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night king one hit KO’ing a dragon with an ice spear is aesthetic af, and night king x viserion is the new otp.


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anonymous asked:

How would Sole's first kiss with the companions go? Would Sole make the first move or would the companion do it? I LOVE your blog by the way!! I could sit and read it for hours and hours!!

Ah, a classic! Thanks for the prompt anon! I am always happy to be of service to you, and I am glad you like the blog! ^.^

Cait: “Oh shite Sole! I’m so sorry!” Cait awkwardly hovered over Sole with her hands close to but not touching their face. “Argh! This is what happens when ya challenge me to a fight you idiot! You know I can’t back down from a challenge!” Sole doubled over, heaving air through their mouth as blood flowed out of their nose like a faucet. “Aw, geez Sole, d’ya have any paper or bandages on ya? Gah, where’s Curie when you need her? Here,” Cait lifted up her foot and ripped of a piece of her pants, “Let me try and stop the blood.”

Cait clumsily dabbed at Sole’s face trying to stem the flow. Sole delicately took control over Cait’s attempt at nursing and patted her on the shoulder to reassure the ex-raider that they could take care of themselves.

“Yu ah cu when yu ah wuhwied.” Sole remarked in one of those deep, holding your breath voices.

“What’d ya say now?” Cait asked.

Sole couldn’t help themselves and removed the bandaging cloth for a second to quickly kiss Cait.

“GAH! Sole that’s disgustin’! Now ya got blood all over me!” Cait rubbed furiously at her face with her forearm, then muttered, “Clean up and we can try again later.”

MacCready: Neither person released their breath, the dull thump thump of Deathclaw footsteps shook dust off the floorboards and onto MacCready’s back as he hovered over Sole. The only things separating them from death were the creaky floorboards of an abandoned shack and a moth worn rug. MacCready could just barely distinguish Sole’s nervous grimace form the dirt below their head; this could be it for them. He started shaking, or maybe he had been but just now noticed. As the mercenary’s life played over again in his head, he realized the massive amount of regrets it has piled up to be. He didn’t want to add “withholding his feelings for Sole” to the growing pile, so as he stared down into their eyes with sharp, cutting fear, a shaky “hell” escaped his throat.

He let his head drop, and their teeth crashed together uncomfortably from behind their lips. Sole gasped and MacCready darted his tongue inside their mouth to hush them. Shaky breaths left their mouths as he parted for a moment, and then went back in. Thump thump went the footsteps; thump thump went their hearts.

Soon the Deathclaw had wandered off, and finally the two partners parted. Panting, MacCready suddenly realizes what he just did.

“S-Sole, I-“

Sole hushed him with a finger.

“It’s okay MacCready. Me too.”

Danse: “Ugh, why did you have to enlist me for this assignment Sole?” Danse made an unpleasant face as his feet made gross slopping noises every time he picked them up out of the bog. Sole had apparently gotten word from Preston that somewhere in the far south of the Commonwealth was a promising spot for a settlement. Danse wasn’t so sure of that himself. And of course, the one time he needs it most, his power armor is sitting in Sanctuary with Sturges, getting repaired. He can see Sole forcibly holding in their giggles every time he complains.

“W-woah!” The paladin’s foot caught a submerged tree root and sent him flying into Sole. They both splash into the boggy water and get absolutely drenched.

GROSS!” Sole shouts, and when they quickly sit up to escape the swamp’s grimy clutches, they accidentally ram lips first into Danse who’s been on top of them this whole time.

Both freeze, perfectly still, their eyes wide and staring at each other. Tentatively, Sole brings and hand to the back of Danse’s head and closes their eyes. Danse breathes a sigh of relief through his nose and lets his eyelids slide close too. They spend the next few minutes kissing in the cold bog water, and Danse figures Sole’s kiss was worth  getting wet over.

Deacon: They were just messing around. A radstorm had blown through their path and forced them to hunker down an old abandoned bunker. To pass the time Sole flipped on the PipBoy’s radio. “Care to dance?” Deacon asked them, cocking a playful eyebrow at Sole who simply giggled and offered their hands for a dance. Deacon grabbed Sole’s tentatively outstretched hands in his and started waving their arms around in exaggerated, goofy motions. Sole just let him do what he wanted since they had already gone mostly limp from laughing too hard. Suddenly he spins them around and dips their body low over the concrete floor. He’s grinning wildly, face close enough to feel Sole’s breathy laughs wash over his cheeks. He knew then he just had to do it, so he kissed them.

Sole froze for a second in shock, then threw their arms around his neck, pressing in, wanting to go deeper. Deacon tilted his head as he slowly stood them up. Tighter and tighter he pulled them in, parting his lips and hoping they’d part theirs too. They did, and both partners slid their tongues over each other’s, melting into the kiss.

When it finally ended, Deacon was smiling and looking down at Sole. He took off his glasses: just this once, he thought, just for them.

They gaped at him.

“Like what you see boss?”

Piper: Sole bemusedly observed Piper as she attempted using chopsticks for the first time to eat her power noodles. With each new attempt the slippery pasta continually escaped the grip of her utensils and plopped back into the broth. Finally the reporter managed to catch the noodles with her mouth about an inch above the rim of the bowl before they had the opportunity to slip away again. Slowly, she raised her head, a long train of noodles still hanging from her mouth. Proud but perplexed, Piper was unsure about how to finish getting the entire bit into her jaws. Helplessly she looked to Sole.

“He’p a gir’ ou’ here?” She pleaded through pressed lips.

“Haha! Sure! Here Piper, let me help you with that.” Sole picked up their own pair of chopsticks with perfect technique and scooped the other end of Piper’s noodles into them. “Bon apetit!” Sole exclaimed before shoving the pasta into their mouth. Piper watched Sole with unbelievably wide eyes as they inched their way across the noodle strand towards her. At the end of the line, Sole pressed their lips into Piper’s before biting off the noodle strands. The survivor then reclined triumphantly back in their seat. Piper’s face now matched her coat,


Preston: Preston thickly swallowed back his anxiety as he gripped the hubflowers behind his back. His mother taught him to always be a gentleman, but his nerves were really getting the best of him at the moment. Oh no, there they are! Sole was standing on an elevated outpost, facing away from him, watching the sun set over Sanctuary’s humble little lake.

“G-General…” Preston stuttered. Sole turned to look at the minuteman, a smile blooming across their face when they recognize it’s him. Preston smiled too, out of reflex at seeing Sole happy. He almost tripped up the steps to get to them, and blushed whenever Sole made a quiet giggle.

“Hey Sole! I um…”

“…Yeah Preston?”

He took a deep, quieting breath. “I wanted to give you something, to show you h-how much I appreciate you, and-“ He handed Sole the bouquet who gently took it from him. “And, I just thought I should let you know that… I admire you… as more than a General and… as more than a friend.”

Sole beamed at his confession, and relief flooded Preston’s veins. And what a pleasant surprise when Sole popped up on their tiptoes to kiss him.

Nick: Nick admired Sole’s silhouette against the backdrop of Magnolia’s performance, a cigarette slowly smoking up the bar from between his fingers. Yellow eyes study the outline of Sole’s nose, its delicate bumps and curves. The survivor didn’t notice the synth, intently focused on the singer onstage, watching her with mirthful eyes.

Nick didn’t need to think much about doing it. Maybe it was the dim lighting and pervasive chem-laced atmosphere that impeded his servos inhibitors. Regardless, he catches Sole’s chin between his thumb and forefinger and pulls them gently in for a kiss. Sole was surprised, but quickly dissolved into Nick’s lips, feeling his mouth move in tandem with theirs. When it ended, Sole asked,

“What took you so long Nick?”

“I don’t know doll… I don’t know.”

Hancock: Of course Hancock had been joking when he suggested they share the bed roll for the night. He would’ve been completely fine spending the night on the floor; he’s woken up on more than enough of them in his lifetime. But there he was, laying next to Sole in a flimsy excuse for a sleeping bag. He rolled over,

“You asleep yet Sole?” He asked.

“Nah, it’s kinda hot in here to be honest.” They confessed. Sole decided to roll over too, wanting to chat a bit more; but after finishing a complete one-hundred and eighty degree turn, Sole and Hancock perfectly lip-locked with each other. They both immediately pulled away; neither of them really expected… well, that.

Hancock cautiously went in for another kiss, this time intentionally. He stopped just before reaching Sole’s lips and let them choose whether or not to close the rest of the distance. He smiled against their mouth when they connected with him. Hancock wrapped his arms around Sole to keep them close, and for the rest of the night they enjoyed dwelling within the comfort of each other’s embrace.

Curie: Curie frowned furiously at Sole while dabbing an alcohol-drenched cotton ball to their busted lip. “How many times must I take care of your before you shape up and stop getting into ridiculous bar fights. You weren’t even drinking! How could you engage in something as ridiculous as zhat while still sober?” The rest of her grievances the scientist rattled off in French. Sole just smiled dreamily at her, still a little out of it from being decked in the head.

“Y’know, kisses makes things heal quicker Curie.” Sole slurred, eyes half-open.

“W-what!? Sole, I think zhat punch did more damage than I originally calculated.” Curie frowned.

“Please!” Sole begged, pouted, and pointed to the cut on their puffy red lips.

“Agh! Alright, I guess if you will finally allow me to continue the evaluation afterwards, I shall do it.”

Red-faced, Curie cautiously leaned forward and pressed a quick kiss to Sole’s lips.

OW!” Sole whimpered and held their hands over the now agitated lesion.

“AHA! Zhat is what you get for interrupting me! Now, move your hands! I must continue zhe examination!” Sole frowned as they removed their palms, but inside they thought totally worth it.

X6-88: “You want to do what?” All at once Sole wished they’d kept their stupid mouth shut. X6 was now staring straight at them, his stern face belying his genuine curiosity.

“Nevermind. It’s not important, let’s just focus on the mission alright?” Sole turned to stalk off in the direction of their latest assignment when X6 roughly snatched them around by the shoulder.

“It was important. Now tell me.” The courser demanded.  Sole screwed up their face at X6. There was no way they could ask him for this kind of thing! The way he acted, he’s probably never even thought about it, much less ever wanted it. He was still staring down at Sole expectantly, and Sole began to tremble a little. They couldn’t force the words to come out again; the first time was stressful enough.

“Tell me.” He prompted again.

“Fine. W-would you… kiss me?” Sole grimaced after finishing the statement, waiting for the inevitable rejection and complimentary condemnations.

“Alright.” X6 agreed with Sole, and then he was on their lips. A lifetime of Institute living made X6’s lips soft against their wasteland-chapped pair, but the kiss was more than Sole or X6 could have ever hoped for. The chaste kiss ended soon, maybe too soon, and X6 only had one comment to make,

“Can we do that again?”

anonymous asked:

Hola, I was wondering if you could do the companions react to Sole's spouse begin brought to life as a Gen 4 courser and sent to kill Sole? I hope this isn't too much!

Hasn’t Sole suffered enough already? The Institute doesn’t seem to think so. Recovering Nate/Nora’s DNA from the vault, they engineer a brand-new Courser, a killing machine the likes of which no man - or synth - has ever seen. The Courser tracks down Sole and their companion, coming out of hiding when they least expect it. “Hello, Sole.” 

Sole freezes, turning to stare at the familiar face. Hello, honey,” they whisper.

Cait: The hell? Cait looks between the two, trying to get her mind around what’s happened. The Institute couldn’t be that cruel… could it? Not even the Institute would do such a thing. But they have. Her mind boggles at the idea. But even if the Courser does look like Sole’s dead spouse, they’re still a Courser, and still a threat. Cait’s jaw tightens, and she readies her weapon, preparing for a fight. She’s not going to let Sole die here, no matter the cost.

After the battle, she’s at a loss for how to comfort Sole. She’s better at hitting things than cheering them up afterwards. She ends up sitting beside Sole, passing a bottle of liquor between them in silence.

Codsworth: “Sir/Mum…?” Codsworth asks, his voice almost reverent. “It’s been… so long.” Two hundred years of loneliness dull his senses, and he’s reminded of a lost time, a better time, when he served coffee to the person standing right in front of him. It’s not until the Courser opens fire on them both that he’s broken from the spell.

After the battle, Codsworth and Sole share a look, and they dig a shallow grave for the Courser. The Mr. Handy wonders if robots can cry, and if they can, if this is what it feels like.

Curie: Honey? Curie rolls the word over her tongue, trying to comprehend the meaning of it. Why would Sole address a stranger by that name? That could only mean… “Oh, no,” she says, a hand rising to her mouth as she lets out a gasp, looking between Sole and the Courser. “Oh, non.”

After the battle, Curie makes a point of going up and inspecting the body. She knows where the synth piece is, and finds it, but doesn’t remove it. “They are not real,” she murmurs, taking Sole’s hands in her own. “They are not them. I am… so sorry for your loss, mon amie.”

Danse: “Step back, wastelander.” Danse growls, lifting his weapon and training it on the stranger’s chest. He recognizes the distinctive leather coat that marks them a Courser, and wonders why Sole isn’t attacking. Then he hears the tell-tale whisper, and something twinges in his chest. He doesn’t dwell on what twinges, but he sets his jaw and holds on tight to his weapon. Whatever Sole decides to do… he’ll support them.

After the battle, he’s very calm. “I’m sorry for your loss, soldier.” Danse’s been in the military a long time. He’s seen soldiers killed, had to give compensation to grieving family, had to talk people through the guilt of their first kill. He understands pain, even if he doesn’t always feel that way himself.

Deacon: Over the many years of his work for the Railroad, Deacon had come to know Coursers very well. That didn’t mean he liked encountering them, but he could recognize one by their distinctive coat and speech patterns. By the time this particular Courser opened his mouth, he’d readied a witty response and had his weapon half-drawn. But then Sole had to open their mouth, and now he’s not sure what to do. He knows it’s a trap, knows it’s just a tactic to catch Sole off-guard, and he knows he can’t let that happen. But that doesn’t make it any easier.

After the battle, Deacon is quiet and subdued. “I’m sorry, Sole,” he mumbles. He doesn’t seem to return to his normal self until a week after the fight, and even then, he still thinks about it sometimes.

Dogmeat: The dog falls back on his haunches, growling lowly as his ears flatten. He doesn’t understand why Sole is talking to the strange-smelling person, but he obeys when the command to attack is given.

After the battle, his nuzzles up against Sole’s hand, big brown eyes full of concern for his owner. Eventually the two just sit back on a hill, Sole staring up at the sky with Dogmeat’s head resting on their thigh.

Hancock: “To hell with this,” Hancock growls, pulling out the biggest, baddest gun he’s got. He’s not one for abject cruelty, and forcing someone to kill or be killed by their dead spouse? That’s pretty cruel. He knows to wait until the fight starts to unleash his fury, but when it does? He takes point on the combat, refusing to let Sole get hit, refusing to make Sole the one that kills the Courser. No one should have to kill their spouse.

After the battle, Hancock’s the first to pull Sole into a bone-crushing hug, regardless of their relationship or how open Sole is to the idea. Patting Sole’s back, he clears his throat and moves away, making a private note to kill Institute bastards extra-hard the next time.

Nick Valentine: Nick watches the interaction between Sole and the Courser carefully, choosing to reserve judgement until the fighting starts. When it does, he makes sure to have Sole’s back - or rather their side. Nick matches every bullet Sole lets fly, making the Courser’s inevitable fall an equal effort.

After the battle, the two of them take a few moments to recover. “Why don’t you tell me about them?” the detective prompts, his voice a low, gravelly rumble in his throat. “Who they were? Because they’re not that thing, Sole. Believe me. They’re still who you remember.” They spend the rest of the day remembering life and loves from before the war.

MacCready: MacCready doesn’t know what this thing is, but he realizes the truth when Sole greets them as their old spouse. He can’t help the stab of pain and sympathy for Sole, the twitch of fear and repulsion as he eyes the Courser. “It doesn’t have to be this way,” he tries. Even though he knows it does. “We don’t want to kill you.” But they have to anyway.

After the battle, MacCready can’t help but see Lucy’s face on the dead body of the Courser, and he shudders. That night, after Sole falls asleep, he sits in the corner and cleans his gun over and over, the familiar motions soothing him. If someone ever pulled a stunt like that with Lucy? …He doesn’t know what he’d do.

Piper: “Oh no, Blue, oh, I’m…” Piper struggles to find the words that used to come so easily to her. But in the face of such potent sorrow, she finds herself tongue-tied. She thought she knew pain when her parents died, but this? Having your loved ones come back and try to kill you? It’s beyond her. She can only manage a look of sympathy towards Sole until the combat is over.

After the battle, she asks Sole a few gentle questions, trying not to pry as she asks them about what their spouse used to be. She writes it all up in her notebook, and later publishes an obituary in the paper without telling Sole. Sole hears about it in the Diamond City market, hears people wondering who died, and ends up reading the article for themselves. Piper admits later that it might be the best thing she’s ever written.

Preston: Preston sees how Sole is affected by the Courser’s appearance, and realizes just how much the Courser means to them. But Preston is a soldier, and he knows just how dangerous Coursers are. Lifting his weapon, he gives Sole a tight nod. “Whenever you’re ready, General.” And he makes sure to keep Sole’s back when the battle begins, keeping Sole from being overwhelmed or flanked.

After the battle, he loses the soldier facade, and gives the survivor a brief hug. “I’m sorry for your loss,” he murmurs. A small funeral is held at the Castle the next time they return, and when Ronnie Shaw grumbles something under her breath, Preston gives her a sharp glare that shuts her up.

Strong: “STRONG SMASH!” Strong doesn’t understand why Sole is so hesitant to fight this person. The Courser serves to be a difficult challenge for the mutant, but he takes it on with near-glee.

After the battle, he approaches Sole with a strange expression on his face. Leaning down a thick, green hand, he gets a drop of Sole’s tears on his finger. “IS THIS MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS?” he questions.

X6-88: Hm. A synth he doesn’t recognize. An unusual occurrence, unexplained until Sole speaks and he understands. But his brow furrows as he tries to comprehend Sole’s hesitation. X6 is unfamiliar with loss. Coursers aren’t thought to have any emotional intelligence at all, and they certainly aren’t encouraged to form emotional attachments. He kills the other Courser, but can’t shake the strange feeling nagging in his chest.

After the battle, when Sole is grieving, he goes off on his own, and spends several hours thinking by himself. He never tells anyone what about.

((This turned out pretty hard to write, but I was issued a challenge, and I’ll be damned if I turned it down. I hope you liked it, anon. Thanks so much for the ask!))

anonymous asked:

Companions react to sole performing Frank Sinatra "fly me to the moon" in a bar wearing fancy clothing

Cait (platonic) - She got herself three fingers of whiskey and sat on a bar stool, listening. She wasn’t much into such things, all fancy, but she had to admit, they had style and their voice managed to charm everyone, even Magnolia herself.

Cait (romanced) - She tried to escape their gaze, embarassed. Yet, their look made her feel so warm and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to just listen to them forever, or drag them away from the stage, so she could have them all for herself.

Codsworth - He was well aware it was a love song, yet he just enjoyed hearing their voice filled with such affection, instead of sadness and despair, bringing cozy atmosphere into the dark bar.

Curie (platonic) - She was absolutely charmed, watching them with a dreamy smile on her face. Curie was very fond of the pre-war culture and seeing and hearing Sole like this made her feel like singing herself.

Curie (romanced) - She wasn’t sure if the song was being sung for her, or if they just accidentally kept looking at her the whole time. She was sure only at the end, when they pointed their finger at her at the last word ‘you’. She wouldn’t let them go anyway away from her till the rest of the evening and night.

Danse (platonic) - He wasn’t fond of mooching in such places, there was always another task to be done, yet he found himself unable to focus as they started to sing, corners of his mouth jerking up in a smile. This was nice. Unproductive, yes, but very nice.

Danse (romantic) - He was glad none of his brothers or sisters were here, for he was sure the look on his face was almost idiotically happy. It wasn’t often he felt this special and he did take a while to thank his lucky stars before fully focusing on their singing.

Deacon (platonic) - One moment, he admired how they look in such fancy clothes, the other, he was standing right next to them in his own white suit, singing along with them, trying, that is. But people seemed entertained and they both even received a small applause at the end.

Deacon (romantic) - He just kept smirking at them as they sang, giving them a slight applause at the end. When they approached him, he was looking unamused and said ‘You’re sappy’, before bringing them close to him in a kiss.

Dogmeat - As much as he loved his owner’s voice, right now, he was probably the most interested in the chunk of meat Magnolia gave him and he’d be happily gnawing on it as the bar filled with their voice.

Hancock (platonic) - He stands beside the bar with Magnolia, listening and sometimes joking that they might replace her, on which she replies in the same joking matter, that she’d at least have more free time. They are truly good, though and it appeared that everyone else thought so as well.

Hancock (romantic) - He does stand beside the bar with magnolia, but is unable to focus on anything that isn’t their face, or their voice. He doesn¨t even care the amused look Magnolia gives him, or the something she says, something about ‘love sick puppy’. He starts clapping out loud at the end and is more than content when the others join in.

MacCready (platonic) - He recalls meeting them in this very same bar and feels proud, both of him and them. They sing nice, he knows as much, otherwise he had to scold himself for not paying absolute attention.  Maybe they’ll sing again, he keeps telling himself, hopeful.

MacCready (romantic) - He pulls his hat down into his face, but just enough so he can still see them, their gaze piercing and soothing at the same time and he feels his cheeks burning. He waited for them to come to him, when they finished and when they ddi approach his table, he placed a shy kiss on the side of their mouth, earning a sweet smile.

Nick Valentine (platonic) - This was one of the best moments with Sole so far. The atmosphere filled by cigarette smoke, dim lights and their voice felt like real perfection to him and they did look like one as well. He made sure he stood up and gave them a grand applause as they finished.

Nick Valentine (romantic) - He had to take the cigarette out of his mouth, for the smile on his face would surely cause it fall down on the alcohol stained table. When they finished and Magnolia took their spot again, he invited them for a dance, holding them close to his body.

Piper (platonic) - Now this was something. Firstly, they looked so perfect, she was almost ashamed for her own clothes, but then again, hers were still in better shape than most of the drifters’ there. Secondly, they sang.  She always cursed the fact she didn’t have a camera on the best occasions.

Piper (romance) - Did it suddenly get hot in there? She always had kind of a crush on Magnolia, because of her singing and now them? As they sang, the eye contact was never broken, even though it was very very hard for her. She kept smiling for the rest of the night and in the morning as well.

Preston (platonic) - He didn’t feel too well in Goodneighbor, but he had to admit that this was more than nice, his general being on of the main reasons really. He sipped on his beer as their voice echoed through the room. He tried not to be disappointed, when their song ended, hoping the would sing again soon.

Preston (romance) - He coudln’t tear his eyes off them. Their voice felt like they sang it right inot his ear and their outfit defined the shape of their body so well, he felt like he was hypnotized. At the same time, he was more than moved by the song and in his mind, he was already showering their body with kisses in their Rexford room.

Strong - He wasn’t comfortable in the ‘bar’, as the humans called it, and neither were the people and the robot. He only noticed that human was speaking funny, but didn’t pay much attention. Talking never was his forte.

X6-88 (platonic and romance) - This was pointless, but they just wouldn’t have what he was saying.. Yet, they did seem relaxed, singing on stage, dressed as they were and he had learned to respect their decisions, as long as they weren’t extreme.

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Is there a reverse-kyogre? What's your least favorite of each type?

Reverse-Kyogre: Who is your least favourite Pokemon of each type?

Lickilicky (Normal), Hitmontop (Fighting), Tornadus (there are like two primary or sole Flying lines lmao), Drapion (Poison), Landorus (Ground), BARBARACLE (Rock), Durant (Bug, I think it had wasted potential!), Dhelmise (Ghost), AEGISLASH (Steel, fuck that guy), Turtonator (Fire), the Clamperl line (Water), Victreebel (Grass), Magnezone (Electric), the Mega-Mewtwos (Psychic, like why), Cryogonal (Ice), Zygarde 100% (Dragon), Malamar (Dark, I’m mostly just upset that Inkay is so cute but Malamar isn’t ; n ;), Slurpuff (Fairy) 

Okay but like unless there’s universe ending event or he has one of his lab binges, Tony has two days a month reserved for sole purpose of flying around e.g. New York City and rescuing cats stuck in trees, helping out the firefighters in tricky situations, helping old ladies to the other side of the street and ‘No young man, I do not need to be escorted home, I walk just fine’ so he doesn’t say anything else because the old lady vaguely reminds him of aunt Peggy and that seemingly light purse could be a potential weapon so he goes off to help out some kids cross the street two blocks away which is followed by small photo session with Iron Man but as he leaves he will be thanked as ‘Thank you Mr. Stark’. 

Friday Nights - Jimin

Genre: fluff – jimin style

Word count: 2841

Rating: PG-13 because Jimin’s too sexy

The distant booming of bass-heavy music filled the bustling night air, with echoes of boisterous conversations and impatiently honking cars completing the night time city soundtrack. Shoving your hands into the pockets of your black addidas zip up hoodie, you drank in and released a deep breath, feeling the adrenaline pumping through your veins. It was Friday night and that could mean only one thing – it was dance battle night.

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What do u think of those budgie/bird shows in zoos where budgies do tricks like skate boarding and stuff? Is that good for them?

Ah! Like Norman Barrett? As far as I’ve seen, there’s nothing wrong with it at all! The budgies could easily bite, hop away, or otherwise refuse to perform. When he moves his hands around them or picks them up, he is very aware of their body language and doesn’t squeeze or chase them. It is VERY hard to abuse a bird into performing like this. Parrots don’t learn from whips or spurs the way other animals do (i.e. abused circus animals). Stress causes them significant psychological damage that is rarely ever invisible. A sick and decrepit animal does not appeal to audiences, with plucked feathers, shaking/shivering, and the like.
Surely there are inhumane bird acts out there. But I’ve never really seen any that are myself. Birds, trained with positive reinforcement and a strong bond with their handlers, are very eager performers. It is arguably more “respectful” to the animal to train solely using natural behaviors (flying over an audience, dancing to music, vocalizing naturally) but parrots love a challenge and a reward. The Parrot Wizard does a good job training their birds safely and positively. Here, in an old video, you can see what’s motivating the budgie to do these tricks, and Duke can’t get enough!

Skateboarding in particular is somewhat difficult to train. The animal must trust the object enough to stand on it, and become accustomed to balancing on it and trusting the handler will not allow it to come into harms way. Once again, you cannot punish a bird into doing this. These acts in and of themselves pose no obvious physical threat to the animal. It does not cause them pain or discomfort, and it does not force them to move or behave in a way that is a strain on their bodies. 

The only thing I could think of that could be bad for the bird is travel. Travelling bird shows have to take a lot of time and spend a lot of money ensuring their birds can travel safely and without stress. It takes a lot of time to acclimate a bird to performing in front of audiences and between changing environments.

TL;DR: nah. Haven’t seen anything dangerous or otherwise bad for the birds. However! If I’ve missed something please let me know! And if you witness practices that worry you about the animals’ safety, don’t hesitate to seek advice or contact authorities with those concerns.

Sorry if this is scattered or rambly. It’s 1AM and I need sleep ;u;

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Companions (Also Maxson, Father, Desdomna, synth Shaun, knight Rhys, scribe Haylen.) react to sole having a magic ability to transform into a crow and proves it by turning into one by jumping off of a high platform and resurface as a crow.

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She didn’t believe Sole when they first told her that they were able to transform themself into a crow. She laughed in their face; it’s just not possible.

“Prove it” Sole motioned for Cait to follow them, and soon they were coming up to Starlight Drive-in. Sole dragged Sole to the stairs that led up the tallest part of the building, and once they were at the top, Sole threw themself off the edge of the building. Cait ran to stop them, but didn’t get there in time. When she looked over the edge, she didn’t see anything. There was no body lying on the floor, no signs that someone’s life had ended. As she turned around, she noticed the black crow sitting on the railings. Cait thought she was going crazy when the bird winked at her.


A group of gunners were settled up on a overpass, and Sole had decided to go a eliminate the problem before they got any ideas.

Once the area had been cleared, they walked over to the lift to take them back down. Sole decided that it was taking too long, so jumped off the edge- causing Curie to scream and nearly jump down after them. Instead she waited for the lift to get up, and then took it back down.

As she reached the bottom, she frantically looked for Sole- or Sole’s body. She didn’t see it anywhere, however there was an annoying crow following her around. Curie repeatedly shooed the crow away, yet it refused to leave. She went to shoo it away one last time, but as she began to open her mouth, the bird started to change into… Sole?

Sole then began to explain that she had the magic ability to change forms into a crow.


Danse outright refused to believe that Sole can actually change into a crow. He tries to think back over the past three days to remember if Sole has taken any sorts of drugs, but then realises that they haven’t.

Sole drags him to the roof of a tall building nearby, and runs to jump off. Just as the are about to drop, Danse grabs them by the scruff of their armour, and turns them to face him. He opens his mouth, every intention of giving them a piece of his mind when he feels the armour beginning to feel weightless. Danse begins to panic, maybe they fell from the clothes, but instead of Sole’s body he see’s a black crow. He watches as the crow flies around, before it flies back up to join him on the roof. He eyes Sole- the crow- with suspicious eyes.

“Best not let anyone know about that Sole”


“Holy shit no way. So can I”

Sole finally told Deacon that they can turn into a crow, and he has to go and make a joke and lie about it. They had been up installing a MILA for Tinker, and Deacon had expressed a genuine- at least Sole thought- fear of heights. So Sole had told him their secret.

Sole groaned, not happy with Deacon’s jokes, and stood up and moved to the edge of the building. They turned around, looked Deacon straight in the eye, and threw themselves of the building.

Now Deacon genuinely did NOT like heights. But he genuinely did like Sole. So his mind was in conflict as to whether or not to go and look over the edge for his partner in crime. However within seconds, a black crow had stood where Sole had just been. Maybe Sole actually could turn into a crow.


Hancock thought Sole was really high. Like, ‘oh I’ve just seen a Deathclaw riding a Brahmin’ sorta high. High enough to say ‘oh, hey Hancock, I can change into a fucking crow’. So he laughed.

Sole looked offended, and demanded he open the doors to the balcony. He didn’t know why they wanted him to do it, but he decided he’d humour them. So he walked over and opened the door, turning at just the right second to see Sole turning into a crow. He watched as they flew towards the open doors and took off into the night sky. As soon as their feet touched the ground they turned back into human form.

‘Something not very nice looking is trying to enter goodneighbour.’


‘What the fuck?’

Sole had told him that they could turn into a crow. He laughed in reply. They told him again, and told him they were being serious. He laughed harder. They scolded him, telling him to stop being an asshole and that it was true. He nearly broke with laughter, tears rolling down cheeks.

So Sole turned. And stood before him was a black crow. His laughter died down. Sole started flying upwards, swooping around with the winds. Mac stood their bewildered, until he felt something hit the top of his hat. He pulled it off his head and looked at what had landed there.

‘SOLE YOU LITTLE FUCKER…’ Mac was pretty sure that he could hear Sole’s laughter as they flew through the air.


‘Listen kid, have you seen who you’re talking too?’

Nick took it in his stride. Sole was a good kid, great friend. They liked to help anyone and everyone, and the fact that they could change into a crow meant nothing to their friendship.

However, Nick did want to see how it happened, so he lead Sole up onto the roof of his agency in Diamond City.

He sat down with a cigarette in between his lips as Sole changed forms, and began to fly around Diamond City. He laughed as Sole swooped at the Security guard who had been giving him hassel earlier, and also laughed as one of the residents cats decided to start chasing Sole across the ground- Sole making it a game for the cat to try and keep up, leading it to the large body of water behind the science centre.


At first Piper didn’t believe Sole; it was only when Sole had physically changed form did she actually believe them.

Sole laughed at Piper, before agreeing to do what she asked. Sole would change into their crow form and would spy on the mayor and try and get some articles for Piper.

Over the next few weeks, the Mayor was wondering how Piper knew all of the stuff that was being printed. About the money laundering; about the affair he was having with his assistant; about the fact he slept in pink pajamas and snuggled up to a teddy bear each night. He tightened up the security, but the articles were still coming.

He spent hours searching for a bug, anything that could explain how Piper knew what she knew. Nobody thought to suspect the crow sat on the window seal each night.



Preston was shocked. They were sat in a basement, trying to shelter themselves away from the Radstorm raging on outside. They were cold and hungry, but were out of the rain and protected from the rads. They decided to tell each other little truths, and one of Sole’s had been that they were a crow.

Preston didn’t believe it, but one second Sole was there- as a human- and the next there was a crow in its place. He watched as the crow flew upwards, and made its way to sit on a bookshelf sitting in the corner of the room.

‘So, do I feed you birdseed or…’


It was fitting that Sole could turn into a crow. Sure, he expected them to be able to turn into something a little… bigger, but a crow would do.

When him and Sole were out travelling the Commonwealth, they would change so they were in crow form and fly above him scoping out the route ahead. Whenever there was any enemies nearby, Sole would fly down and land on his left shoulder- anyone they were unsure of they’d land on his right. (The first time they landed on his shoulder he nearly shot them) Most the time, he’d be able to get by the enemy undetected, but if he didn’t, Sole would fly up and find perch on a nearby tree, silently leaving X6 to deal with the problem.


He realised soon after meeting Sole that a black crow would follow him around wherever he went.

He first tried shooing it away. It didn’t seem to be scared of him. So he left it.

He tried a second time to shoo it away, but it also didn’t listen.

The third time he tried to to shoo it away with his gun. It once again didn’t listen, and somehow managed to avoid every bullet he sent it’s way.

After the third time he just left it, it wasn’t bugging anyone anyway. He was however pretty sure that he’d seen the eyes somewhere else before. It was only when he was debriefing Sole that he realised where. And Sole had the audacity to wink at him.


Deacon had come running into a quiet HQ with a bird on his shoulder, yelling for Tinker. There was only two agents in at the time, plus Des, Carrington, Tinker, P.A.M and Drummer.

‘They’ve got them. The institute has got Sole’ Panic flooded through Des, for both losing a agent (a good agent) and the fact they could have been following Deacon. But he was smarter than that, she told herself, listening into Deacon and Tinker’s conversation.

‘That theory you had Tinker, you know the one. The Crows? They bloody have Sole’ the bird remained still on Deacon’s shoulder until Tinker raised a gun towards it. It flew behind Deacon, and quickly changed, revealing Sole.

‘Bloody hell Deeks, I told you that was a bad idea…’ Sole stared at his back, and slowly turned to face Des, who raised an eyebrow and nodded in the direction of the escape tunnel. Sole had a lot of explaining to do.



X6 told father. He told him of the agreement that he and Sole had, where Sole would scout for enemies and he would take them out.

Father was fascinated in their parents abilities. Father told Sole that he wanted them to be looked at by one of his scientists.

Three weeks later, he ordered X6 to his offices. He wanted to know why he hadn’t seen Sole in a while. X6 had to be the one that explained that Sole didn’t want to be looked at by the scientists.

Synth Shaun:

‘Coooool….’ He ran up to Sole when they were in crow form, and began to lightly stroke their feathers. ‘I’ve always wanted a pet’

Back in human form Sole made Shaun tell them about why the institute never let him have any pets.

‘We had a gorilla…’ he explained slowly, taking his time as to not say anything wrong, anything that could get him in trouble. ‘…but we weren’t allowed cats or dogs as they made too much mess, and the cats could tell who were synths. The cats don’t like synths’

Sole kept that information locked away for later, telling themselves it could come in handy to get a cat to each settlement.

Knight Rhys:

Acted like a complete asshole when he found out that Sole could change forms into a crow. It was by accident, Sole had been changing forms down in the garage and Rhys had walked in. As soon as it registered in his mind what he had just witnessed, he pulled his gun out and started firing rounds at Sole. Leaving the garage door shut had been both good and bad- good because it prevented others from being able to hear, bad because Sole had no escape route.

Scribe Haylen had been the only one to hear, and came down to save Sole.

Every time that Rhys removed his uniform to be wash he found that he always had bird droppings on the back of the uniform. He promised himself that he would- one day- put a bullet in that bird.

Scribe Haylen:

Scribe Haylen heard shooting coming from the garage, and thinking that one of her brothers or sisters were in danger she went racing down. She slammed open the door, and came face to face with Rhys shooting at Sole in their crow form.

One night when the two had been on night watch, Sole confided in her saying that she had magical abilities to change into a crow. At first she didn’t believe them, but now as she watched Rhys shooting at the poor bird she knew they were telling the truth.