these men lounge and drool over anything that breathes. But when he looks at Sole, he can see the appeal. He doesn’t fail to notice the way their smile lights up Diamond City Square, or the way their eyes shine with mirth. Hell, he’d have to be a fool not to notice it. And the Brotherhood has taught him to be anything but a fool. But still, thinking of another person having their hands on Sole, listening to the Guard’s lewd attempts at speech – it irritates him to no end. Sole is a fine soldier, a fine fighter, and a fine friend.


God, who is he kidding?

Danse (Romanced) – Even out of his power armour, Danse is big for a guy. Whether he has the Institute to thank for it, or the Brotherhood training, he knows that his height and muscles give him some leeway in the fact that people generally don’t want to start shit with him. But there’s always one, and when some guard decides to swing his arm over Sole’s shoulders at the bar, he raises a brow. Sole likes it when Danse dresses down, but even now in jeans and a t-shirt, his muscles are straining the material. He stands to his full height before sauntering over next to Sole, and tapping the guard on the shoulder. When he turns around, he’s met with 6’4 of heavy duty ex-Brotherhood shoulder, and one look at Danse’s disapproving face is enough for the guard to get the message. He shuffles away, and Sole gives Danse a look that the ex-soldier chooses to ignore; instead opting to lean down to Sole and plant a hungry kiss on their lips, hands sliding down to grab their ass. Machine or not, he’s not about to let someone else have a pass at his partner.

Deacon (Pre-Romance) – He joins in with the guard, framing Sole’s ass with his fingers, making some sort of flirtatious comment that they return. It’s all in jest, of course – at least from Sole’s end. They don’t notice the glare that Deacon sends the guard from behind his glasses, doesn’t notice the genuine smile on his face when he compliments their hair (though obviously it doesn’t look as good as his). He’ll keep up the ‘jokes’, though – it’s his only chance to tell Sole what he loves about them without having the fear of being rejected.

Deacon (Romanced) – He thanks the guard – Deacon thought his eyesight might be going, but with the guard’s words in mind, they must be working pretty good. And “hell yeah, damn right bro, I agree my cutiepie of a killing machine has a sweet ass, high five!”

One of my biggest gripes with fallout 4 is how Bethesda REALLY expects everyone to love the minutemen, even though the majority of them are thoroughly unlikable.

First they just invite themselves into Sanctuary when you rescue them, and that just drives me batty.  It’s my god damn abandoned town. If I want you to live there you can live there. Like I saved you guys, You already owe me. If anything, you should be letting me live with YOU. You can’t crash on my couch. Now, if they were to say “For saving us, we’ll fix up your town and give you all the caps we make and stuff” but no, the way settlements work makes the Sole Survivor more of a babysitter than a mayor. We’re hungry Sole! We’re thirsty Sole! The generators are too loud Sole!

And on a person to person basis, they’re really obnoxious. Marcie Long is a turbobitch, Jun Long is a sad sack, Mama Murphy is either begging you for chems or complaining about no longer using chems, and Preston is giving you quests you don’t want. Sturges is the only moderately likable character, and even then he spends all day hammering on that damn wall. All of them are essential, so even if you wanted to get them out of sanctuary, you couldn’t.

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