I want to say a big THANK YOU to who ever bought two tanktops with my Erik-Designs on my Society6-Store. I wish you lots of fun with them and in case you want to share photos of the tanktops when you received them, feel free to share. Thanks a lot and more to come soon.

Also for the people asking me about my project or having in general asks. You are not forgotten, but it may take 2-3 days till I get around answering them, as I have to work around my jobs, and I’ll like to make little sketches for each ask. And this tends to take a little while. 

Oh, and I am heading straight to 1,000 followers *WHELP*. I’ll to keep an eye open who will be my 1,000th followre as I want to make a little digital gift sketch for them. :D Thanks a lot for all the great support, I really appreciate this. :)


Some commissions from Shreveport’s Geekd con! This was my first convention where I sold art (and Shreveports first comic con) so it was aaaan interesting experience.

I had a good time though, & shared a table with jakewyattriot, volkertron, joebluhm, and kimberkuk!


Ahhh. Here’s why crediting an artist is important: We “tumblr artists” as she put it, are usually not well known artists, like sure we have followers (who are wonderful, I love you all) but if you asked the average person “who’s this artist” they’d have no idea. We’re just random people trying to make a name for ourselves in this life and maybe be able to make a paltry living off of our art someday, we can’t do that if people continuously repost/edit/sell our art without any credit whatsoever. People have done all 3 of those to my art sooo many times but when all I hope for is a little recognition in return, nope can’t do it!! I’m not a well known artist, I don’t make a living off of my art, so it’s very difficult to see maaany instances of my art being sold as shirts, phone cases (mass produced, not custom like Xiaxue’s) and stickers in Japan, China, and now Singapore.
I don’t want the phone case to be thrown away or something, not at all. I just want a little mention for my art, why is that apparently too much to ask. I get that she didn’t know it was stolen when she bought it but she certainly knows now. It would take barely any time at all to edit the post to say something like “Hey guys I’ve been informed the girl sticker on my phone is stolen art. The artist is Saccstry, her site is Some of her art is gory though so don’t look if you’re squeamish!” 
Yes people could look in the comments, but the respectful thing to do is edit the post because most people don’t read the comments. 

Also FYI, to me and I think to most other artists who draw gore/horror type stuff, sick isn’t an insulting word. Gory art is supposed to be disturbing/weird/horrific/etc, sometimes with a dark humor twist, sick describes it perfectly. I thought Xiaxue’s story of how she didn’t realize the gum was intestines til later was hilarious, I didn’t feel offended by that at all. I understand that a lot of people don’t like gory art and I’m completely fine with that, different strokes for different folks. But you shouldn’t treat someone with less respect just because you don’t like their art.