sold my soul for a quarter

three humans
Queen Moo

whys it trouble me
when you’re determining
if that kiss or twitch was just meant for me?
“you’re a bar with feet”
“Too tall too skinny”
“and when it comes to problems 
the best thing you do is leave”

one attempt to leave
two bruised pairs of knees
but true love comes in threes
now I’m struggling to breathe
one sold pair of shoes
two bigger better things
now I’m growing up but it aint cuz
of what my mama wrote to me

honey i know that its hard to be seen
but i cant sleep, can’t eat unless my conscious is clean

count my quarters out
empty pocket change
crawl under the sheets
forget everything
i took my body
and i told nobody
so i could keep the soul 
for just one more day
light a smoke with shame
forget someones name
it turns out he was nuthin


Of all the 64 episodes of FMA:B, I’ve probably seen episode 19 the most. It’s been almost six years since I first saw it and that shit still rocks my absolute socks.

First time I watched FMA:B was pretty much immediately after finishing FMA03. And I wasn’t all that sold on Brotherhood at first. Then episodes 16-18 got me much more interested

But 19. Watching 19 air at midnight was my first instance of sitting a quarter inch away from the television, foaming at the corners of my mouth and silently screaming with the absolute certainty that this show was everything my mind body and soul needed to be complete

Every fucking time

Closed RP - lovesfaith and sold-my-soul-for-revenge

Ciel sat at his desk with a cup of tea in one hand and the other curving letters into the paper, they were letters of appraisal for the managers of his factories - a routine letter that was sent ever quarter-term along with capital. It was so boring, and usually by now Ciel would have it done - but his fiancée was reaching the age at which they could be married by, and so the arrangements had to be discussed. It was why Scarlette would be arriving soon, her maid Sarah in tow. Ciel lifted his head from his task when there was a knock on the door. “Enter.”