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Tasty Tryst (M)

Summary: Selling preserves at the local farmers’ market has its distractions when your vendor booth is placed next to the one belonging to the young strawberry farmer who’s been sweet on you for years.

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Word Count: 9,643

Warning: StrawberryFarmer!Taehyung, foodplay, sexual themes, profanity

Series: Working Man Bangtan

A/N: Just in time for strawberry season.

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“She is the last…”
Amalthea is surrounded by lilac, which represents the floral woods that she lived in before setting out on her journey to find the other unicorns.
The Last Unicorn is made out of a durable acrylic, and comes with a cellphone strap with a lobster clasp along with a dust plug. She can go on a purse, a messenger bag, a cell phone, a 3ds, or pinned up on a corkboard!

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I’m about to go on a little bit of a rant. 

Even though I am not neurotypical and surround myself with neurodiverse friends, I used to have a little bit of confusion when people said they were opposed to functioning labels. All the neurodiverse people I knew, for the most part, could pass as neurotypical, or at least be able to do things like drive and attend college, and I admit I hadn’t spent much time with the people who get labeled “low functioning.” I was “high functioning,” as were my friends, but 
I’d certainly know a low functioning person when I saw them, right?


I now work at a non-profit that serves neurodiverse people; usually people on the autism spectrum. All over the spectrum, mind you. And here was where I really, REALLY realized functioning labels are bullshit. 

For example, “Annie.” Annie is what I assume people mean when they say “low functioning.” Annie is mostly nonverbal, cannot drive, stims in public, etc. She cannot pass as neurotypical. 

Annie loves opera. She loves the stories, the music, the characters. She listens to operas in four languages, and understands all these languages, not because she’s somehow superpowered, or a savant, just because she liked them and decided to study these languages, like any person who has a deep interest would take it upon themselves to do.

Annie has gone to see performances at the met. Annie felts, and makes wool crafts which are sold on etsy. 

Annie is great. Annie is just one of the people who finally made me realize functioning labels are a sack of shit. Someone who’s uneducated in these things will see Annie in the grocery store and assume she’s like a child who needs to be minded. Meanwhile she’s thinking about going home to listen to some Italian arias while she works on her etsy goods so fuck your functioning labels in the ass. 

His Reaction ▾ Tom Holland

Note: Tom and (Y/N) are a bit older in this one, towards the end of the movie shooting for the Spider-Man: Homecoming Sequel happening in 2019. They are close to their mid-twenties. And they still are growing stronger and stronger for the past few years after the release of In the Heart of the Sea, being introduced to each other by the one and only Chris Hemsworth. Not sure if Harrison lives with Tom (which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t), but Harrison does not live with Tom. Sorry if it feels kind of rushed because it kind of was. Also took me a while to write this because of writer’s block. Sorry for spelling and grammar errors. Enjoy <3

words: 2.1k
characters: 11.8k


“It’s pretty nice outside.“ Tom comments, the two of you looking up at the cloudy skies and very happy that the skies didn’t look like it was going to rain anytime soon. The two of you, walking hand-in-hand through the park in his hometown with Harrison and Jacob third and fourth wheeling behind the two of you.

“It is.” You agreed with a small hum. You snuggled a bit closer to your boyfriend of many years’ side when a small breeze slightly blew your hair back, a strand of your hair being blown into your face. A giggle escaping your mouth that didn’t go unnoticed by your boyfriend who chuckled when you showed your face that was covered by a few strands of your hair.

Your boyfriend, being the kind gentlemen that he was raised to be, lifted his hand up and moved the strands behind your ear which was the cause for Harrison and Jacob to making fake vomiting and gagging noises from behind the two of you.

“Fuck off,“ Tom swears at his friends, jokingly with a chuckle and playfully stuck his middle finger at his other mates. A laugh slips past your mouth as you tugged at your boyfriend’s arm for the two of you to continue walking through the park. Tom, Harrison, Jacob and your attentions’ were caught when hearing a baby’s soft cry, averting your attention to a woman sitting on a bench who held a crying baby in her arms.

“Look a baby.“ You cooed softly from beside your boyfriend. The four of you passing a young mother -probably in her early twenties- trying to soothe her -probably- newborn baby, but to no prevail as the baby continued to softly cry. 

Your heart aching a bit when the baby’s cries were getting a bit louder and you can see the tiredness in the baby mother’s eyes as she struggled to make a formula bottle for the infant, one hand holding the infant and the other trying to make the bottle.

“Poor mum,“ Tom sympathizes, looking away from the parent and child to give you his attention. Squeezing your hand, when your attention was still on the struggling mother, “Love?“

“Huh?“ You snapped yourself out of the trance and looked up at your boyfriend, “Yeah… Poor mum.“

“You really want to help her, don’t you?“ Tom asked with a smile. You bit your lip, nodding your head before making your way towards the young mother, Tom watching from a good distance with Jacob and Harrison beside the young British.

You took a seat beside the mother and turned your body to face the parent, “Hi, sorry but I couldn’t help myself from wondering; you look very young to be a mother.”

“I’m twenty-two,“ The young mother answers with an embarrassed side smile.

“Me and my boyfriend were just walking through the park with a couple of our friends and I couldn’t help but notice that you were struggling. Do you want me to hold your baby as you make a bottle?” You asked, adjusting the shades that somewhat covered your identity.

“I don’t know,“ The mother held her baby a bit closer to her body.

“Don’t worry,“ You lifted your sunglasses and gave the mother a smile, “I’m (Y/N) (L/N) and you are?“

“N-No way!“ The mother exclaims with so much excitement, jumping a little but was a bad idea as it startled the baby and made the baby cry a bit harder. The young parent soothing her baby as she started to fangirl, “I’m Amelia and I love you so much. I love your acting, I love your movies, I love your music. I just love everything about you from your personality to your character’s personality!”

“How sweet of you.“ You smiled, “Would you like some help with your baby?“

“Yes, that would be wonderful,“ Amelia smiles before gently handing the baby over, “Her name is Olivia.“

“What a beautiful name.“ You cooed, lifting the baby and started to gently bounce the baby, pursing your lips together and spoke to the infant in a baby tone, “Aren’t you the cutest thing ever!“

Your smile widened when the baby stopped crying and seemed to stare directly into your soul before erupting with smiles and giggles. You turned your attention to your group of friends and boyfriend, seeing the three already staring at you. You wiggled your fingers at them of not wanting to lose grip of the baby with a big smile before turning your attention back towards the tot.

“She’ll make a great mum, wouldn’t she mate?“ Harrison asked.

Tom smiled ear-to-ear when seeing your shoulders slightly shaking, indicating that you were probably laughing at something on what the mother said or what the baby did, “She would.”

A Couple Months Later…

“No..” You rasped, lifting your hands up to cover your lips of shock that this was really happening to you, “This can’t be true!”

But this was really happening. After a few weeks of feeling nauseous and your bras being a bit tight for you to fit into and after you missed your period. You knew something was up and you had a pretty good, but bad idea of what was happening to your body. 

When finished with your small shopping for the you-know-what, you were to quickly use the product and after waiting a couple minutes for the result, your concepts were very true as the results came out very positive. You were… pregnant. Being close to your mid-twenties and trying to balance your music career with your acting career was already stressful and now that a baby without a known gender was on the way was.. just the icing on the cake.

You wiped the tear the fell down your cheek just as your mind started to fill up with assumptions of how Tom would react to this big news; positively or negatively. Hell, you two weren’t even married yet so telling him would just shock the shit out of him.

Why now?! You thought to yourself, pacing around the bathroom that was in the flat that Tom’s mom bought for the two of you when the two of you were in your early twenties, Why not when the two of us are past our mid-twenties?! I think I’m gonna throw up.

And that’s what you did. After emptying your stomach for a minute or so, you came to a conclusion as you were heavily breathing over the toilet was that Tom had to know. And that you were to accept the consequences that were to come your way, but not before coming up with many ideas on how to reveal the news to him; good or bad.

Present Time…

Excitement flew through your body as the boxed package came through the mail. After throwing up when finding out that you were pregnant a few weeks ago, you were to quickly go online and find cute ideas on how to announce the news to Tom. Coming to a conclusion, that you would just buy a Spiderman onesie for the ungendered baby since Spiderman was Tom’s favorite superhero and was leading role as Peter “Spiderman” Parker in Captain American: Civil War, Spiderman: Homecoming, Infinity War, and Spiderman: Homecoming Sequel.

You were just browsing through the images of spiderman baby onesies (A/N: which was literally what I used to search up Spiderman onesies) when coming across the perfect Spiderman onesie that was sold on a website called Etsy, a website that focuses on handmade or vintage items and supplies. A bonus of the baby onesie being almost 12 dollars without shipping (about 14 dollars with standard shipping, a few cents over 15 dollars for 1st class shipping, and a couple dollars over 20 if wanting the package the next day).

Another bonus was that the business of the account’s location was somewhere in the UK so shipping wouldn’t take months if somewhere else, but you still bought with 1st class because of not wanting the package to be here the next day and wait with anticipation for your boyfriend could get home, which would be a week or so before he would return back to the UK from some press tour out of the United Kingdom. And not wanting the package to take a few weeks because the location of the business didn’t say where in the United Kingdom, just that it was shipped worldwide from the United Kingdom. 

You set the unopened box in your shared bedroom and waited for your boyfriend’s arrival who was just a few minutes away from walking through that apartment door. You quickly pressed the record button on your phone when hearing keys jingling behind the closed apartment door.

“Hi, baby.“ You greeted your long term boyfriend of 5 years when the door opened along with Harrison following after your boyfriend, “Hey, Harrison.“

“Hey, (Y/N),“ Harrison smiles before giving you a quick hug before pulling away to continuing, “I’m gonna go to the guest room and get some shut eye.“

“See ya later, Harrison,“ Tom and you say at the same time before Harrison waved the two of you goodbye and made his way to the guest room.

“Hey, love,“ Tom smiled, leaving his duffel bag and suitcase by the door before engulfing you in a hug, giving you a squeeze, “Why are you filming?“

“Why not?“ You asked with a small shrug of your shoulders, not seen in the video.

“Is there a surprise or something?“ Tom smiles, closing and locking the apartment door.

“Maybe.“ You sing-song, twirling around and motioned for your boyfriend to follow after you, to which he complied. The two of you coming to a stop in the shared bed and motioned for your boyfriend to take a seat on the bed, to which he acted. Quickly setting the recording phone to the side and made sure that the camera was catching the whole thing,  “I ordered something online a few weeks ago and I wanted you to open it.”

“Is it for me?“ Tom questions, grasping your hand in his when you returned back to your boyfriend’s side after closing the bedroom door shut. You stood slightly to the side of your boyfriend as he looked up at you through his lashes. Gently grasping the boxed package that laid on the bed with his free hand, you looked back to the camera and made sure the phone didn’t fall over.

“Yes, it is for you.“ You laughed, feeling somersaults jumping around in your stomach out of nervousness, “Open it. Tell me what you think about. Be careful, though.“

“Alright,“ Tom chuckles, giving your knuckles a quick kiss before slowly starting to open the box. Teasing you a little bit before starting to normally open the box after a slap on the arm and a small protest of his name from you, “How cool!”

“Is it?“ You smiled, nervous bubbles started to pop since he hasn’t really lifted the fabric up in the air yet, “You really like it?“

“Well, yeah,“ Tom laughs, reaching his hand into the box and felt the fabric, “It’s really soft, babe.”

“It is,“ You smiled when feeling the fabric, “Lift the fabric out of the box, Tom?”

“Yeah, sure,“ Tom gave you a quick kiss on the lips before grabbing the fabric and lifting it out of the box, “Wha… No.“

Tom dropped the baby onesie in his lap before covering his mouth in shock, “No! No way! Now way!! You’re… You’re pregnant?!”

“Yeah.“ You laughed a little bit with a small nod of your head, seeing Tom wipe his eyes with the back of his fingers, “Awe, baby.“

Tom wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled your body towards the grown male as you looped your arms around your boyfriend’s neck, “God, I love you.“

“You’re not mad?“

“No! Why would I be mad?!“ Tom questions, looking up at you with tearful eyes. Another awe escaping your lips when a happy tear rolled down his cheek, quickly wiping the tear away with the pad of your thumb, “I’m the happiest and luckiest man alive right now.“

“Really? You really mean it?“

Tom hummed, agreeing before lowering his head and pecking your covered stomach, “I love you so much, my growing baby.“

“You’re so cute,“ You smiled, running your fingers through his hair as your boyfriend returned a dreamy smile back.

“Me and the Ms’ with their baby.“

“You know you are gonna have to keep this a secret, right.“ You state more than questioned because your boyfriend was terrible at keeping secrets, even after years of hoping for him to learn from his mistakes but to no improvement, “I really want to surprise our friends and families and I can’t have you spreading the news because you can’t filter your mouth, honey.“


“Like I really want nothing to come out of that mouth of yours becau-“

“Can you stop roasting me, love?“


“But I’m serious though.“


listen season 2 daryl has a special place in my heart ok he sat in his little camp of sadness all day ripping all the sleeves off his shirts and he sold walker ear necklaces on Etsy and he fell off a horse that he stole and then climbed back up a mountain with nothing but his INCREDIBLE ARMS and TRAGIC PAST and i still cant get over the fact that he whole heartedly believes he saw a chupacabra i love him so much and also i have some loch ness monster theories that i’d love to run by him 


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The cutest little half genie hero is ready to save Scuttle Town!
Shantae is made out of a durable acrylic, and comes with a cellphone strap with a lobster clasp along with a dust plug. She can go on a purse, a messenger bag, a cell phone, a 3ds, or pinned up on a corkboard!

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