The krot are a pre space faring race that often ally with human interplanetary governments due to similarities in preferred atmospheric conditions, gravity, and body plan as compared to man. They range from low to average intelligence when compared to humans though this is more due to instinctual differences. They are most similar to bony fishes or reptiles genetically. They posses a similar sexual dimorphism to many animals on earth, with females being larger than males. They appear eyeless but are capable of seeing through a bony structure on their skull, this comes at the cost of being slightly short sighted. 

Burrah Is a mercenary working for a penal/agricultural colony at the edges of explored galactic territory, she is tasked with protecting non incarcerated workers from those forced into labor. With her dark and washed out coloration she is considered to be somewhat unattractive among her kind. This being the main reason for her employ with exclusively human colonies and not her own. Among other members of the security team she is considered to be friendly if not a little intimidating.  


i did it. i finally made a tf2 vine comp (there are some rare vines in there too, check it out)

Words On My Skin (Part 11)

Bucky Barnes X Reader Soulmate AU

A/N: I know it takes me forever to write this series… just… be patient with me! I want this series to be good! I’ve been working hard on it!

ALSO, AS A SIDE NOTE ABOUT THE SERIES: I gave both parents a name and backgrounds… but I’m leaving the actual details about appearance and all that as general as possible.

(I honestly hate that I even have to say that, but I already had an anon yell at me for not being general enough, because I made Y/n start to tone up with working out… Alrightythen. *shrugs*)

Warnings: Y/n’s mother is a real cow. Honestly.

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“Your mother?” Bucky asked, confusion pulling his dark brows together. His hands were still on your hips, temperature difference leaving a shiver down your spine. “Your mother’s here?”

“Oh, no.” You groaned, shoulders sagging as you let your head fall back in frustration. This was not going to be good. “Why now?”

“You know, you don’t have to let her in if you don’t want to.” He frowned, your anxiety starting to seep through the bond. “You could say no and schedule it another time.”

You weren’t ready for this. You weren’t dressed, your hair was still damp from your shower, you had no makeup on, you hadn’t slept properly in weeksYou were wearing Ugg Slippers, for fuckssake.

That was the first thing she was going to fucking critique.

Then, there was the small factor of not telling her that you’d met your soulmate. She obviously knew from the news, but you never actually told her. She was probably hurt by that, if she even had feelings, but you wanted this for yourself. You wanted to be with your soulmate for at least a little while before she came in and ruined everything.

Before she could ruin your relationship with Bucky…

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