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Every year, my chorus group has a Yankee Candle fundraiser. Anyone who sold 5+ items gets to go to a pizza party. I'm really socially awkward, so I didn't sell enough items this time around to go. After lunch the day of the party, my director approached me and asked if I wanted a leftover pizza. I carried that pie around the school for three and a half hours, but it was so worth it.

Free pizza is the best pizza

((((( I used a translator.I’m sorry  ㅠ_ㅠ))))))

Hello !!!!!
Finally, the closing ceremony is over.
Here are the pictures of the items sold!

There are several things left behind.

So I want to sell them to you too. (If you want!!)
But I’ve never sent overseas courier before.

I could be delayed because I don’t have the info.

Did you know Toby visited the event hall anyway?!!?

I’ve got Toby autograph in my painting!!!! 

(( ㅇ우와아아아ㅏ~!~!~!! 너무 쩐다~!!!!!!!!!))

I’m dying to die … I’m so….happy…… ㅠ_ㅠ♥

Anyway, I will bring good news next time!

Ah!!!!   It was late, but Happy New Year to you.   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

아 그리고 해외에 사시는 한국분들도 제 텀블러를 보시는거 같더라구요..!
호옥시…제 굿즈 원하신다면…..원…하..시.ㄴ..다면…….
나중에 통신판매할때 그때 연락 주세요..!!!!! (정말 원하신다면…(원하시는분들이잇을까..???)

아 그리고 혹시…해외배송? 해보신분이나..알..고..있거나..번역 도움을 해드리고 싶다! 하시는분이 있다면…….덧글 남겨주세요 ㅠㅁㅠ 우아ㅏ앙

(아무것도 모르면서 일을 너무 크게 만드는거 아닌가 싶지만 재고가 너무 많이 남아버렸습니다…젠자아앙~)

해외에있는 한국분들도 새해 복 많이 받으세요 ><~!!!!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Retail Gothic
  • A customer pleads to be let in after closing time. They only need one item. They only ever need one Item.
  • A customer is looking for an item. You do not sell the item. You have never sold the item. You do not know what the item is.
  • An item does not scan. “It must be free” the customer jokes. You look at them, their mouth hangs open as they laugh. They have too many teeth. 
  • You ask your colleague how their day is going. They look back at you their eyes hollow and devoid of hope. You nod in understanding. No more is said.
  • A security barrier goes off. You look around but there is nobody there. There is just noise.
  • You say good morning to a customer. You hope it is still morning. You are no longer sure how time works. 
  • Colleagues  disappear as they move on to better things. You do not know where they go but sometimes you see them months later. Their eyes are bright and their smiles real. You know better than to question these things.
  • There is a man. He comes in every Wednesday. You have never seen him buy anything.
  • You see an actor from that happy show years before. They are looking at deodorant. They look sad. 
  • You go to the stockroom to find an item. You look around but there is nothing. The system says you have thirty two. The system always say you have thirty two.
  • You walk through the warehouse. All you can see in every direction is Christmas trees. It is July.
  • They ask to speak to a manager. You look around- there are no managers. you cannot remember the last time you saw a manager. What does a manager look like? 

from @nctudose on instagram - “Article: the full story of Taeyong’s scamming past
source: instiz
✔️He sold items online and sent bricks afterwards?
This was not the truth❗️
This is a screencaps of people who wanted to start a bad rumor against Taeyong.
“The important part is that he didn’t go on reflection. People sent him money and he sent them bricks. He was an iljin that was famous at school and he was known to harass people on a daily basis.”
✔️The most famous story was how he sent bricks instead of the figurines. In the first scandal, after shipping the goods out, the purchaser expressed his/her discontentment and asked Taeyong or a refund (which he repaid) so it wasn’t a scam. He never sent out any bricks.
Aside from these stories, there were also people saying how he sent empty boxes and that he took the money and disappeared. But again, there was only friction between the purchaser and Taeyong. Taeyong said that he would meet the purchaser at another time at Sindorim to give him/her the missing parts. It wasn’t a scam.The only true story was that Taeyong sent defective Gundam toys but people only paid him a small amount. The other two stories (the brick one and him running away with the money) were made up by people cherry picking facts from his Gundam scandal.

After his scamming scandal spread out, SM made him apologize and wrote an article about it. He then went on reflection.
✔️Taeyong sent a note to the victim filled with swear words
This was not sent to the victim❗️
The notes containing profanity is a separate case from the ones seen above. These are notes that one of the café member sent to Taeyong. Basically, they were both kinda insulting each other and had an online quarrel. But people who said that Taeyong sent these notes to the one that received bricks which was false.
✔️He has been blacklisted because of his scams so he made several IDs
This was not the truth❗️
Even if Taeyong had 4 different IDs (hssarang98, julyfirst1, i55052 & 1021kms), it wasn’t true that it was because of his scam and he wasn’t blacklisted. The reason he made 4 different IDs was because 2 of the IDs were related to him sending profanity notes and that one of his account’s business was halted. ”

I found this on instagram. I hope this clears something up

Please be nice to cashiers.
It’s not their fault that the price is wrong, it’s not their fault that the item isn’t scanning, it’s not their fault that the store charges 5 cents for bags, it’s not their fault they have to ask you a few questions during your transaction, it’s not their fault that the line was long, it’s not their fault that your item was sold out, it’s not their fault that the bag ripped, it’s not their fault that when trying to bag your things nicely allowing the handles to still have function that the bag wasn’t exploding full, it’s not their fault the store is busy, it’s not their fault.
Please be nice to cashiers.

From the 1890s to 1960s, the section of 4th Avenue between Union Square and Astor Place was dominated by one thing: secondhand bookstores. The 48 bookstores that once adorned this stretch of Fourth Avenue, earned it the moniker “Book Row.” The last shop officially part of Book Row shuttered in the late 1980s. Back in the day, these bookstores were often specialized and only sold secondhand or rare items. A very niche market for bibliophiles. Unfortunately time marched on and rents increased immensely, and larger bookstores like Barnes and Noble became the fashion. Additionally, the city sought to ban the “bargain carts” that were so ubiquitously present outside bookshops. This was in 1942, and it inspired 23 shop owners to come together to form the 4th Avenue Booksellers Association. The gradual closing down of Book Row followed a national trend, as the @nytimes, recorded the number of independent bookstores nationwide falling from 2,400 to 1,900 between 2002 and 2011.

Roy Perry
Browsing at Second Hand Bookstalls, Ninth Street and Fourth Avenue.

DATE:ca. 1940

for those curious about what it looks like to code events in a game, even on the most basic level:

> create an item
> give item a description
> item is worth ten gold if sold
> create chest
> stick item in chest
> have chest run basic opening animation
> chest can only be opened from the front
> test it
> cool it functions, item get
> wait, shit, the chest functions indefinitely
> player can now get infinite items and consequently infinite money
> remember to have events delete themselves once finished dammit


Chick Buns Discovered at Bakery Store in Osaka Japan by TOTORORO.RORO
Via Flickr:
Chick buns displayed at the window of bakery store Tobira (とびら) located in the Namba City, Osaka Japan. It seems a very popular item sold there. Camera Information: Model: Sony NEX-5N, Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec, Aperture: f/1.4, Focal Length: 50mm, ISO: 100 Lens: Metabones Sony A-mount to NEX Speed Booster Adapter + Sony 50mm f/1.4 Lens Alpha Mount (SAL50F14).

Get yourself out of this limited world of diseases to the wide world of the Hereafter, which has what the eyes have never seen. Nothing is impossible there, and love is not lost. O you who sold yourself for the sake of something that will cause you suffering and pain which will also lose its beauty, you sold the most precious item for the cheapest price, as if you neither knew the value of the goods nor the meanness of the price. Wait until you come to the Day of mutual loss and gain and you will discover the injustice of this contract.

“There is no good but Allah” is something that Alla is buying. Its price is Paradise and the Messenger is its agent, and you will be pleased to part with a small part of this worldly life to obtain it. THe part you lose is a small part of something that as a whole is not worth a mosquito’s wing.

—  Imam Ibn Al Qayyim, Al-fawa’id:A Collection of Wise Sayings
Imagine Sandor being your sworn sword and shield and you being the only one to calm his temper

prompt number thirteen and nineteen requested by anonymous (x2)


You walked through the marketplace of King’s Landing, taking in the fast-paced crowd and the variety of items being sold all around you. You went to look at a beautiful glass figurine of a sparrow taking flight, and Sandor followed you silently. You always joked that Sandor was your shadow; he never left your side, and that was how you liked it. 

The glass salesman approached you. He was a stout man, not young by any means, but he seemed kind. He rested a hand on your arm, “Excuse me, but I have a freshly-made figurine of a butterfly. Beautiful, it is, let me show you.”

Sandor slid the man’s hand off of your arm, his face hard and impassive, “The lady may not want to see it.” he said. You gently lay a hand on Sandor, and immediately you felt him relax. You were the only person who truly knew how to calm him, as most of the time you were the one he got emotional over. 

You smiled at the man, “I’d love to see it, I’m sure it’s exquisite.” As the man shuffled off to get the figurine, you turned to Sandor and gave him a small smile. He returned it and went to follow you, just like he always did.

My weird dream

I’m not sure if this was a partial nightmare or something. There was some fairly tense parts in it. I dunno. But, here we go.

So, in my dream Voldemort was in it. Except, instead of 7 horcruxes, he somehow had 7 children. Except, his children were horcruxes. Also, all his children had some sort of unique ability. But they soon realized that Voldemort was using and abusing them, so he had to die. So, all at the same time, they killed eachother and Voldemort using Avadacadabra. But wait, one of the children’s special abilities was coming back to life. So he did and told everyone that his family was dead and they could all rest easy. He looked a bit like Draco Malfoy…

After that, my dream went to this comic book store that also sold cosplay items. There was a really grumpy dude running it (he had brown hair with a beard of course). There was also this table that had a game system so people could play the latest game (in this case, it was pokemon). I was in it, just wandering around. I bought paints, attempted to sell completely flat crayons as comic books to the dude (I actually succeeded once) and I just existed. But then, everything got all dark and scary. So I went home. And guess what? There’s monsters in my house. Fight them with the random two people who are in my house for some reason. Oh, also most of the monsters looked like a very bad clone of Bob Ross. Not very scary. But there was one scary one (it wasn’t a Bob Ross clone), but I’m not sure how we defeated it. It suddenly just vanished. There was also another monster that was mostly made out of flowers. But, it burned immediately after I hugged it.

The part with the monsters I remember the most is when some weird people brought in one of the Bob Ross clones that was modeled after a werewolf or something. It pinned me against the wall and attempted to maul me, but then the sun came up. So it burned too. Then it immediately went back to nighttime.

There was also some monsters in the comic book store, but I don’t remember  them too well.

A little peace and quiet spent in the Maldives.

On another note. I’ll be restocking this set shortly. Along with all the other sold out items from my new #PARADISEFOUND Collection.
The same rules will apply with my next drop of stock.
First in, best dressed. Literally.😜 @MOANA_BIKINI
PC - @ryanjonestown📷🐚 by karinairby

The Dragonlore Trades Market

The market opens up outside the gates of Silvermoon City at 7:30 PM Sunday evening and will run into the evening. 

Sunday February 12th at 7:30PM

All are welcome to come down and enjoy the sights and sounds of the market! There will be a performer, stalls and shops to look at. Food and drink stands. The chance to win prizes!


There are so many things to look at it might be hard to decide. If its busy their might be a line so keep that in mind.

(OOC Stuff:

  • If an emote gets lost its best to whisper the shop keep. Lots going on after all. They are more likely to respond to a whisper. You might be in line.
  • This is an RP based market. GHI, RP and real items are sold. Feel free to RP it out and feel free to tip. Proceeds from the Market go toward prizes at future events.
  • Some vendors have info in their TRP, some on tumblr and some will tell you what they have. Feel free to look around and browse. If you are looking for something specific just ask.


Vendors will often shout out price drops and sales so keep your ears open!

The Third Wish Emporium

Owner Amethelia Moonbrooke is in charge of setting up the market every month. Her small shop offers potions, charms, trinkets, imported teas and a variety of other gift items for sale prices. Amethelia herself also provides divination in the form of Tarot cards, tea leaves and dice.

As a special at the Market she is doing short readings for free to all who ask. and a discount and special gift to anyone who takes interest in a longer reading. Prices are as follows:

FREE - One card

50 G - Three card spread with a free gift.

200 G - Full reading with a free gift.

Are you a Vendor, Shop or Restaurant/ Tavern Owner?

We are always looking for new vendors! Do you have a shop? Do you just collect rare pets or something you want to sell? Do you cook up something delicious you want to share with the community? Contact Amethelia or show up at 7 for the vendor meeting.

The Third Wish is hiring employees for this event and for the shop. This is a payed position. Interested parties should apply to Amethelia or Erialin with a resume. Good interpersonal skills a bonus.


This is TONIGHT at 7:30PM! Want to be a vendor? Contact Amethelia or just stop by at 7 to set up your stall. Just want to shop or check out the sights? The stalls open at 7:30PM Outside the front gate of Silvermoon.

Purchase from the Third Wish Emporium and win a spin on the Wheel of Mixed Fortune!

Want to help out but you don’t have a shop of your own? Contact Amethelia for information. Positions include event crier, entertainment and small time vendor. (Flowers, etc) for the Third Wish Emporium

Tips are welcome during RP and proceeds go toward future prizes for next month’s market day and other Enclave events. See you there!

Tips for online shopping

1. Learn to read the descriptions thoroughly. Just because the picture looks good does not necessarily mean that the item is going to be all that you imagine it to be and vice versa. 

2. Know your materials. For example, there’s a difference between PVC and PU leather. You’ll have a much better idea of what to expect when you have this knowledge. 

3. Know your body size and measurements. Most sites have a size chart which makes it a lot easier to order your accurate size. 

4. Always read the reviews. It seems like it’s either an extremely happy or super pissed off customer who writes the reviews, so keep that in mind. Reviews can help you find out if the sizes run a bit small, in which case you will want to order a size bigger than you usually would. 

5. For sites like Amazon and Ebay, look at the amount of items sold and the number of stars a seller has. From my experience, when those numbers were high I always got what I expected from the seller. 

6. The beautiful thing about shopping on the Internet is that you can compare prices and reviews for an item easily. There’s no harm in doing a little research to make sure you’re spending your money on what you really want. 

7. Pay with Paypal. 

8. Trust your gut. If a seller/transaction seems shady, move on. You’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for somewhere else. 

9. Just go for it! If you’ve never purchased online then I must say that you are totally missing out on a life changing experience.

I hope my tips can be of some use to you when doing your online shopping! xx

Feel free to add to the list ;)