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Animal Crossing GameCube was so heartless. Villagers would randomly paint your roof. It was so hard to make money. One time a villager sold me a mystery item without even asking and took all the money I was carrying. 12 thousand bells. It was a pitfall seed.

50 Rumors And Hooks...
  1. A bandit gang preys on wounded and weary adventurers as they straggle down the road from the dungeon to the city. 
  2. A black cloak was stolen from the Burnt Bridge tavern last night; sewn into the hem is a treasure map.
  3. A gigantic egg appeared in the town square last night. No one knows what might hatch out of it, but it’s going to happen soon.
  4. A deity walks the city streets disguised as a humble mortal. 
  5. A hot-tempered knight has promised all his lands to his brother if he is bested at the upcoming jousting tournament.
  6. A leading churchman has announced a heretical doctrine; his fellow priests have demanded that he recant, on pain of excommunication. 
  7. A wrestler named Drón Goldentress will perform three great quests for anyone who can beat her in a match. 
  8. Agitation grows in a neighboring land for a renewed war against the kingdom. 
  9. An eerie dog with glowing eyes stalks the city at night. The magnificent sorcerer Furioso was bitten by it, and now he can barely remember his own name.
  10. Ditchdiggers unearthed an ornate tin casket the other day. They can’t figure out how to open it, but won’t let anyone else try, either. 
  11. Drinking a poison surely meant for someone else, the meek baker Oswald dropped dead in a tavern last night. 
  12. During the day, the headsman’s daughter appears rather homely, but under the moonlight, she is the fairest young maiden in the realm.
  13. Every hundred years or so, a black, venomous rain falls on the city, killing hundreds of people. A recurrence is months overdue. 
  14. The Superordinate Six, a band of famed adventurers, have failed to return from an expedition to the Rat City ruins. 
  15. Goblins tunneled a good distance under the city walls last year, but the authorities covered it up. 
  16. Grave robbers have been digging up the bones of slain adventurers. They must be working for a lich or evil wizard. 
  17. Luriez the horse trader is auctioning off Bravo, a clever and magnificent steed. His former owner, a luckless mercenary, lost him in a dice game. 
  18. Magic items sold by Antesos Three-Beard have a peculiar way of finding their way back to his shop after the purchasers die. 
  19. Many of a famous knight’s heroic feats were in fact performed by his squire, a young girl dressed as a boy.
  20. Mercenaries have taken sanctuary in the temple; the high priests want them out but are forbidden by the tenets of their faith to expel them. 
  21. Pound for pound, the most valuable treasure in town is not silver or gold, but the cache of saffron hidden in the spice merchant’s shop. 
  22. Priestess Ciana has great healing powers, but those she raises from the dead sometimes take on her personality traits. 
  23. Pulsing green lights are frequently observed near the abandoned mines south of the city. 
  24. Recent rains flooded the catacombs beneath the city; strange things are floating to the surface.
  25. Someone is stealing all of the town’s church bells. 
  26. Somewhere in the city, the priceless Altar of Kych is hidden in plain sight.
  27. The armorer Casabon just received a shipment of Zhenish steel, which will make fine blades for those who can afford them.
  28. The astronomer Harun the Subtle reports sighting a circle of new red stars in the sky. The Royal Astrological Society has offered a reward to anyone who can conclusively explain the meaning of this omen.
  29. The beloved singer Dulari has fallen prey to a terrible illness, one the healers can’t cure. 
  30. The bullying city watchman Moyalva has been extorting money from the weak and helpless.
  31. The courtier Vivando has fallen out of favor with the king, who suspects him of having eyes for the princess.
  32. The exiled prince of Cadis unwisely dismissed a churlish servant who knows too much about his master’s business.
  33. The feathers that rained down on Beggar’s Alley last night came from the wings of battling archons.
  34. The floorboards beneath the Trembling Pig Inn are hollow and full of stolen gold.
  35. Pirates have disrupted grain shipments meant for the kingdom; starvation looms if traders cannot resupply in time.
  36. The high sheriff becomes violently enraged if anyone accuses him of having orc blood. 
  37. The king is a usurper who has the real heir to the throne chained up in his basement.
  38. The king plans to build new watchtowers around the city. Laborers, once desperate for work, will soon be hard to hire.
  39. The king’s chief minister plans to step down, making way for his clever but abrasive protégé. 
  40. The philosopher Frabreck has released another pamphlet arguing for the conquest of the orc lands, so that its peoples can be liberated from evil and placed under the king’s benevolent rule.
  41. The rancher Septimus is raising a flock of strange reptilian beasts on his farm.
  42. The retainers of an unpopular knight quelled an uprising on his lands by fi ring crossbows into an unarmed throng.
  43. The rich merchant Zaguant has learned that pirates have sold his son into slavery.
  44. The son and daughter of two rival merchant families eloped a few weeks ago. Both fathers offer a reward for the son: his father aims to protect him, but the girl’s wants him dead.
  45. Whenever a member of the murderous Lampedusa clan is slain, the weapon used to deal the death blow is permanently imbued with powerful magic.
  46. The young adventurer Brialda carries a shield bearing the crest of the Acatero family, even though, as an illegitimate daughter of that clan, she is not entitled to it. 
  47. An ancient throne lies buried in a field nearby. Anyone who sits on the throne for an entire night will rise from it a wise man or a lunatic.
  48. They say that if you listen long enough to the water lapping against the shore near the statue of King Brand, you will hear the name of an innocent person you are fated to kill. 
  49. They’re slaughtering more than just cows and sheep at the old abattoir down by the piers.
  50. Whenever ravens gather on the clock tower, a mighty hero dies. 
Retail Gothic
  • A customer pleads to be let in after closing time. They only need one item. They only ever need one Item.
  • A customer is looking for an item. You do not sell the item. You have never sold the item. You do not know what the item is.
  • An item does not scan. “It must be free” the customer jokes. You look at them, their mouth hangs open as they laugh. They have too many teeth. 
  • You ask your colleague how their day is going. They look back at you their eyes hollow and devoid of hope. You nod in understanding. No more is said.
  • A security barrier goes off. You look around but there is nobody there. There is just noise.
  • You say good morning to a customer. You hope it is still morning. You are no longer sure how time works. 
  • Colleagues  disappear as they move on to better things. You do not know where they go but sometimes you see them months later. Their eyes are bright and their smiles real. You know better than to question these things.
  • There is a man. He comes in every Wednesday. You have never seen him buy anything.
  • You see an actor from that happy show years before. They are looking at deodorant. They look sad. 
  • You go to the stockroom to find an item. You look around but there is nothing. The system says you have thirty two. The system always say you have thirty two.
  • You walk through the warehouse. All you can see in every direction is Christmas trees. It is July.
  • They ask to speak to a manager. You look around- there are no managers. you cannot remember the last time you saw a manager. What does a manager look like? 

Day One Hundred and Forty-One

-Just before entering the bathroom, a young boy turned, stared at me, and gave me a brief drum solo on his stomach. Message received, my friend, loud and clear.

-I watched a young girl dance an entrancing combination of disco and Oompa Loompa styles while in line at guest services. Finally, I have witnessed a physical manifestation of my very own soul.

-I sold a man an item marketed as a “performance bath mat,” and I will now be spending the remainder of my days on this earth pondering just what performance he had planned.

-A boy screamed and thrashed to get out of his cart despite his parents firm refusals. As they say, though, stickers soothe the savage breast, and he fell asleep immediately upon receiving one.

-An infant rolled through my lane, each wrist and ankle adorned with flashy yet tasteful charm bracelets. She spent her time kicking and dancing around, making sure to wave her appendages with vigor the likes of a hair metal band, marking her down as my most entertaining and most jangly guest of the night.

-I stuck my tongue out at a crying infant perched upon his father’s shoulder across the store from me. He calmed down instantaneously. Some things in this world never change, and that includes my powers.

-In a moment of silence, I heard a powerful speech flow through the store. Its source could not be found nor, seemingly, stopped. It carried on for several minutes with no hesitation or pausing, never wavering, never faltering. The truth of the moment may never be known, but none present shall ever forget the dramatic reading of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” that blessed us this night.

-I was lucky enough to experience the most engaging and thoughtful conversation I’ve had in a long time with a guest tonight. Admittedly, the majority of what she had to say was relayed in gurgles and pops, and she was nine months-old, but I came out of this chat a changed man.

-My new location has lacked something since I arrived, and I have finally been able to put my finger on it: the gaggles of older guests that used to flood my lanes, trying their best. In their place, I now face slews of businesspeople and students, all in too much of a hurry to try st all. Luckily, I have had no shortage of tiny tots and incredible infants gracing my lane. In truth, they are the ones who get me through my shifts, and not a transaction goes by where I do not thank them graciously.

((((( I used a translator.I’m sorry  ㅠ_ㅠ))))))

Hello !!!!!
Finally, the closing ceremony is over.
Here are the pictures of the items sold!

There are several things left behind.

So I want to sell them to you too. (If you want!!)
But I’ve never sent overseas courier before.

I could be delayed because I don’t have the info.

Did you know Toby visited the event hall anyway?!!?

I’ve got Toby autograph in my painting!!!! 

(( ㅇ우와아아아ㅏ~!~!~!! 너무 쩐다~!!!!!!!!!))

I’m dying to die … I’m so….happy…… ㅠ_ㅠ♥

Anyway, I will bring good news next time!

Ah!!!!   It was late, but Happy New Year to you.   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

아 그리고 해외에 사시는 한국분들도 제 텀블러를 보시는거 같더라구요..!
호옥시…제 굿즈 원하신다면…..원…하..시.ㄴ..다면…….
나중에 통신판매할때 그때 연락 주세요..!!!!! (정말 원하신다면…(원하시는분들이잇을까..???)

아 그리고 혹시…해외배송? 해보신분이나..알..고..있거나..번역 도움을 해드리고 싶다! 하시는분이 있다면…….덧글 남겨주세요 ㅠㅁㅠ 우아ㅏ앙

(아무것도 모르면서 일을 너무 크게 만드는거 아닌가 싶지만 재고가 너무 많이 남아버렸습니다…젠자아앙~)

해외에있는 한국분들도 새해 복 많이 받으세요 ><~!!!!!!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Phone vendor gets more calls than he expected

This happened around twenty years back.

I was looking to buy a secondhand cellphone.  The place to go for such things at the time was a physical paper released every Thursday and devoted solely to classified ads for stuff being sold.  This paper didn’t actually charge you to place an ad - it charged you only if your item sold.  If you paid the fee upon sale they would kill the ad; if you didn’t, then your ad was run for four or five editions of the paper.   One consequence of all this was that immoral humans would tell the paper that their items had not been sold when in fact they had, thus denying the paper its fee and leaving their pointless ad to continue running.

So one Thursday, I buy this classified ads paper. I find a good phone at a great price (Nokia 8210 for anyone who cares…this was circa 1999), and I call the landline number listed in the ad.  The home’s patriarch answers and puts on the vendor, who I’m guessing is maybe 18. He tells me the phone has been sold that morning.  Okay, thanks, bye.

I don’t buy a phone that week, so the following Thursday, I buy that week’s paper to look again.  And the ad is still there.

So I call this guy again, and say I’m ringing about the cellphone.  This conversation ensues:

Him: I’ve sold it.

Me: But it’s only 10am.  When did you sell it?

Him: This morning.

Me: Well that’s funny, because you told me exactly the same thing when I called you last Thursday.

Him: AWWW FUCK YOU MATE!!! [slams down phone]

Well now I’m pissed off.  This guy has wasted my time and abused me because I called him out for his shit. Time to get even.

As it happens, every Saturday the major newspaper in the same city had a classifieds section that allowed up to five free ads per week for items priced below $100.  So I submitted five ads for a variety of items, with his landline as the contact number.  I can now only remember three of them:

1. “Trombone - used once, child decided he doesn’t like it, just want to get rid of it, $99.”  The other ads for good student trombones at that time seemed to mostly be around $300.

2. “Playboy magazines, complete series from 1972 to current day, great condition, only a few centrefolds missing, $99.”

3. “Nokia 8210, great condition, only a month old, $99”. At that point 8210s were worth about $300.   (This ad was designed to ensure the victim could work out who’d placed all the ads.)

Saturday comes. It’s mid morning, and my best friend is at my house. I commission him to place a call to the victim’s number.   The call is answered by a kid who my friend says couldn’t have been more than four years old.   Here is the ensuing conversation as relayed to me, verbatim.

4yo: Hello?

My friend: Oh hi, I’m calling about the trombone?

4yo: IT’S SOLD!!!!!! [slams down phone]

They’d received so many calls, they’d instructed their toddler on how to shut them down.

Revenge: acquired.

TL;DR- got screwed around when trying to buy a secondhand phone, made the vendor’s landline ring off the hook for hours / days.

The Goiânia accident

The Goiânia accident was a radioactive contamination accident that occurred on September 13, 1987, at Goiânia, in the Brazilian state of Goiás, after an old radiotherapy source was stolen from an abandoned hospital site in the city. It was subsequently handled by many people, resulting in four deaths. About 112,000 people were examined for radioactive contamination and 249 were found to have significant levels of radioactive material in or on their bodies.

In the cleanup operation, topsoil had to be removed from several sites, and several houses were demolished. All the objects from within those houses were removed and examined. Time magazine has identified the accident as one of the world’s “worst nuclear disasters” and the International Atomic Energy Agency called it “one of the world’s worst radiological incidents”.

What follows in a incredible series of events motivated purely out of ignorance, childish wonder and greed, and the dire consequences this brought to the people involved and the city as a whole:

The accident began when two thieves, Roberto dos Santos Alves and Wagner Mota Pereira, broke into the abandoned and partially demolished Instituto Goiano de Radioterapia (IGR), where they came across a caesium-137-based teletherapy unit.

 They partially disassembled the unit, and placed the source assembly – which they thought might have some scrap value – in a wheelbarrow, taking it to Alves’s home, and once there, they began dismantling the equipment. That same evening, they both began to vomit. Nevertheless, they continued in their efforts. The following day, Pereira began to experience diarrhea and dizziness and his left hand began to swell. He soon developed a burn on this hand in the same size and shape as the aperture – he eventually had partial amputation of several fingers. 

On September 15, Pereira visited a local clinic where his symptoms were diagnosed as the result of something he had eaten, and he was told to return home and rest. Alves, however, continued with his efforts to dismantle the equipment. In the course of this effort, he eventually freed the caesium capsule from its protective rotating head. His prolonged exposure to the radioactive material led to his right forearm becoming ulcerated, requiring amputation.

On September 16, Alves succeeded in puncturing the capsule’s aperture window with a screwdriver, allowing him to see a deep blue light coming from the tiny opening he had created. He inserted the screwdriver and successfully scooped out some of the glowing substance. Thinking it was perhaps a type of gunpowder, he tried to light it, but the powder would not ignite.

On September 18, Alves sold the items to a nearby scrapyard. That night, Devair Alves Ferreira, the owner of the scrapyard, noticed the blue glow from the punctured capsule. Thinking the capsule’s contents were valuable or even supernatural, he immediately brought it into his house. Over the next three days, he invited friends and family to view the strange glowing substance.

On September 21 at the scrapyard, one of Ferreira’s friends succeeded in freeing several rice-sized grains of the glowing material from the capsule using a screwdriver; Alves Ferreira began to share some of them with various friends and family members. That same day, his wife, 37-year-old Gabriela Maria Ferreira, began to fall ill. On September 25, 1987, Devair Alves Ferreira sold the scrap metal to a second scrapyard.

The day before the sale to the second scrapyard, on September 24, Ivo, Devair’s brother, successfully scraped some additional dust out of the source and took it to his house a short distance away. There he spread some of it on the cement floor. His six-year-old daughter, Leide das Neves Ferreira, later ate a sandwich while sitting on this floor. She was also fascinated by the blue glow of the powder, applying it to her body and showing it off to her mother. Dust from the powder fell on the sandwich she was consuming; she eventually absorbed 1.0 GBq, total dose 6.0 Gy, more than a fatal dose even with treatment.

Gabriela Maria Ferreira had been the first to notice that many people around her had become severely ill at the same time.

On September 28, 1987 — 15 days after the item was found — she reclaimed the materials from the rival scrapyard and transported them to a hospital. Because the remains of the source were kept in a plastic bag, the level of contamination at the hospital was low.

In the morning of September 29, 1987 a visiting medical physicist used a scintillation counter to confirm the presence of radioactivity and persuaded the authorities to take immediate action. The city, state, and national governments were all aware of the incident by the end of the day.

News of the radiation incident was broadcast on local, national, and international media. Within days, nearly 130,000 people swarmed local hospitals concerned that they might have been exposed. Of those, 250 were indeed found to be contaminated— some with radioactive residue still on their skin— through the use of Geiger counters. Eventually, 20 people showed signs of radiation sickness and required treatment.

Ages in years are given, with dosages listed in grays (Gy).


  • Leide das Neves Ferreira, age 6 (6.0 Gy), was the daughter of Ivo Ferreira. When an international team arrived to treat her, she was discovered confined to an isolated room in the hospital because the hospital staff were afraid to go near her. She gradually experienced swelling in the upper body, hair loss, kidney and lung damage, and internal bleeding. She died on October 23, 1987, of “septicemia and generalized infection” at the Marcilio Dias Navy Hospital, in Rio de Janeiro. She was buried in a common cemetery in Goiânia, in a special fiberglass coffin lined with lead to prevent the spread of radiation. Despite these measures, news of her impending burial caused a riot of more than 2,000 people in the cemetery on the day of her burial, all fearing that her corpse would poison the surrounding land. Rioters tried to prevent her burial by using stones and bricks to block the cemetery roadway. She was buried despite this interference.
  • Gabriela Maria Ferreira, aged 37 (5.7 Gy), wife of junkyard owner Devair Ferreira, became sick about three days after coming into contact with the substance. Her condition worsened, and she developed internal bleeding, especially in the limbs, eyes, and digestive tract, and suffered from hair loss. She died October 23, 1987, about a month after exposure.
  • Israel Baptista dos Santos, aged 22 (4.5 Gy), was an employee of Devair Ferreira who worked on the radioactive source primarily to extract the lead. He developed serious respiratory and lymphatic complications, was eventually admitted to hospital, and died six days later on October 27, 1987.
  • Admilson Alves de Souza, aged 18 (5.3 Gy), was also an employee of Devair Ferreira who worked on the radioactive source. He developed lung damage, internal bleeding, and heart damage, and died October 18, 1987.

Devair Ferreira himself survived despite receiving 7 Gy of radiation. He died in 1994 of cirrhosis aggravated by depression and binge drinking.


Please be nice to cashiers.
It’s not their fault that the price is wrong, it’s not their fault that the item isn’t scanning, it’s not their fault that the store charges 5 cents for bags, it’s not their fault they have to ask you a few questions during your transaction, it’s not their fault that the line was long, it’s not their fault that your item was sold out, it’s not their fault that the bag ripped, it’s not their fault that when trying to bag your things nicely allowing the handles to still have function that the bag wasn’t exploding full, it’s not their fault the store is busy, it’s not their fault.
Please be nice to cashiers.


So for my transition I have been making and selling book related items and I have decided to make this a master post and post links to all of my items at the end of this. I have had a lot of items sold since my last load of updates so I will take the time to update each item separately.

This is for the UK only because of shipping. Everything goes towards my transition.

Payment would be sent through bank transfer or paypal (Through friends and family option please otherwise it takes 10%) 

I’ve had questions about donations, I don’t have a gofund me, I would rather feel like you get something in return. But if you wish, you can pay extra for anything you buy. I have had loads of people do this already.

Harry Potter Themed
Sketchbooks and Journals

Please share this around, thank you.

How to Print and Price your Stuff

The main example used here is posters (and other print items for simplicity sake), but I do mention other items and what I talk about here applies to pretty much all produced products (posters, mugs, key chains, bookmarks, comic books, etc.)

Here’s some advice based on my own experiences and research.

General Pricing:

8″x10″ posters are usually at least $10 and up. Posters Larger than that are usually at least $15 or $20 and up. 

For a larger poster $45 can be perfectly acceptable especially if the content is particularly fantastic or detailed.

The exact amount really depends on you, art level, size of poster, printing costs, printing method, etc. Don’t under price your art, but don’t expect to sell a lot of and 8″x10″ print for $50 a piece unless your art is really frickin’ spectacular.

[Original art (not a print, an original, like a physical painting or sculpture) are a different story. Original paintings and the like can go for larger amounts, but your only selling the individual painting once. This will focus more on production of multiple prints and copies.]

Selling Factors:

How do you plan on selling these? For physical copies, if you’re not going to be at a convention or booth, online there’s

Shipping cost

to consider. Will shipping be an added on cost or will the poster price be higher and shipping free? (If you’re doing free shipping make sure to put that where it’s well visible. People always like free.) Also make sure to account for overseas shipping which can be way pricier.

Also consider deals.
Buy 2 get 3rd 50% off can help encourage people to buy more and raise your sales, but you have to willing to sell your product for that price. Other deals that are common are Buy $X or more and get free shipping, Buy X# of products and get free commission doodle or bookmark or other little trinket (doodles can be requests that you post on your blog rather than physically ship), Buy full set for $50 (instead of the $60 it would cost to buy them all separately), and other things in this vein.


Are you going through a site where you never actually touch the product (ie. RedBubble) or are you handling all the printing and shipping yourself?

Online Sites and 3rd Party Vendors:
If your going through a site that handles all the production and shipping it can be good since it’s very hands off. On the payment side though here are some question you need to check:

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Nixon Paper Dress


Paper clothes were a short-lived fad that lasted from 1966 to 1968. The Scott Paper Company introduced the first paper dress in 1966 as a promotional item and sold about 500,000 dresses. The success of the dresses was so phenomenal that many other companies started making them. The disposable dresses came in four sizes, and alterations and repairs were made with transparent tape. The hem could be adjusted simply with a pair of scissors.

A symbol of the throwaway culture of the ‘60s, paper dresses were marketed for mass consumption and were available in numerous styles and prints. By 1967, major department stores such as I. Magnin &amp; Co, Lord &amp; Taylor, and Altman’s, were selling them.

Many of the dresses were printed in geometric, abstract motifs inspired by the Op art, Conceptual art and Pop art movements. Paper dresses unified art and fashion as they became part of the developing popular culture of the 1960s.

This A-line dress is constructed from four layers of very thin tissue-like paper bonded by pressure. All paper dresses were treated with fire-resistant chemicals and were not to be washed or dry cleaned, which would have made them flammable.

Indianapolis Museum of Art

from @nctudose on instagram - “Article: the full story of Taeyong’s scamming past
source: instiz
✔️He sold items online and sent bricks afterwards?
This was not the truth❗️
This is a screencaps of people who wanted to start a bad rumor against Taeyong.
“The important part is that he didn’t go on reflection. People sent him money and he sent them bricks. He was an iljin that was famous at school and he was known to harass people on a daily basis.”
✔️The most famous story was how he sent bricks instead of the figurines. In the first scandal, after shipping the goods out, the purchaser expressed his/her discontentment and asked Taeyong or a refund (which he repaid) so it wasn’t a scam. He never sent out any bricks.
Aside from these stories, there were also people saying how he sent empty boxes and that he took the money and disappeared. But again, there was only friction between the purchaser and Taeyong. Taeyong said that he would meet the purchaser at another time at Sindorim to give him/her the missing parts. It wasn’t a scam.The only true story was that Taeyong sent defective Gundam toys but people only paid him a small amount. The other two stories (the brick one and him running away with the money) were made up by people cherry picking facts from his Gundam scandal.

After his scamming scandal spread out, SM made him apologize and wrote an article about it. He then went on reflection.
✔️Taeyong sent a note to the victim filled with swear words
This was not sent to the victim❗️
The notes containing profanity is a separate case from the ones seen above. These are notes that one of the café member sent to Taeyong. Basically, they were both kinda insulting each other and had an online quarrel. But people who said that Taeyong sent these notes to the one that received bricks which was false.
✔️He has been blacklisted because of his scams so he made several IDs
This was not the truth❗️
Even if Taeyong had 4 different IDs (hssarang98, julyfirst1, i55052 & 1021kms), it wasn’t true that it was because of his scam and he wasn’t blacklisted. The reason he made 4 different IDs was because 2 of the IDs were related to him sending profanity notes and that one of his account’s business was halted. ”

I found this on instagram. I hope this clears something up


Anonymous Requested: omg as soon as I read “We don’t know each other. We’re just two people being grumpy about Valentine’s Day and made a deal to spend the day together.” I imagined with Zico, I think it fits him lmao. Would you please write it? Thanks, you’re the best <3 Part of my Valentine’s Day prompt series.

Genre: Zico x Reader

Words: 2531

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

You knew you should’ve left the minute you’d seen the hostess put them at a table. Instead, you’d stayed in your corner booth and watched the way they lovingly stared at one another. The way his hand reached out to grab hers like she was something precious. Their smiles seemed endless as they chatted with words you couldn’t hear and tried to drown out your broken heart with swigs of your rum and coke.

How bittersweet it was indeed to run into your ex-boyfriend on Valentine’s Day with the girl he’d left you for. The same exact girl he’d replaced you with before actually excusing himself from your relationship. No, you weren’t still bitter at all.

You flagged down a waitress to get you another drink when a man slid into the other side of the booth. He was greeted with wide eyes and raised brows, but didn’t appear to notice. His hands folding on top of the table as eyes you could only classify as tiger-shaped stared back at you. It was silly to think, but it felt like he could see right through you. The thought making your own arms retract closer to your chest while still holding onto your glass. Just in case you needed something to launch in his direction for a quick escape.

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Ruki: today was the 2ndONLINE day of NIL. it was a resale but it seems so many people accessed the site that the items were sold out one after the other at quite an early stage and lots of people got something, so I’m really glad I produced this collection! 😭
and while it looks like some other small items will also be coming out here and there, there’s still so much I wanna show you about the way I feel in terms of casual, everyday clothes and I would like to keep talking a little more about this place I’ve created which I was very particular about.

then there was this one question that came up quite a lot yesterday, but basically I want to develop collections that are divided into spring/summer and fall/winter season each so I think we won’t restock some of the items that’ll be coming out in the future.

however, this was the first time for me to produce winter goods, and as someone who really loves winter clothes I’m already super impatient for the winter to come. plus, I personally feel like there actually are just a few things that I still couldn’t really produce for this time’s spring/summer collection so I’ll be very happy if you guys lay back and wait for the next one 💃🔥 ever since I started NIL I’ve once again come to realize  the pleasure of creating something from scratch  and bringing it into being 🔥

I’m absolutely sure that you will like all of the items so I myself can’t wait for you guys to get them, like I can’t…🙉 just look forward to it, you’ll see!

the picture is from when the items were still in the sample stage.. from here on we will be retouching and fixing, again and again, before the products will reach you guys. this really means a lot to me and I’m deeply touched!

ok, I didn’t even realize how long this turned out but once again, thank you guys for your orders! 😎🤘
#nilduenilun #nilduenilun_tokyo #thegazette #ruki #thankyou

Ruki: also, I’m home now. today we got together with all the members and had a meeting bout a certain something. I can’t wait to make all sorts of announcements! GN👼

A customer wanted to return a reeeeeaaaaally old product yesterday.

TL;DR: Older customer wanted to return a very old product that doesn’t exist anymore and we refused.


Our return policy is pretty chill. As long as you can prove you bought it in one of our stores (it had our price sticker on it, or we can track your receipt or you have it, or it’s our brand) we can refund you for it.

I’ve been working here for 2 and a half years and I can count in one hand the number of times we refused to refund a customer. We sometimes let people return diapers that they didn’t buy in one of our stores if they want to get the same type of diaper only a different size.

Yesterday came in a woman with two packages of maxi pads.

She wanted to return them and get a refund.

They were REALLY old. The price sticker was ours, but of at least a decade ago. It said “8.99” and that sort of pricing had been outlawed several years ago because in my country our smallest coin is of 0.10 of our currency.

If the total comes to an uneven number and the customer wants to pay in cash, the sum gets automatically rounded up or down by the computer (Our computers always round down).

Also, that item hasn’t even existed in any store here in years.

I tell her that the item is really old and she says that she bought it a few months ago in our store in the center of town.

I told her I’d have to ask the managers, mainly to avoid arguing with her and having to refund her in any case after the argument.

I went to the back, took a picture of the items with the price stickers, sent it to the managers’ group and had a good laugh with the managers bc obviously this wasn’t refundable.

I returned and explained that I asked both the manager and the store owner and they said that bc it was so old and we haven’t stocked or sold this item in years and the company stopped manufacturing it, that I couldn’t refund her.

She said that maybe because our store was new that I didn’t know what it was.

I told her that I would go with her to the feminine hygiene aisle and then to the storage in the back, and then to all the other stores in the city (there are 3 more besides ours) and do the same and if she found this item anywhere that I’d pay her back for them myself.

She said something like, “you’re nor kidding, huh?”

I said no, sorry and wished her a good day.

Afterwards I called the manager to ask him something else and we laughed about this. He said he was going to send that picture to the store managers’ group.

for those curious about what it looks like to code events in a game, even on the most basic level:

> create an item
> give item a description
> item is worth ten gold if sold
> create chest
> stick item in chest
> have chest run basic opening animation
> chest can only be opened from the front
> test it
> cool it functions, item get
> wait, shit, the chest functions indefinitely
> player can now get infinite items and consequently infinite money
> remember to have events delete themselves once finished dammit

A Transmutation the Fullmetal Way!? A Special Present to come with Pre-Ordered Movie Tickets!

First Group Special Present
An Alphonse Workbook for the Subject “Alchemy”!

For tickets pre-ordered July 12th (Wednesday) or after
Alphonse (Size B6)
※ Only 30,000 made

Second Group Special Present
A clear file with the live action brothers posing like in the manga!

For tickets pre-ordered September 23rd (Saturday) or after
Original Clear File (Size A5)
※ Only 50,000 made

< Ticket Varieties >
General: 1,400 yen (with tax)       Children: 900 yen (with tax)

※ With the purchase of 1 ticket comes 1 special present.
※ The special presents can be purchased at movie theatre ticket windows across Japan, they’re limited items not for sale. 
※ In the event that the items are sold out, their selling will stop. 
※ It’s possible for the real item to look slightly different from the images.

source: Official hagaren-movie tumblr