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Companions crushing on sole (or not, in the case of strong/dogmeat) reacting to getting a valentine's day gift?

Cait: “Oh. Oh, u-uh, thanks, Sole. I guess.” Her surprise makes her stutter, until she catches herself and plays it cool. “I, uh, I’m sorry I didn’t get you anything. Don’t really… celebrate holidays, but um… thanks.” After Sole leaves, she panics, rushing around to find a return gift. At the end of the day, Sole finds a pile of flower-like weeds on their bedside table, covered in a faint dusting of dirt, beside a piece of paper with a heart scrawled on it.

Codsworth: He’s very pleased. “Oh, Mx. Sole, thank you! It’s been such a long time since we’ve celebrated anything, don’t you think? I think I’ll make us a nice Valentine’s brunch. Where do you think I could get the, uh…” He floats off, gift in hand, putting together a meal plan for Valentine’s brunch. Using various produce and preserved ingredients, he puts together a lavish, heart-shaped feast for everyone to enjoy.

Curie: She gasps. “Sole! How sweet of you! Does this make us, ah… valentines?” She claps her hands together excitedly with a wide smile. “Come with me!” She gathers everyone together and hands out handmade valentines, made from rose-colored paper she dyed herself, all with sweet, personal messages. She even kisses Sole on the cheek for being so sweet.

Danse: The gift seems comically small in his large hands, and he stares at it blankly. “You got this for me?” His cheeks darken. “I… Thank you. It… means a great deal.” He runs off, embarrassed, before returning later that day with a bunch of hubflowers, handing them over with a stiff expression on his face and some mumbled, self-conscious words of affection.

Deacon: “Aw, you shouldn’t have.” He takes the gift with the faintest of smiles, pleasantly surprised. “I know it’s sappy, but I’m a real sensitive guy, and I got you something too. Just, you know, since you remember Pre-War holidays like this.” He gives them heart-shaped sunglasses, red-and-white polka-dotted rims with dark shades. He already has a matching pair, and insists they become sunglasses-buddies for a day.

Dogmeat: More food is the best Valentine’s Day gift a pupper could ever get. He doesn’t understand the holiday, of course, but he understands that everyone’s in a great mood, and feeds off their energy, accepting treats and pets and following Sole around all day, enjoying the spring air.

Hancock: “You’re a peach.” He flashes Sole a toothy grin. “I had a little something planned, myself.” Hancock ends up taking them on a special outing rather than giving them a gift. They go to the Third Rail, and Hancock snaps his fingers. Mood lighting sets in, Magnolia croons a lovesong, and he and Sole dance in between drinks.

MacCready: “Oh, wow, Sole. Uh. How much did this cost?” He stares, either baffled at the potential price or just shocked anyone got him anything at all. “And it’s a gift? You don’t want anything in return?” he asks suspiciously. When assured that, no, it’s just a gift, he finds himself in a good mood for the rest of the day. Even daring to hold Sole’s hand every now and again, and blushing whenever anyone catches him staring at Sole with their back turned.

Nick Valentine: He takes the present without a word, turning it over in his hands with a surprised, soft expression on his face. “That’s real kind of you, Sole,” he says at last, meeting their eyes with an uncharacteristic smile. “You’ll make an old man blush.” He takes them out to Diamond City market, and gets them whatever Valentine’s present catches their eye, taking them out for lunch afterwards.

Piper: To Sole’s surprise, she’s nowhere to be found. At least, not until Nat hands her a copy of the latest Publick Occurrences with a wink. A big, black-and-white valentine is printed on the front, with “Happy Valentine’s!” printed in big, bold letters. Piper appears around a corner after that, blushing like a fool but still excited. She accepts Sole’s gift with a squeal, throwing her arms around them in a bear hug, and talking way too fast due to her nerves.

Preston: He blushes dark upon receiving the gift. “Oh, wow, Sole. That’s sweet of you.” He toys with his hat - a nervous gesture. “Haven’t had time to think of Valentine’s things, been so busy with work, but…” He tells them to meet him at the back of the Castle, after dark. That night, they sit under the stars in the relative privacy of the rear of the Castle, watching the stars wink into life and exchanging jokes and stories.

Strong: “WHAT THIS?” He stares at the present. “… GIFT?” He doesn’t quite understand. All he knows is that humans give each other gifts today. So, that afternoon, Sole receives the… back end of a half-eaten cow. “GIFT!” Strong bellows. “FOR VALENTINE.”

X6-88: “… Valentine’s day. A human custom. A day for expressing affection through the exchange of goods.” He pockets the present. “Thank you,” he states, with a simple nod. Later that night, Sole finds a box sitting on their bed. It contains a pristine copy of one of Sole’s favorite books, or toys, or other meaningful item. Where did it come from? Who got it? How did they find one in such good condition? X6 insists he knows nothing about it.

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How would the companions react to seeing sole without their mask on for the first time and they are like, super hot?

Here you go Anon! I hope you enjoy!

Cait: “Goddamn….” Is all she could mutter, when the mask was taken off. When Sole questioned her she got defensive, she didn’t appreciate being taken off guard like that. Although, she did appreciate the way it now has made her feel.

Codsworth: “Oh it’s a pleasure to see your face sir/mum! It’s been too long.”

Curie: Curie’s heart fluttered in her chest as Sole took off their mask. It wasn’t a feeling she had ever felt before.”Oh Madame/Monsieur, you are very good looking, pardon me for saying so.” She was flustered and stumbled on her words a bit, but nonetheless she was more than mildly impressed.

Danse: “Soldier, in order for Captain Cade to evalate your condition you must take off your mask.” Danse orders. He hadn’t once wondered what Sole looked like, but after that he thought about it a bit more than he should’ve. His eyes were wide, ‘sneakily’ side eyeing Sole. He only looked away when Cade took notice, loudly clearing his throat.

Deacon: “Hey Boss we’ve got-” For the first time Deacon was speechless, but only for a moment. He had an eyebrow raised and studied Sole’s features carefully, then he smiled.”Well…this is new.”

Dogmeat: Dogmeat didn’t care what Sole looked like, all he cared about was now being able to give them puppy kisses!

Hancock: Hancock’s jaw dropped, as he eyed the Sole Survivor. He licked his lips, taking in the newfound beauty displayed before him. When Sole noticed his staring he had no shame,”Just admiring the view.” He’d respond.

Maccready: “Aye Sole, I found a box of Fancy Lad Snack Cakes and-,” His eyes meet theirs for a moment,”Damn-darn…uhh..sorry.” He looks down sheepishly trying to hide his tato red cheeks. He excuses himself to the next room as quickly as he could, splashing water on his hot cheeks.

Nick Valentine: “Well aren’t you a sight for sore eyes.” Nick comments, then acting as if nothing happened. Later that night though, as he lights up a smoke, he thinks of the Sole Survivor. Thinking to himself,”Why would they hide such a pretty face?” It lingered in his mind until he thought it was appropriate to ask them.

Piper: “Jeez Blue, you’re…stunning.” She exhales, stunned by the sudden display of beauty

Preston: “This settlement has come a long way, don’t you think General?” Preston smiles, his hands on his hips as he looks back at Sole. His cheeks grow flushed as his smile grows more cheeky.”You should do that more often.”

Strong: No comment, Strong doesn’t give two shits.

X6-68: “Ma’am/Sir I think we should just relay back to the institute and continue our search tomorrow, I don’t like the look of…” His eyes widen behind his shades when the gritty mask slides off Sole’s face.”Or not..”

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I need a Beauty and the Beast au (because I've seen it twice and am in love with it) but instead of Belle and Beast it's Red and Hancock or Ruby and Charon

I haven’t seen the new one, but I love the old animated one.

I think the lyrics to the “Something There” song fit Red & Hancock’s relationship very well. 

& the scene with the wolves attacking Belle makes me think of Ruby & Charon in a lot of ways.

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Synth Shaun reacts to finding the Hi Honey Holotape!

I found this one so easy to write, it’s such a lovely thing to think of. I hope this is sort of what you were after Nonnie, enjoy <3

Shaun doesn’t know that he’s a synth fully yet in this react.

Shaun had returned home to Sanctuary with Sole after the explosion that was once the Institute- something that Sole would frequently remind Shaun was a bad place, and that he shouldn’t feel bad considering that he had once lived there.

He and Sole had taken the pre-war home that Sole had once lived in before the bombs had dropped. Sole had taken their own room, leaving Shaun to have the room he would have had when he was a baby. The cot had been replaced by a cranky old single bed, and numerous shelves and chests of drawers had been built, places for Shaun to keep his things that he owned and created.

One shelf was full of the things that Sole had been collecting as they travelled throughout the Commonwealth, before they had found Shaun. A small toy alien, a toy lorry with Nuka-Cola printed along the side, a teddy bear sat tall watching over the room, a rocket ship toy that squeaked when you squeezed it. Some wooden blocks that spelt out his name.

The houses throughout Sanctuary had been rebuilt. Sure, it wasn’t to pre-war standards, but all the houses that stood as accomodation had front (and back) doors that locked, makeshift doors inside the house and a somewhat working plumbing system, meaning that the toilets and showers worked, with hot water running through the taps.

Shaun liked his house. Sure, it wasn’t as clean as the Institute, and the food above ground didn’t taste as nice and fresh as the foods he had once tasted. But he had more freedom above ground, and he had his parent there for him every step of the way.

Sole would usually have told Shaun not to stay out of their room- but they thought it was a little pointless, seeing as there was nothing that they needed to hide from the young boy. Accept from the small old shoebox, filled with things so personal to Sole that they hadn’t even showed Codsworth. Pictures of Nate and Nora’s wedding, of the first ultrasound of Shaun when he had been in his mother’s womb. The ring that Sole had to prize off their dead spouses finger- and the ring that accompanied it, to special to have been split up. An old holotape, that had clearly been well played.

Small hands grasped the holotape, before quickly sprinting from the room, running to his own and hiding the small orange holotape safely under his pillow. He’d have to ask Sole to borrow their pipboy, and then he’ll be able to listen to the treasure that hid within the holotape.

That night, when the sun had fallen behind the rocky overpass that lead up to the Vault, Shaun had gone and found Sole, begging them to borrow the pipboy that rarely left their arm. Sole was too busy to ask Shaun why they needed it, just handing it over to the boy- they were too busy trying to find new trade routes, one that wouldn’t take as long and would bypass a highly radiated area.

Pushing the holotape into the Pipboy, Shaun was disappointed to find that the holotape was just filled with static. He almost turned it off, before a small voice came from the speaker. Hastily, Shaun rushed to turn the sound up.

“Oops, haha. Keep those little fingers away… Ah, there we go. Just say it, right there, right there, go ahead. Ah, Yay! Hi Honey, listen…”

Shaun listened carefully, wondering what he was listening too. It wasn’t any of Sole’s friends or companions, or anyone that lived within Sanctuary- he was sure of it. Who’s voice was this he was listening too, Shaun wondered.

“I don’t think Shaun and I need to tell you how great of a mother/father you are. But we’re going to anyway. You are kind… and loving, and funny… That’s right… and so patient. So patient… Patience of a saint, as your mother used to say.”

So it was Shaun’s missing parent. The one that he’d never met. Sole had promised him that they would tell him all about them, when he was old enough to understand what had truly happened. He’d briefly wondered who the baby in the holotape was- but it didn’t take too long for him to realise it was him, when he was a baby. Him with his missing parent.

“Look, with Shaun and us all being together… It’s been an amazing year, but even so, I know our best days are yet to come. There will be changes sure….”

Shaun scoffed. Changes. You could say that again, a hundred times over. The changed being the war and the bombs falling and losing their spouse.

“Things that we’ll need to adjust to. I’ll/You’ll rejoin the civilian workforce, you’ll/I’ll shake the dust of the law degree.”

“But everything we do, no matter how hard, we’ll do it for our family”

Shaun wished that he could have met his other parent. He was more than happy that he got to have one, but it was clear that his mother and father had loved each other very much- it was a shame that they’d been split up in the most permanent way.

“Now say goodbye Shaun. Bye bye, say bye bye”

Bye, a small voice echoed in the back of Shaun’s mind. Bye bye.

“Bye honey, we love you!”

Shaun played the holotape at least twice more. Questions began popping up in his mind, everything from what had happened to his parent to mean that they weren’t currently with them, to the weather on the day that his mother and father had gotten married.

Just as the holotape came to an end once again, Shaun heard a sniffle come from behind him. He quickly spun around, pushing buttons on the Pipboy, which just made the holotape start from the beginning again and again.

“That’s your mother/father Shaun. They would have been so proud” Sole said after a short silence. Sole gestured to Shaun for him to follow them, and the pair walked into Sole’s bedroom. Shaun sat in the middle of Sole’s comfortable bed, with Sole pulling the small box out from under the bed, and started from the beginning. The very first picture of Nate and Nora together, from before they were in a relationship- before they were married- before Shaun had come along.

And Sole began to tell Shaun everything. 

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The companions and SS trudging through the snow- they have no idea they're on ice till they hear a loud crack!

So yeah, this prompt KICKED MY BUTT! But I loved it! >.< Thanks for sending it in lovely! Sorry it took eons for me to update again!

Preston: Thump!

The radstag slumped to the ground after receiving a well placed bullet from Preston.

“Nice shot Preston! I can taste the radstag stew already!” Sole perked up, grinning behind their scarf while huddled up next to the minuteman.

“Thanks Sole, all in a day’s work.” The man smiled with the corner of his mouth and wiped his nose, as if his expert marksmanship was nothing to get excited over. Both hunters climbed down from the stand and went to collect their kill. Standing over the animal, Preston unsheathed his knife and knelt down to process the meat.


“Preston, did you hear that?”

“Hear what Sole?”



The two friends and their prize fell through the ice. Blinded and paralyzed, all Sole frenzied mind could focus on was where their minuteman was. It was so, so dark; where was Preston? They needed to find him or- Something bumped against their arm once, twice, then finally it clamped down around their wrist.

“General!” A drenched Preston heaved his companion up onto the ice with him. Sole coughed and coughed until all the water vacated their lungs. Thankfully the agile marksman had snagged the side of the ice with his arm and climbed out in time to save his friend.

“P-Preston!” They croaked. “Oh Preston, I thought, I thought I would never-“

Preston grabbed Sole and held them close.

“It’s okay Sole, we just need to warm up now. We lost the radstag, but it’s probably best if we just headed back to camp empty handed rather than wandering around in the cold.” Sole nodded wordlessly, letting Preston scoop them up and carry them home.


Back at Red Rocket, Preston tucked Sole into bed after letting them change clothes. He changed his own outfit soon after, and then rejoined Sole with a box of snack cakes and some coffee.

“May I?” He gestured towards the bed.

Sole smiled and flipped open the covers, revealing a spot just fit for one Preston Garvey. The man smiled, his heart swelling up as he shifted in bed beside his favorite person. He leaned over and pressed a small kiss into their cheek, wrapping an arm around their shoulders. For the next few hours the two enjoyed nothing less than the taste of stale snack cakes and each other’s company.

Danse: They were there. They were just there. Sole, they just, dropped into a void: a watery black void. Danse stood there, despondent, frozen in time. He knew he had to go in for them, but his knees, his knees were as stiff as ice.

Get it together paladin! That is your fellow soldier down there. If you abandon them now you will never deserve your title, and you will lose your right to claim yourself as an honorable man. It’s just water. You can swim; you’ve done it before… Just.

Forbidding himself to give it another thought, Danse leapt into the darkness. He was afraid, so afraid he was too late. He wasted so much time just standing there like a fool, a coward, and he would let his friend die all because of a little hydrophobia.

Gone were the hours of intense training. Gone was his sense of calm within the storm. He was slipping deeper into a panic with each second that passed without locating Sole.

Something slick brushed against his leg. He looked down to see a glint of blue in the water: Sole’s jumpsuit! He launched his arm down and clenched his hand around whatever part of Sole he could grab. Frantically Danse paddled his way to the surface with adrenaline bolstered strength.

“BAH! Hrrk! Eugh!” Danse flopped both himself and Sole onto the surface. Water streamed down his face, mostly frigid, but a few warm and salty trickles mixed in. His chest heaved uncontrollably and a few sobs broke free. He rolled over to see Sole passed out beside him.

“S-Sole! Hrk! Ugh…” He stretched out a hand to touch their hand, but before he could reach them his mind clouded over. He blacked out.


“Monsieur Danse! Monsieur Danse!” Stinging icy water spluttered out of Danse’s mouth. Coughing, blinking, he startled awake. His first coherent thoughts zeroed in on Sole.

“Sole!” He called out, “Sole!”

“Oui paladin, zhey are right here! Everything is fine! It was a very brave thing you did yes? To jeopardize your life for theirs.”

Danse clenched his stomach and teetered over on his side to look at Sole. He cast out an arm towards them which flung approximately around their tummy, and with a grunt of effort, the paladin wrenched Sole flush to his chest. He mentally blockaded the flurry of hands from various friends working to give him and Sole proper medical attention. His focus remained on Sole’s stunted breathing and the faint warmth of their neck against his nose.

Deacon: “Haha! Woah! Hey look Sole! I’m not half bad at this! Guess I shoulda been born in your time, am I right?” Deacon flitted about Sanctuary’s lake on makeshift skates. He did incredibly well for a grasshopper, but he had to constantly stare at his feet to make any progress.

“Yeah, that’s cool Deacon! Honestly, I’m really surprised these work considering all we did was duct tape some sharpened kitchen knives to the bottom of our boots! Hey, maybe you should skate your way back over here! You’re going kinda far out!”

“Yeah, yeah, sure thing! Let me just-“


Both skaters flicked their gazes at one another. Sole shredded to a stop.

“Deacon, stop! Stop where you are!”

“I-I’m trying boss!” The man scuffled his blades across the ice desperately. Finally, he frantically picked his toe and went sprawling out across the lake.


“Oh my gosh! DEACON!

Panic hitched his breathing, and Deacon slipped into the water without a sound.


Sole scrambled over to the hole and ripped off their overcoat before diving in. An electric frost almost paralyzed them, but they pressed on. It was getting harder to keep their eyes open. Sole spun around and around and… there! The meager sunlight trickling through the ice glinted off Deacon’s sunglasses which were miraculously still attached to his head.

Finally surfacing, with spy in tow, Sole called for help. The first to respond were Preston and, luckily for both drenched parties, Curie.

They and some others carried Sole and Deacon all the way back to the infirmary and tucked them into two adjacent beds. Sole woke first and panicked before looking over to see Deacon, just barely breathing, under piles and piles of blankets. Relieved, they managed to sit up and take inventory of themselves.

A little while later, Deacon coughed awake.

“Hey boss. So, that was fun, right?” He chuckled hoarsely. “But um, I’m gonna vote we never do that again.”

Sole laughed.

“Agreed, partner.”


Sole slipped out from underneath their own mountain of covers and slid in beside Deacon.

“Sharing body heat, eh Sole? It’s a tried and true method. Good choice!” Deacon weakly managed to roll onto his side and wrap a bare arm around Sole. Wait, bare?

“Sole, am I… naked?”

Sole giggled.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that! I had to get clothes myself after waking up. I’ll call for Curie to get you some-“

“Nah, nah, this is fine.” Deacon’s lips peeled back in a smile. “It’s more effective for uh, sharing body heat.”

Sole rolled their eyes, then rolled themselves out of bed.

“Get some clothes on Deacon, then I’ll come back and join you again.”

“Aw, but where’s the fun in that? Ah, they’re gone now. So, where are these overrated clothes? Sole? Sole where are my clothes?! Can you bring them to me? Don’t leave me in here alone without any clothes Sole! Sole! SOLE!”

Piper: “Argh! Get back here Sole! I’ll get you for putting that snowball down my the back of my shirt!” Piper chased after her companion, hand held high with snowball in tow.

“Haha! You wish Pipes! But you gotta catch up to me first!” Sole yelled over their shoulder while running away as fast as they could.

“Rrrr!” Piper grunted and forced her feet to pound harder against the ground. She thought she was gaining on them until,


“AH! Sole!”

“Hah! Nice try Piper! I’m not gonna fall for-“


Sole spun around. Piper herself was nowhere in sight, but a Piper sized hole in the ice stared back at them.

“Piper!” Sole scrambled and slid over to the void, thud, falling to their knees. “Piper!” Their eyes flitted fervently, searching for any sign of a red coat or wisp of black hair. Desperately they plunged their arm shoulder deep into the abyss. There! They dug their fingertips into the leather of Piper’s jacket and heaved her up.

“Piper!” Her despondent body washed up on the ice, and Sole fell back on their bottom. Quickly they flipped over onto their knees over the newswoman. A hand to her mouth, and they notice she’s not breathing.

Sole quickly compressed Piper’s chest. Moments passed without a single puff from Piper, and Sole felt tears spilling over their numbed cheeks.

“Bugh! Baugh!” Piper coughed up the asphyxiating water “Blue! Blue- ugh- oh my gosh! I thought I was gonna die! So cold!” The woman screwed up her eyes, shivering on the surface of the pond. Sole lifted her up.

“Hold on Pipes! I’m getting you home and into some warm clothes asap! You’ll be reading by the fire in no time!”

Piper still had the wherewithal to chuckle as Sole picked them up.

“Thanks Blue, I can always count on you. Heh, hey that rhymes! Maybe I should become a writer! What do you think?”


Sole had wrapped up Piper in the biggest blanket they could find, and then sat down with the entire Piper burrito in their lap. The woman nuzzled her wet hair into the crook of Sole’s neck.

“Gah! Piper, that’s cold!” Sole leaned away from her.

“Sole! That’s not a cool way to treat your girlfriend! Now get over here and dry my hair!” Piper rocked backward into Sole, trying to lodge her hair in the warm space again. The two fell over and Piper tumbled out of her blanket onto the floor beside them. They sat up, laughed, and then Piper climbed back into Sole’s lap. The two cuddled by the fire for the rest of the night with Piper constantly trying to stick her cold hands, nose and hair into the warm nooks and crannies of Sole’s neck and arms.

Cait: Cait and Sole tread along the snow, their feet drawing tired tracks behind them. Cait’s fists shivered, clenching and relaxing in a desperate attempt to ward off the frost.

“Argh! Why are we out here Sole? It’s so cold, I’m pretty sure me damn arse is about to fall off into the snow.”

“I know Cait, I know, but we need to make it to Diamond City before night falls. We’ll be easy targets for anyone at that point, and even if we actually make it the entire night, we’ll be human popsicles by morning.” Sole frowned into the collar of their shirt.

“Ah, well bein’ on ice is nothin’ new for you, frosty.” Cait smirked. Taunting felt like the only way to cope with the current situation without going absolutely batty.

“Yeah, yeah. Laugh it up Cait.” Sole grumbled. Normally Cait’s egging didn’t crawl under their skin, but today was a different kind of day. When you have icicles for fingers, tolerance for bull-crap tends to diminish at an incredibly fast rate.

“Could ya go any slower Sole! I could hoof it myself in half the time we’re makin’ right now! C’mon!”

Sole screwed their eyes shut, attempting to blockade their hearing from Cait’s incessant complaints.



Sole spun around just in time to see the last wisp of red hair slide under the surface of a hole of murky water.


Sole launched themselves to the ground and began fishing around in the water before Cait sank too low for them to reach. They laughed in nervous relief whenever their fingers managed to thread through Cait’s.

“Hragh!” Sole managed to pull their companion out of the deadly cold lake. They both fell back, and Sole noticed immediately the absence of Cait’s breath against their neck even though her head was resting limp against it. Jolting into action, Sole flipped Cait over on her back and began performing chest compressions.

“Hurgh! Ugh! Hah!” Cait’s eyes flew open and her hands shakily came up to grab Sole’s hands. “St-Stop touchin’ me chest ya p-pervert!” The woman wretched a couple more times while straining herself into a sitting position. She turned to look at Sole with a wry smile.

“Thanks Sole. I woulda been a goner there if ya hadn’t saved me.” She coughed a few more times. Sole put a gloved hand on her shoulder.

“Glad you’re still here Cait. Even if you were annoying the heck out of me.” They commented. Cait let out a breathy chuckle and punched them in the arm.

“Shut up! You giant mush ball.”


Sole offered Cait some clothes of theirs to put on when they stepped into Home Plate. Cait greedily snatched the shirt and pants away from them and fled somewhere more private to change into them.

“Ah! That’s better!” She crooned to herself. “All nice an’ cozy. Now all that’s missin’ is my lover and a strong bottle of whiskey.”

Sole grinned cheekily and rounded the corner, a blanket and bottle in each hand. “You called princess?”

Cait glared playfully at them and grabbed the burgundy bottle from Sole’s fingers.

“Just get over here and warm me up Sole, that’s all your good for right now!”

Sole laughed and shook their head.

“Sure thing your Majesty. I’ll get right on it.”

“Good! It’s a shame to leave a princess waiting.”

Curie: “Zhe snow is so wonderful! I’ve never seen so much of zhe same color in all my existence, and it goes on for miles! I expect zhe mountains would provide a phenomenal view of zhe Commonwealth!” Curie gushed to Sole while walking along with them in the snow. Sole smiled, the pleasant sound of her admiration sounding around them like the chirping of a bird.

Sole made a passing comment. “Maybe I could take you there one day Curie. Those mountains are a great place for vacationing. We used to go there all the time to escape.”

Curie latched onto Sole’s arm. “Really! You would do zhis for me? Oh, thank you Sole. It will help me in collecting more data about zhe post-nuclear environment.”

Sole laughed at her enthusiasm.


“Sole, what was zhat sound?”


“Curie!” Sole watched, frozen in shock as Curie slid off their arm an into the exposed hole of icy water. The woman flailed around in a panic and managed to grasp the edge of the frozen surface, but her hands were slipping quickly.

“Sole! Sole please help me! I-I do not know how to swim!”

Sole jolted back to reality and dropped to the ground. They scooped Curie up from under her arms and pulled her small frame from the water. The little scientist clung to Sole like a wet kitten, shaking and gasping for breath. Still holding Curie, Sole made their way to verifiably solid ground.

“Curie, Curie you’re safe now! Look at me. Everything’s okay.” Sole tried to set her down on her feet. Slowly, one by one, Curie set her right shoe on the ground, and then the other. She looked up at Sole.

“Sole, thank you! I thought- I could only imagine slipping into the abyss, being trapped under zhe ice, helpless to do anything about it.”

Sole clapped her on the shoulder. “Even if you slipped under Curie, I wouldn’t have left you there. You better believe I’d dive in right behind you!”

Curie smiled and laughed.

“I could not have asked for a better friend, Sole. For this, you have my thanks.”


After changing into warm clothes, Curie waddled back to Sole caped in layers of blankets.

“I think zhis amount of blankets is acceptable.” Contented, Curie plopped down beside Sole and leaned her head against their shoulder. Sole grinned when her head rested against them, and slyly they grabbed a hold of her slender hand. Curie pressed her forehead into Sole’s neck.

“Ah, I am getting warmer already.” She noted.

“Here, let me help you get even warmer.” Sole offered cheekily. They reached around to grab the corner of Curie’s mound of blankets and it around themselves as well as the scientist.

“Haha! Clever Sole, you always know just what to do.” Curie giggled and snuggled in close to Sole. It didn’t take long before she snored softly against their neck. Sole sighed pleasantly and fell asleep along with her.

Nick: “Sole, this seems awful dodgy. I don’t know if going out on the ice today is really the wisest decision. Come on now, how about I buy you some power noodles instead?”

“But Niiiiick! I finally jury-rigged a pair of skates, and I want to go skating! Otherwise all that time I spent was just wasted, and you know how much I love to waste my time, which is not at all.” Sole felt the frosty air nip at their smiling cheeks as they teetered past Nick on their skates. “C’mon dad, it’ll be fun!”

“Wha- now just you wait a minute! First of all, do not ever call me dad again, or it’ll be the last thing to ever come out of your mouth. Secondly, that ice is way too thin, so I suggest you refrain from-“

“Later DAD!” Sole rocketed past their synth companion and skated against the wind.

Nick raked his metal hand down his face. Well, might as well sit there and wait for the inevitable.




Sole broke the surface of the water and started flailing around. “Nick! Come help me! Why did you let me get on this stupid ice with these stupid skates! This is all your fault! I-“

“Yep. Time to go get the kid.” Nick muttered to himself. He walked over the top of the ice, careful not to cause any more cracks in the thin sheet. Eventually he arrived at the place of incident. “Okay kid, you can stop splashing around now. Here, grab my hand.” Nick extended his good hand towards Sole who hungrily grasped at their saving grace.

The synth effortlessly pulled Sole from the water with one arm and planted them on more solid ice. Without so much as a ‘thank you’, Sole bolted for the shore and stole away with Nick’s trench coat.

“SO WARM! NEED WARM!” Sole screamed all the way back to Red Rocket. Nick, stranded on the lake, shook his head. Good thing he didn’t need a coat to weather the weather, so to speak.


“Can I have my trench coat back now? It’s been two days Sole, I think you’re warm enough already.”

Sole looked up at Nick with their trademarked puppy eyes.

“But… but I like the coat.”

“Yeah, I do too! That’s why I got it in the first place.” Nick folded his arms across his chest. Sole’s face flattened.

“Fine.” They began taking off the fashionable overcoat, but then, “Wait, this thing’s pretty big… How about we share it?” Sole waggled their eyebrows.

“Sole, of all the ridiculous things-“

Sole tackled the man to the ground, managing to fit most of their collective body parts under the gargantuan item of clothing.

“See Nick! We fit comfortably in here.” Sole beamed down at the detective. He caved and smiled back, resting a hand on the back of their raised head.

“Heh, I guess we do sweetheart. I guess we do.”

Hancock: “Always forget that the Commonwealth can be this peaceful, though I guess nobody wants to get frostbite tryin’ to ruin someone else’s day.” Hancock mused to Sole. Sole insisted they meander around and take in the sights to which Hancock replied I ain’t no tourist, but I guess I could be a decent tour guide.

So the two decided to venture out into the more rural areas of the ‘Wealth, admiring the snowy mountains and frost lined houses.

“Man, I really miss pre-war winters. There were all sorts of cool things to do in the snow, and when you were finished out here there was always a nice cozy fire and hot chocolate to come home to and enjoy with friends and family.” Sole reminisced, eyeing one of the quaint two-story homes longingly. Hancock glanced over at them and smiled faintly.

“Hey, I know it’s not pre-war quality, but how’s about I start us up a fire and brew some hot coffee when we get back to Red Rocket?”

Sole’s eyes lit up at Hancock’s suggestion.

“That sounds amazing! Thanks Hancock!”

“Heh, no problem friend.”

They continued sightseeing in the snow for another hour or so.

Crk. Crrrrk.

“Sole, what’s that-“


“Sole!” Hancock froze, horrified as Sole dropped below the surface. Without thinking he dove beside the hole and plunged a hand under the inky black water. “C’mon, c’mon, don’t bail on me now Sole.” Hancock began preparing himself to dive into the water when his fingers hooked onto some clothing. He jolted at the contact and immediately wrenched whatever it was out of the water.

Lo and behold, Sole washed up on the ice beside the ghoul.

“Sole! Sole, talk to me!” Hancock patted Sole’s face. He shuddered with a relieved sigh when Sole finally coughed up some water. “Thank- oh-“ He fell back on his calves and rubbed his hands over his face.


“Yeah Sole?”

“Thank you. Thank you so much. I- I was almost-“ Sole breathed heavily as warm tears tracked down their cheeks between the trails of lake water.

“Hey now, no need to get all upset. You’re safe now and that’s all that matters. Come on, let’s go and get that fire started yeah? Sound good?”

Sole nodded, drying away the tears of stress. Hancock grabbed their hand and helped them up. Together they made their way back home.


Hancock let Sole change into dry clothes before they joined him in front of the fire he crafted in the kitchen’s restored wood burning stove. He had a large quilt wrapped around his shoulders, waiting for the vault-dweller. When they walked into the room, Hancock glanced over, smiled, and lifted a caped arm.

“C’mere sunshine. Gotcha the best seat in the house.”

Sole’s eyes crinkled with a smile. They ran over to Hancock and nestled themselves into the crook of his arm.

“Here’s that coffee I promised ya.” Hancock handed Sole a warm mug and kissed their forehead. “The kiss is free of charge.” He winked. Sole flushed and let him pull them closer to his side. It was then Sole decide to change their mind.

They didn’t miss pre-war winters anymore.

MacCready: “You know, winter is my favorite time of year.” MacCready admired.

“Really? Why’s that Mac? Like the cold?”

“Hah, well, the cold is just a necessary evil. It’s the snow that I like. This is the only time the Commonwealth looks kinda pretty since you can’t see all the junk on the ground. Plus, my targets are a lot easier to spot against all this white.” The mercenary smirked.

“Oh, so the great sharpshooter MacCready needs a leg up eh?”

“Get off your high horse Sole! Of course I don’t need the snow. It’s just nice to take a break from being perfect is all.”

“Psh. Keep talking MacCready. One of these days you’re gonna miss a shot, and I will be there to- gah! Woah, I think I just tripped over a tire. That’s the only thing about snow; you never have any clue what you’re stepping on.”

“Ha ha! Well, that’s what you get for being a twerp.”

The two trudged on, making four tiny tracks down the snow-covered fields.


Both travelers froze. MacCready looked to Sole.

“Sole, what was-“

Sole seized up as they watched MacCready slip under the snow with a loud Crrrrk!

“M-MAC!” Sole shivered, shocked, paralyzed until they forced it all away with furious shakes of their head. Off came their heavy coat, and in they dove into the exposed murky water.

Dear Lord! It’s Freezing! Where is Mac? Where is Mac?!

Sole squinted; it was unbelievably cold. For a second Sole worried if eyes were susceptible to frostbite. There! Sole snagged their foot on something heavy, and assumed it was MacCready. They swooped a hand down and latched onto some canvas cloth, Mac’s coat!

“Bah!” Sole surfaced and climbed out of the water, slipping back down a couple of times before doing so successfully. They would be eternally grateful that the freezing temperature practically turned their fist to stone, otherwise MacCready might have slipped away from them.

Soon enough Sole had both themselves and MacCready stripped down to their underwear, wrapped in whatever dry blankets they could find, and huddled around a fire they started in an abandoned building. Sole had situated MacCready’s head on their shoulder so he wasn’t lying prone on the cold stone floor. Both their clothes were spread out by the fire to dry off.

Sole really hoped those clothes dried off before MacCready woke up. They’re not sure how well he’s going to take to cuddling together in nothing but their under-things


“H-Huh!” MacCready jerked awake. Why was it so warm? He blinks once, twice, and realizes he’s fallen asleep on something soft and very, very warm. Turning his head, he sees Sole staring back at him, their noses almost touching.

“Oh, Hi Mac. Uh… you feelin’ better?” Sole’s smile seemed… off. Then it dawned on him.

“Sole, am I naked?” His eyes widened and yet he glared at the same time. Then he asked, “Sole, are YOU naked?!” Blood began to pool in his cheeks.

“Well, I mean, we couldn’t just stay in our cold, wet clothes. Plus! I left us our undies! Doesn’t that count?”

Mac looked away, steaming, and spotted his clothes in a pile by the fire. He got up and scurried over to them, but he felt damp pond water soak into his skin as he picked his jacket up. It was still ridiculously cold. He looked to Sole, then to the jacket.

“Is it worth it Mac?”

Mac swallowed thickly. Warm Sole and shattered dignity, or cold jacket and modesty? Tough decision. He was going to be standing there for a while.

X6-88: “Are you sure this is wise. We are easy targets out here.”

Sole rolled their eyes at X6’s thirty-fifth comment on the safety of building snowmen.

“It’s fine X, just let me roll my giant snowballs in peace.”

“Tch.” X6 turned away from Sole to keep an eye on their flank. He surely wasn’t going to blow off his common sense for mindless horseplay. Let Sole do what they want. His only duty was to keep them safe, and that’s exactly what he intended on doing.



X6 swiveled on his heel, turning around only to find Sole nowhere in sight.

“Damn!” He cursed. A small black hole gaped open where Sole was previously rolling up their gargantuan snowman torso. “Idiot.” He stripped his courser coat off and dove into the water. Quickly, efficiently he located his charge and hooked his arm around their waist. Effortlessly he waded to the surface and lumped Sole onto the side of the ice. Climbing out, he examined the shivering person coughing up pond water.

“Th-thanks X.” They coughed. “I thought, I thought I was a goner there for a second.”

“Don’t thank me; it’s my job. Also, that was incredibly stupid. I told you not to mess around out here and you did it anyway.” He glared down at them. “Come on. We’re going back to your little ‘home base’ at that rotted gas station before you get yourself killed.”


It was a silent walk back to Red Rocket. Sole hunched over, honestly ashamed. They’d never heard X6 call them out like that before, and it hurt.

Both people walked through the doorway of the gas station, and Sole prepared to go their separate ways when a gloved hand gripped their shoulder.

“Look, it’s my job to take care of you, and I don’t like it when you make my duty more difficult than it needs to be. On the other hand, I do have… more personal reasons for wanting to keep you safe. Please, do not ever worry me like that again.”

And with that the courser stalked off as Sole watched, bewildered and strapped with a new plethora of thoughts to sort through. Personal reasons? They’d make sure to uncover them sooner or later.

Maybe they should build snowmen more often.

Dogmeat: Sole took Dogmeat out for a stroll in the snow, figuring the atmosphere would relax them both and make for a nice day for bonding. The vault dweller had brought along a Frisbee to pass the time with their furry companion, and the two had finally dug into a good game of fetch. At least, they were until Dogmeat decided that he’d rather fetch a squirrel.

“Dogmeat! Where are you going? Come back boy! Here doggie doggie doggie!” Sole whistled after their animal friend, but the canine had gone sliding across some ice after his prey.



The ice crumpled under Dogmeat, but he was quick enough to dig his front claws into the ice. A few seconds after the initial shock, Dogmeat cried out with warbled distress calls.

“Hold on baby I’m coming for you!” Sole ran to the edge of the ice and dropped down on their stomach. They scrambled on frozen forearms out to their friend, skin beginning to flush an angry pink under their clothes. An eternity seemed to separate dog and dog owner, but eventually Sole was able to grasp a single furry paw.

“Alright sweetheart, I’ve got you.” Sole assured, clamping down a hand on the other paw as well. “Now come on Dogmeat, work those back legs for me!”

Understanding the general idea, Dogmeat’s hind claws started scratching and slipping across the ice’s edge. He whined desperately, the deathly chill sapping his muscles of energy.

“Okay Sole, let’s try pulling on him. One, two, three!” Sole yanked on the animal as fast and hard as they could manage from their prone position, but the effort was enough to boost Dogmeat out of the frozen pond.

Dogmeat snatched up the collar of Sole’s jumpsuit and dashed over to the shore before they could even stand up. Finally safe, the German shepherd assaulted his master’s face with jubilant puppy kisses. Sole laughed.

“Me too Dogmeat, I love you too!”

Codsworth: “WHEEEE!”

“Oh sir/mum! This is just how I imagined snow days would be with you, haha!”

At Sole’s behest, Codsworth let them clasp both hands around his claw appendage, and both companions went twirling around and around across the lake. Icy tree-limbs and snowcapped roofs whizzed by Sole’s vision, making them dizzier and dizzier by the second. This was the most fun either party had enjoyed in 200 years, more or less.

Codsworth’s jet propulsion flame left a thin trail of blue ice behind them as the two skated playful patterns across the surface. They had circled and twirled for hours now, and their skating rink began looking more and more navy blue.

“Get ready Codsworth!”

“For what?!”

“Whee!” Sole released their hold on Codsworth, propelling across the ice with arms wide open. “Hahaha! Eeeee!”


“Huh?” Sole freaked at the sound, skidding quickly to a stop. “Codsworth, did you hear tha- AH!”


Codsworth watched with frying circuitry as his beloved master dropped below ground level. He flew over to the hole and desperately plucked around in the water, but it just burbled back at him, mocking him.

“Bah! C-Codsw-worth!” Sole broke the surface in a last ditch effort to survive. Codsworth swiped at Sole’s hand with his claw and yanked them to the surface with a sickening crunch!

“Gah! O-oh m-my hand! Argh!” Sole crumpled up around their crippled palm. Codsworth clunked down beside them and immediately began picking them over.

“Oh Master, Oh, I’m so sorry! This is all my fault, I-“

“No Codsworth! I-It’s-you’re the reason I’m still alive.”

Codsworth wished he could cry. His master’s crumpled wrist created a feedback look of non-stop guilt. Gently, he scooped Sole up gently in the joints of his appendages.

“I’m so sorry sir/mum. I’m so sorry. Let me get you back to Curie! She can fix you up right?!”

Sole smiled into Codsworth’s metal hull.

“Sounds good Codsworth. And hey, don’t feel down alright? This is the best time I’ve had since waking up, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

Codsworth sighed.

“Thanks master. You always knew just what to say.”

Strong: “Argh! Strong is cold! Why white stuff cold?” Strong and Sole stomped around the snow-covered plains, the human party shivering and ready to get inside.

“J-Just a f-few more m-minutes and we’ll be inside St-Strong.” They stammered.



Strong glared at Sole, his eyes now level with theirs. Plates of ice bumped against the mutant’s chest as they floated around him.


Sole watched in stunned amazement as Strong brute forced his way through the ice. It crunched against his chest with each step he took, and eventually he was stomping around on solid ground again. Sole couldn’t move. They just stood there dumbly, mouth hanging open.


“C-Coming!” Sole answered, quickly kicking their but into gear. They thought it best not to keep Strong waiting.

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anonymous asked:

Companions finding out that SS used to have a bottle cap collection growing up and end up finding it in the remains of SS house and it turns out theyre fucking rich?

Cait: Literally showers herself in caps, she’s jumping all over the place with excitement. She jumps on Sole’s back shouting “We’re fuckin’ rich baby!!!” The only other thing to make it a perfect moment would be some really strong alcohol to help celebrate and get black out drunk on

Curie: Her data files tell her that standard US dollars were currency, she’s initially confused when Sole hands her a box full of bottle caps saying how they never have to scrounge or fight any more raiders

Codsworth: “Why sir/ma'am!! With this amount of money you could buy all of Diamond city, UHH…. The hard times are finally over…” For a robot codsworth sure knew how to tear up with joy

Dogmeat: Dogmeat is just happy that Sole is happy, sniffs the caps a little when Sole leaves them on the ground for a moment, not much else out of him

Danse: “Well… that is impressive soldier, with the much money the Brotherhood could finally wipe all the synth, ghoul and mutant scum from the commonwealth” Danse was not very subtle at what he though Sole should do with their old collection

Deacon: Deacon sends it to Bethesda asking if they could use it to buy a copy of Fallout 4, probably, maybe. Okay for real, Deacon starts thinking of all the new disguises and wigs he could get his hands on with that sheer amount of caps

Hancock: Sole walks in to see Hancock literally taking a bath in all the caps, high off his ass on jet and shit faced drunk with his awesome hat on, slurring “Am the fuckin’… P-pirate King…. b-baby!!”

MacCready: “Soooo uh, how’s about a raise boss? Or you know… a new rifle and some ammo maybe? Or…. wh-whatever works for you that’s cool”

Nick: Huh, all those caps, could finally afford to give Ellie that raise, God knows she deserves it, maybe throw a few caps the schools way, those kids’ll need it if they wanna know how to live out here"

Piper: “Blue! We’re rich, I can finally afford that motor to get the paper going smoother!!!” Piper is ecstatic with the find, she tells Sole not to spend it all at once as she’s got some ideas what they can do with it later tonight ;), although she is concerned whether it’ll change Sole at all

Preston: with an impressed whistle Preston couldn’t help but be a little stoked about it, “General! Those caps, think of what we could to for people with that amount of money behind us!” Good old Preston never put himself above others, even with such vast wealth at his disposal

Strong: “Strong no like little metal discs, not see point, not good for fighting or eating, caps no good!”

X6-88: “holy shit, with that amount of caps you could buy your way into the institute, hell maybe even into the directors position, I suggest it not go to waste and be stolen by raiders sir/ma'am