If anyone is:

  • invalidating your gender
  • bullying you
  • saying transphobic, heterosexist, misogynistic, racist, or ableist shit
  • telling you that your feelings and experiences are wrong
  • being a terrible ally
  • in any other way making your tumblr experience hostile and less safe

I’ll stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you and we’ll face it together. I mean it, I will actively jump in and back you up. I want it to be clear that it’s very important for me to make my blog a safer space for everyone.

If I ever do any of the above things, or anything else that you feel even slightly uncomfortable or unsure about, please use my Ask Box and tell me because I want to hear about it. I will listen to you, try to understand how you feel, and try to do better in the future. 

If you are having a hard time (on tumblr or in real life) and want someone to talk to, please use my Ask Box. I care and I’m here, personally, if you need a kind ear.

I love all of you, you’re the best. Thanks for following me! <3 *Big hugs* 

Keep loving, keep fighting;


The war against these girls is inhumane. We are outraged that these girls haven’t been returned home! These young scholars need to be released immediately. As we continue to raise awareness, we stand in solidarity with their families. Each time we raise our voices we put value to these African girls. Bring back our scholars. Bring back our daughters. Bring back our sisters. Bring back the future of Nigeria! #bringourgirlsback
Against Slander and Insult – We Need Strategic Concepts to Strengthen an Open and Respectful Discussion and Conflict Culture.

(By: Heinz-Jürgen Voß, first published at: dasendedessex, translation: Antje Dieterich) [A short background information at the bottom by: Antje Dieterich]

Some days ago, I released an appeal for solidarity for a collegue of mine, who was insulted in such a drastic manner I could not have imagined just some years ago. Now, I am getting the answer. The right-wing author Akif Pirinçci is now attacking me too, with slander and crude insults.

For some years now, I have recognized that conservative and radical right-wing writers are completely loosing their inhibitions and attacking differently minded people verbally in an extraordinarily violent manner. Starting point was the writing of Thilo Sarazin, a right-wing author and member of the Social Democratic Party in Germany. Writings by him, Pirinçci, and others had and continue to have a negative impact on the social climate, ultimately producing an air of aggression.

From a denigrating hate speech, supplemented by some willing commentators who then debate physical attacks as a strategy, to actual physical violence is just a short step – it is just a question of time.

Debate and discourse always affect the social interaction in society. Therefore, whoever cares about a democratic society that respects its basic constitutional rights must now stand up. What we face at this moment is the eroding of political conflict culture which is sabotaging the very basis of our democratic social order and – at the very end – will be its destruction.

Aside from the debates about the content – which exist between different groups in society as well as academic ‘schools’ and directions – the shared goal has to be that dispute and negotiation remain possible. This is what we have to work for in solidarity – in society as well as in academia. Slander and hate speech take away our possibility to debate, reflect, and dispute in a fruitful manner.

In a time in which conservative and right-wing populist forces gain more and more support – this is what elections and surveys show us – we have to work on concrete structures to actively oppose such tendencies. The goal has to be that no one is left alone to face any slander or the frequently consequential e-mails and blog entries containing very violent threats.

Starting Point:

Give support to those who are attacked! If there is a broad solidarity, attacking or mobbing does not work. Therefore with our solidarity we avoid an individualization in conflicts about policy directions and attacks against one differently-minded person after the other.

Create academic structures that make such a solidarity possible! The number of attacks is growing against contributions out of the fields of sociology, sexology, and the broader fields of social science. We do not have structures to reject these attacks and demand a reasonable public discussion. Therefore, we have to develop structures in social as well as academic organizations that are capable to reject attacks, insults, and slander quickly.

- Aside from solidarity beyond conflicts of content, we should work on concepts to develop an open and positive conflict culture, where academic as well as social debates function in a way that does respect the individual, fundamental rights of each participant of the debate.

For the time being I appreciate a show of solidarity. But that cannot be enough — we need to work on strategic concepts.

Background: The actual conflict this article refers to started in July 2014, when the mentioned author Akif Pirinçci, publicly insulted the professor and writer, Elisabeth Tuider, who works on questions of diversitiy and intersectionality focusing on gender. On his facebook page, Pirinçci posted a photo of Prof. Tuider insulting her personally. In the following hours the comments by his fans went quickly from an expression of disgust to demanding the professor be killed. But the described situation is just an example for a broader tendency that takes place in the discussion culture. Akif Pirinçci, Thilo Sarrazin, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, Ann Coulter — we can see and hear a coarsening of debate-culture on the right side of the political spectrum. A debate about our reaction on this tendency starts at this point.


battle at krugar


Chicago: Protesters picket a fundraising dinner for the Israeli “Defense” Forces and the murderous occupation of Palestine, October 24, 2013.

Protesters also demanded that the U.S. government drop charges against beloved Palestinian-American women’s rights advocate and community activist Rasmea Odeh.

Photos: Christine Geovanis


Solidarity - Enter Shikari 


[An extremely rough translation by redguard. Sorry for butchering the poetics.]

January 9, 2014. Caracas. 

My sisters and brothers, today is a beautiful holiday for life. The unfathomable power of love, which is the basis of dignity, has finally managed to open the door of the cage where they physically kept the songbird prisoner. 

With high morale, with heart swelling, with joy always, this songbird of the poor of the land will continue singing to stoke the struggle for social equality – the only real possibility of peace for humanity. Nothing and no one, not now or ever, will silence the song that blooms from the very depths of the people.  

As I fought and learned, in all revolutionary movements, one by one, I am now planning to put it all together at once, i.e., I serve everyone, helping modestly, the only thing to make peace with justice and love: the union of all and, of course, the union of all the oppressed. That requires life itself. Anyone who opposes the union opposes the revolution going forward! 

Sisters and brothers of Venezuela and peoples of the world who gave me solidarity, fought for my freedom, I give you a fervent embrace of infinite gratitude. 

I will tell you something. But yes, just between us. The day I was caught, someone put a gun to my head and shouted: “Let’s see if Chavez will save you.” Today, with a smile of eternal sweetness, I tell that guy: “My friend, the commander did not fail me.” 

Do not know about you, but to celebrate I’m going to polish off a huge gulp of stalk cocuy, on behalf of my brother Ali Primera. … Brothers and sisters of internationalism, this great triumph of the popular irreverence is yours! 

United in love, we win always, always, always … 

Loving Victory! 

Julián Conrado
Judge orders May 15 trial for political activist Carlos Montes

Los Angeles, CA - On April 26, Superior Court Judge George G. Lomeli ordered a trial to begin on May 15 for Carlos Montes, a longtime Los Angeles Chicano activist in the anti-war, immigrant rights, public education and Chicano liberation movements. The trial will start at 8:00 a.m. at the Criminal Courts Building, 13th floor, Department 100, at 210 West Temple Avenue in Los Angeles.

After long oral arguments, Judge Lomeli denied the motion by civil rights attorney Jorge Gonzalez for discovery and to dismiss charges against Montes on the grounds of selective prosecution. This means that the court will not look at the role of the FBI and Joint Terrorism Task Force in initiating the case against Montes. That will have to be exposed during the trial.

In fact, Montes was singled out for prosecution because of his activism. He is being targeted as part of larger proceedings against anti-war and international solidarity activists. Legal documents show that FBI Special Agent Matt Weber contacted the L.A. County Sheriffs about a 42-year old legal case, the outcome of which is under dispute, and a gun purchase. During his arguments, the district attorney stated that freedom of speech has “limits” for people who are critical of U.S. policy and support oppressed people resisting U.S. wars.