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“Look, I didn’t want to be a half-blood.”

I haven’t read a series in quite a long time where I had such a clear, distinct vision of what each and every character looked like. After finishing through PJO earlier this year, I slowly started sketching out everyone I could and editing along the way in order to get them to look as closely as possible to what was in my head. I wasn’t able to cover every single character that’s mentioned, but I’m still really proud of this set! I can’t wait to use it as a reference for more PJO art going forward.

Yuri On Ice

Came for the same-sex romance representation

Stayed for one of the most healthiest and supportive romances I have ever seen in media (like holy shit), the incredible character development, the attention to detail of the world of figure skating, the music, and all the characters who I have adopted because I love them all, they are my children now


Everyday people do everyday things but I
Can’t be one of them
I know you hear me now, we are a different kind
We can do anything


Fareeha steps onto the mats and easily catches the staff that Angela tosses towards her. “Please don’t hold back, Ranger Ziegler,” she says, and spins the staff in one hand.

Inspired by another really good pharmercy fic recommended to me, 
Equilibrium by caesurae @gravehelm


[Read from left to right]

This was supposed to be really cute, but it just turned really weird in the end…I had less than five hours of sleep. Honestly, I wanted to draw more Baseball player!Yoosung bc of @pwoo so blame/thank her for this mess LMAO.