“Unlawful Assembly”

This law was created in 1682 to prevent slaves from gathering in groups of four or more without their master being present. Punishment for committing this crime was public whipping. The gathering of four or more individuals (with the intent of engaging in violence) still stands as a law today under NY. PEN. LAW. 240.10

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So I’ve finally decided to try out doing commissions since I’ve never really sold my art b4. So here are my prices!!!

Character Sketches: $7 - $10 plus $3 with every extra character

Background Sketches: $10

Ink Sketches: $12 -$15

Full Color Character (Watercolor): $20 plus $5 with every extra character.

Full Color Chara & Background/ Solo Background: $30

Ground Rules: 

- Asking to draw your fave ships* or ur ocs is mostly fine by me.

*Don’t dare ask for any pedophilic gross ship art or creepy racist fetish art though, or I will block you.

- I rly dont do nsfw so it’s best not to ask.

- I don’t mind doing mecha, anthro, or other kinds of art styles. I might raise the price considering I will have to take the time to learn how to best complete the commission. Feel free to ask though, I’m very accommodating. 

You can contact me through my tumblr (peppermint-prince)  or my email!! 

I accept Paypal but if you have a different payment type, we can try to work something out!



I want to say a big THANK YOU to who ever bought two tanktops with my Erik-Designs on my Society6-Store. I wish you lots of fun with them and in case you want to share photos of the tanktops when you received them, feel free to share. Thanks a lot and more to come soon.

Also for the people asking me about my project or having in general asks. You are not forgotten, but it may take 2-3 days till I get around answering them, as I have to work around my jobs, and I’ll like to make little sketches for each ask. And this tends to take a little while. 

Oh, and I am heading straight to 1,000 followers *WHELP*. I’ll to keep an eye open who will be my 1,000th followre as I want to make a little digital gift sketch for them. :D Thanks a lot for all the great support, I really appreciate this. :)

What your favorite Undertale Character says about you:

I wrote these out of my observations of people when I’d ask them their favorite character while I sold art at a local convention. Take them as you will.

Sans: You find humor in some of the strangest places and sometimes it’s just a show. You may harbor pain and frustration on the inside but you rarely convey your feelings externally. Instead of getting worked up, you remain calm. You’re not about appearances since you prefer to live out of need rather than want. You don’t need to be hailed in the limelight but that doesn’t stop people from being drawn to you.

Toriel: You have a kind heart. You are concerned for the well-being of others. When you see others suffer, you intervene but do so with as little confrontation as necessary. You light other people up with your warm smile. You prefer enjoying friends in smaller groups but that doesn’t mean you don’t have a silly side. You’re the kind of friend that others can confide in.

Papyrus: You long for the praise of those around you, but you do so because you wish to let others know that you care. You are easily excited and fascinated by the world around you. You may realize that not everyone will see things your way but you believe that everyone has potential to be good. You might invest too much trust at times, but, around the right people, you will be a valuable friend that can always be depended on.

Undyne: You are fierce in your conviction. When something burns in your heart, it sparks through your emotions. You are loyal but protective of your friends. You would see those you care about succeed even at the cost of your own happiness. Others admire your passion. You tend to stand out for your charisma and ability to take responsibility head on. You have the makings of a leader.

Alphys: You are tenderhearted and that is a good thing! You long to be friends with those around you but you may feel limited by your inadequacies. Despite this, you are still fascinated by people. You might have gone through hard times, times where you felt like you were taken for granted, or where you were used. Know that you are still every bit as wonderful as everyone else and that you bring joy to others even when you don’t always see it.

Mettaton: You have something to offer the world and it is your self-appointed duty to show everyone what you’ve got. Some might perceive you as superficial but internally, you have a desperate desire to bring people joy. Surprisingly, you are very concerned about what others think of you. You might be the one everyone says remains calm even in the times you’re actually not. Be careful of how you treat others as friends are as temporary as how you act towards them.

Napstablook: You are so much more than how you see yourself. You might have a tendency to self-deprecate and excuse your own needs in favor of others. Despite this, you have a sincerity that is rare among the world. You tend to be wary of others as you fear of their approval (or lack thereof). Don’t let this hinder you from being your true self. Everyone would benefit from knowing someone as kind and considerate as you.

Muffet: You have a unique sense of aesthetic that others can’t help but admire. Some may see you as a trendsetter but you simply see it as living life independent of others. You’re not afraid of getting your hands dirty to get work done. Some might be intimidated by you, but you don’t mind. What matters is that you know what you’re after and you’re not afraid to step forward and take action.

Asgore: Your compassion is both your greatest strength and weakness. You long to see your loved ones succeed but you offer yourself no such kindness when you make your own mistakes. If people look past your errors, they will see that you’re a treasure. It’s the sympathy that you show others and the willingness to press forward that makes you a powerful leader among a crowd.

W.D. Gaster: There is a mystery about you. You don’t tend to blend in with the rest of the crowd as many don’t truly know you. Even so, you bring something to the world that, even though others may never see it, can impact society in ways most have never dreamed of. You have gifts to share with the world. Don’t let others stop you in contributing something great…

Flowey: You can really drive a nail through people’s feelings whether you mean to or not. Despite this, there is something good in you, but you may deny this or simply ignore it. Admittedly, you are quite clever and quick with your words. You’re also loyal to a plan and will almost always see your goals through.

Asriel: You have a sweetness about you that others lack. Occasionally, this might lead you into trouble due to your desire to be helpful. You find validation in love and friendship. When the world turns away with a cold shoulder, it’s tough to forgive. You would rather see everyone getting along and hate confrontation.

Frisk: You are fascinated by the world that surrounds you. You might not seem like the most exciting apple in the barrel, but you’re very likable. You prefer to make choices at the moment they’re placed before you. Adventure is synonymous with your personality.

Chara: You might have some negative perceptions of humanity. Regardless, you have an insatiable curiosity with the workings of mankind. Don’t let it be your downfall. You too are very focused, DETERMINED even. You don’t let others stand in your way and will go through hell and back to see your plans are carried out.

Temmie: h0I

As I looked up at the art demon god I inquired nervously, “What art friend am I?” My eyes flickering from the floor to their eyes shock racked my body as they slapped my face. Wide eyed as art demon God leaned closer they whispered in my ear, “You are the art friend who shitposts and memes”

Okay I can explain for the most part- I was questioning how @theasgardiandetective and @silentrosewhip met and this is the very first thing that came to mind. Also before either of you block me I want you to know our friendship is memeingful to me :3c