(selected) Tipsy Dragon Age Doobles (3-27-15)

Wasn’t feeling all that well last night so I cut the worst of the drawings from the batch. These are the ones that made the cut. Hope to see you all again next Friday! I’m sorry if I didn’t get to your request! I will catch up on those next week since I hardly got to any last night, I really wasn’t feeling well. 

  • Varric:What is it with you and the doom stuff? Are you always this cheery, or is the hole in the sky getting to you?
  • Solas:I've no idea what you mean.
  • Varric:All the "fallen empire" crap you go on about. What's so great about empires anyway?
  • Varric:So we lost the Deep Roads, and Orzammar is too proud to ask for help. So what? We're not Orzammar, and we're not our empire.
  • Varric:There are tens of thousands of us living up here in the sunlight now, and it's not that bad.
  • Varric:Life goes on. It's just different than it used to be.
  • Solas:And you have no concept of what that difference cost you.
  • Varric:I know what it didn’t cost me. I’m still here, even after all those thaigs fell.

Wicked Age: Inquisition

I completely blame ienjoyfollowingyou for this insanity. (a total lie tho b/c the madness was honestly all my own but Brie did nOTHING TO STOP IT)

But I mean how else did Solas end up wearing that atrocity of a hat to the Winter Palace??? 

Also this features Brie’s Lavellan, Yolanda.

more may or… may not be incoming…