ironbullsmissingeye  asked:

I wish you would write a fic where...Idrilla out smarts Solas and doesn't let it go.


Its happenes often enough now that Solas should expect it. First is the sharp glint in her bright eyes as she figures something out. Followed by an excited breath and quick sentence completely obliterating whatever point he just made in such a way he can’t help but find excitement at such wit.

Next comes her smile, just as sharp and dangerous as her eyes. Solas knows that smile means trouble but something about it causes a thrill to run through him. It’ll follow him for days, her smiles and her words. She won’t let him forget and how could he? She is a beacon, a light shining so bright Solas forgets he is perhaps getting too close.

The inquisitor made an attempt to draw Solas, threw it in the bin. Sera found it. 

I couldn’t sleep and sketched out Solas in like 10 minutes, got annoyed and gave him a mustache, the rest is history. 

and last but not least, some fun stuff from dai’s party banter:

  • cole liked halamshiral because “there were so many wonderful hats!”
  • dorian and varric bet against each other pretty frequently
  • varric’s “my mother didn’t raise any moron” = “mama didn’t raise no fool”
  • dorian likes black licorice
  • krem sews plushies, specifically nugs with wings
  • solas and bull play imaginary chess. bull renames some of his pieces (arishoks, tamassrans, and ben-hassrath)
  • blackwall says varric has “adopted” cole
  • varric is planning an orlesian-based trilogy, starring vivienne as the villain. she’s delighted by this
  • bull calls solas “fade-walker” and vivienne “ma’am”
  • both bull and blackwall make comments as to whether or not solas bangs spirits in the fade
  • vivienne cares very much for bull and mothers him on more than one occasion
  • sera’s a kill-stealer. solas and bull both bring it up with differing levels of irritation
  • sera puts a beehive in cullen’s sparring dummy and claims she doesn’t remember how she did it
  • bull says blackwall would’ve made a good charger
  • solas seriously asks bull how he puts on a shirt, and bull explains it to him
  • bull likes dawnstone blades because they’re pink and pretty
  • blackwall had a little sister who died when he was a kid
  • cassandra punches trees when she gets hay fever because it was something anthony told her to do when they were young
  • blackwall and bull spar with cassandra, but not with each other
  • vivienne compares solas to a pride demon
  • solas inadvertently set his coattails on fire at least once
  • sera has a lot of deja vu
  • sera once filled solas’s bedroll with lizards
  • varric helps sera prank vivienne
  • blackwall loves sera

and a few from trespasser:

  • blackwall says his sword “isn’t compensation; it’s a counterweight” 👀
  • when the anchor flares, the inquisitor feels it “from their palm to their jawbone”
  • dorian wants to recreate an eluvian
  • cole references the name of one of solas’s companion quests (all new, faded for her) when lamenting his disappearance
  • varric says cassandra can’t carry a tune
  • cole visited varric in kirkwall and helped the people there
  • dorian has allergies to strip wheat
dai characters as john mulaney quotes
  • Inquisitor: I'm feeling sort of existentially insane, but I'm trying to hold it together.
  • Cassandra: I'm so horny and angry all the time and I have no outlet for it.
  • Leliana: Stop snitchin', motherfucker.
  • Josephine: When I walk down the street, I need everybody, all day long, to like me so much. It's exhausting.
  • Cullen: I used to smoke crack.
  • Varric: The more you do stuff, the better you get with dealing how you still fail at it a lot of the time.
  • Solas: If it's one of those "true or false" questions you should be able to add a third option, which is, "who's to say?"
  • Vivienne: You have the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.
  • Dorian: Then, for a backstory, I will pepper in the fact that I am gay.
  • Cole: Things don't exist until they exist.
  • Blackwall: And then I said, "No," you know, like a liar.
  • Iron Bull: I took it, drank all of it, and said, "It's perfume."
  • Krem: Oh, well, thank you for asking. Well, you know how I'm full of rage?
  • Lace Harding: I'm very small and I have no money, so you can imagine the kind of stress I'm under.
  • Hawke: I'll keep all my emotions right here, and then one day I'll die.