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I have a cold help

Ok!! This Soundad Urgant

What Yu Gotta Do Farst Is: (Importent)

Stratch Ur Gluten Mussels Real Far!!!1

You’ll Bagin 2 Feel Much Battar !

And Than You MUst

Blow Intu Tha Violen 2 Sooth Ur Headach

And Yall Be Fine !!

Trust Me Im A Soldiar

“In a big city like London, or even in someplace smaller like a grocery store, or a coffee shop, we’re all just strangers to one another. It can be difficult for all of us to either reach out for help or offer help. A symbol as simple as a safety pin can be an important first step in showing solidarity and support for people who are scared and upset at this time.

After Allison shared her idea, a #safetypin hashtag began trending, and Brits began posting selfies of themselves wearing safety pins on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram as a way to raise awareness.”

“….now a burgeoning effort in the United States for people to start wearing the safety pin stateside in the face of post-election attacks and harassment. Having to adopt a symbol of anti-violence and anti-bigotry is not exactly what any of us thought we’d be doing in the wake of a presidential election taking place in 2016, but it could be one small way to signal that you’re an ally”.

If anyone is:

  • invalidating your gender
  • bullying you
  • saying transphobic, heterosexist, misogynistic, racist, or ableist shit
  • telling you that your feelings and experiences are wrong
  • being a terrible ally
  • in any other way making your tumblr experience hostile and less safe

I’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you and we’ll face it together. I mean it, I will actively jump in and back you up. I want it to be clear that it’s very important for me to make my blog a safer space for everyone.

If I ever do any of the above things, or anything else that you feel even slightly uncomfortable or unsure about, please use my Ask Box and tell me because I want to hear about it. I will listen to you, try to understand how you feel, and try to do better in the future. 

If you are having a hard time (on tumblr or in real life) and want someone to talk to, please use my Ask Box. I care and I’m here, personally, if you need a kind ear.

I love all of you, you’re the best. Thanks for following me! <3 *Big hugs* 

Keep loving, keep fighting;