INTRODUCTION 06 : Soldier of Misfortune

Once again Jin’s hand lowered into the dwindling folder, it was almost halved from the start of the day. Pulling out a folder Jin frowned, it was Ikusaba.

Jin had argued against her enrollment, something which he had never done before. He felt that allowing someone so unnervingly talented in the art of killing would be detrimental to the other students, not because she had killed but she had done so willingly. 

Regrettably his objections were ‘noted’ but his superiors deemed him skilled enough to deal with any problems. Essentially they didn’t give a shit about what he thought and he was to deal with what whom they had selected.

There was nothing else to do but act in accordance to what a Headmaster would do.

“Mukuro Ikusaba to the Headmaster’s office. Mukuro Ikusaba to the Headmaster’s office.” Solider of Misfortune 


“Because it doesn’t get better, unless you’re pretty
It doesn’t get better, unless you’ve got money
It doesn’t get better, so listen the fuck up
It never gets better, no
It gets worse!”