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another FO4 playlist for a tuckered out sole survivor 

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It’s #PenguinAwarenessDay! This diorama features “the worst journey in the world,” Apsley Cherry-Garrard’s evocative name for the dangerous five-week expedition he undertook with Dr. Edward Wilson and Birdie Bowers in the heart of the austral winter of 1911. Their sole purpose was to collect eggs of the largest of all penguin species alive today, the emperor penguin, for scientific study and analysis. © AMNH/D. Finnin

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Hey hey hey :D I absolutely love your Kayleigh Lives AU and I need... more? Please? ♥

aasdkenf thank you ♥

>>> The Kayleigh Lives AU <<<


  • Soon after Jean joins them (so they are 13-14), the boys are invited to a training camp for the most promising players in Exy junior league
  • it’s organised by USC
  • Jeremy is there too
  • (yes, the roots of Jean and Kevin’s crush can be traced back to this training camp)
  • Kayleigh could only stay a couple days and had to go back to EA because work
  • so the squad takes the plane back on their own two weeks later
  • like big boys
  • there was some drama though because Kevin bought like 5 new adult size rackets for the sole purpose of collecting USC players’ autographs
  • and they didn’t fit in the allowed luggage included in their tickets
  • that led to grim moments of huddling together to count their cash
  • blood debts were written
  • Kevin you owe us so much
  • and it wasn’t over yet
  • because Kayleigh got caught up in some last minute drama on her end too
  • and ended up being two hours late to pick them up at the airport
  • (they couldn’t even call a taxi because they were. broke. thanks kevin.)
  • (the last bucks were used to buy candies and waffles)
  • (“What if we are stranded here forever”)
  • (”Shut up Nathaniel”)
  • when Kayleigh arrives (running) to the arrival gates, the boys have all fallen asleep on the seats

  • Kayleigh snapchats that to her friends with the caption “They sorted themselves by height :O”
  • (Riko is tiny)
  • (he was tiny until he was 16 and suddenly grew up and overcame Nathaniel and the day they realized it was a day of great joy for Riko and great despair for Nathaniel)
  • (even if they are both still smol)
  • (there’s glory to find everywhere for who wants to look)

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Headcanons for Piper and Male Sole realizing they have feelings for each other and eventually getting together?

Piper x M!Sole

  • The first time Piper really noticed that she was attached to Sole was shortly after the first time he dismissed her. They had been traveling together ever since the interview Piper took with Sole, they hadn’t left each other’s side since. Piper found it oddly lonely being at home again, not out in the Commonwealth with Sole. She found herself missing him and thinking about him, even started writing newspaper stories about him to get over the feeling of loneliness.
  • The Sole Survivor and Piper had been traveling together for so long that Sole found himself thinking about Piper, wondering what witty remark she would say about his actions or what she would say about their surroundings. He found himself missing her constant babble and snarkiness, always thinking in the back of his mind: “What would Piper think about this?”.
  • Sole started collecting and saving sweets and Nuka Cola for Piper while out on his own. He sometimes even went intentionally out of his way to collect sweets for her. He just loved the way she smiled when presented with the gift of sweets. He could see it now, the way her eyes crinkled at the corners and the way her beautiful lips turned upwards at the corners…
  • Once the Sole Survivor returned to Diamond City to pick up Piper, he was greeted by Nat. Nat kept cutting off Piper’s sentences and embarrassing her by saying stuff about the Sole Survivor and her. It was almost like she was implying Piper had a crush on Sole. Probably not, Sole thought. There was no way Piper could like him.
  • One time Sole was away for a lot longer than usual. Piper was becoming worried, Sole NEVER took this long on his journeys around the Commonwealth. He returned just as Piper’s mind started thinking the worst had happened and he was surprised by a hug that knocked him off his feet. Piper was, of course, very sheepish and claimed that she just really really missed him, nothing more. He didn’t believe her.
  • The Sole Survivor sometimes came over to Publick Occurrences when he had a break between quests, hanging out with Piper and Nat for a day or two before going on his way. One of those times, Piper fell asleep on the couch while she and Sole were hanging out. He noticed that and gave her his jacket to use as a blanket, giving her a quick and very nervous kiss on the cheek before leaving. What he didn’t know was that Piper wasn’t fully asleep and witnessed it all. She sat up, race red as a ripe tato. Nat mocked her for days after that.
  • When they finally confessed to each other is a great story to tell. They were traveling through Cambridge to respond to a Settlement’s call for assistance. They were playing the radio through Sole’s pip-boy and paused for quick break. Piper was doing something with her back to Sole when all of the sudden Sole yells. They had forgotten about the ghouls there, even though Sole was almost positive he cleared all of them out of the area. Sole was on the ground, a feral ghoul trying to tear at his neck and chest. Piper almost shot Sole, missing the ghoul and shooting the ground near his head. When they finally managed to take care of it, Piper was on top of him blubbering about how much she loved him and how she couldn’t live with herself if he died right in front of her, etc. He also confessed to her while soothing her and calming her down. They kissed shortly afterwards.
  • Now that Nat knows they are in a relationship, most of the time when they are together and she is nearby, she is yelling “EWW” at them. They did nothing to provoke it, except maybe for that one kiss in front of her…and that other time they flirted while she was next to them…maybe they did provoke it.

Honestly though, imagine if Steve found one of those sites whose sole content is a collection of the worst puns you can think of? He would follow Bucky around with his phone reading off every. Single. Pun.                                               “Hey Bucky?  I’m reading a book about anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down.” “ I’d tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn’t get a reaction.” “ Have you ever tried to eat a clock? It’s very time consuming.”                                   He stops after a couple hours and Bucky thinks he’s run out of puns but that night when he’s half asleep Steve whispers, very quietly, “ When Isaac Newton gets thirsty, he has a cup of graviTEA.” Everyone in the tower is startled awake when Bucky yells, “GODDAMMIT STEVE IT IS MIDNIGHT.”

3,000 Follower Celebration!

Last October, I started this Negan/JDM blog with the sole intent of collecting gifs of Jeff and reading Negan fanfics. I had no idea that I would end up being a part of this amazing community, writing fanfics of my own, and completely rediscovering my creativity after so many years of neglecting it!

Today, I somehow reached 3,000 followers! The fact that this blog keeps growing and growing is something that really puts a smile on my face. As you know, I’m presently saving up the chapters that I’m working on to share them during Negan Smut Week! My time is limited between work, personal commitments, and working on those full-length fanfics. But I wanted to thank you all somehow, so…

Submit Your Requests for Drabbles!

Submit gifs and/or story ideas, anything that you want to read about that is Negan-related or JDM-related, and I will write it up in the form of a drabble! You’d think that I’d be swamped with asks and requests at this number of followers, but I actually receive very few, so please don’t hesitate to send your requests! I would love to write up something special for you.

Thank You

Before I wrap this post up, I just want to say thank you one more time because this is truly the most fun I have had in years. I’ve made real friends that I know I’ll have for a lifetime. Not only is Jeffrey amazing eye candy, but he is also a role model and an inspiration as far as I’m concerned. I’m really proud to be a part of this fandom even if the media doesn’t understand our “thirst!”

Love you all! XOXOX


Billie Piper - Rare Pipers Collection

 ↳ Angel - The Calcium Kid [2/?]

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There's a museum of cursed objects in Connecticut that will take it. They're the ones that own the infamous Annabelle doll.- Faerie.

Oh I recall there being one dedicated solely to collecting possessed and cursed objects - seeing as they own that one, I’m sure they could take mine without any issues.

the public transportation at my university has been quite inspiring lately. Last week, I was standing at the bus stop and noticed a woman reading some papers while scribbling rapidly. 

Curious, I asked what she was reading and she promptly told me that she was proofreading it. I noticed the papers were a medical research article on renal duct breast cancer. I was taken aback; something so profound at bus stop, the epitome of the modern mundane waiting game. I asked to take her picture almost immediately. Not but five minutes later I was sitting near the front of the bus when a girl stepped onto the bus with her graduation cap on. Every stop, I moved to the back where her and friend were sitting and introduced myself. As I spoke, the idea of solely collecting pictures of people on public transportation around Madison arose. She agreed to a picture. 

 Its amazing how other people’s big moments in life can kinda suck you out of your life so that you become apart of their little world. It’s like being welcomed to someone’s else subjective world that changes your perception of the material world around you. Suddenly, once you realize that these other people have extremely interesting and vibrant lives outside of the one you painted for yourself, the search for more like it becomes addicting. 

These are some of the first times I’ve actively asked to take pictures of the people I encounter and I can honestly say it’s been exhilarating to finally have the courage to do this and try to move forward as photographer. I’m gonna post all the pictures when I get the film developed !!! :-)