After months of work (seriously, I started Jan 15ish and finished April 27th), 200+ hours later, Anna is done.

I was so very glad to do Shuto as a test run: because of that I knew to fix the petticoat so that the skirt draped properly, instead of the slight bell curve I had.

None of these are the ‘pretty’ photos yet, since I got shoot with Solartempest, but I can’t resist showing how much of a DORK I am in this costume!

The costume won 2 awards at Costume Con 32 - Best Novice Finishing in Worksmanship and Best Characterization for Performance. I am HELLA proud, because this is the first time I’ve competed since 2006.

It’s an A-line box pleated skirt, with embroidered panels. A basic cotton for the inner panels, a cotton sateen for the gold panels, and a taffeta for the embroidered panels. All of the embroidery is done by hand. The skirt took 175 hours to construct (roughly), the bodice is steel boned rayon velvet over cotton coutil and took a good 30. I am wearing 2 petticoats and 2 slips over the petticoats to keep them in shape. The wig is an Arda Jennie, the necklace is made of sculpy. The male Elsa is Nick who is seriously cool and let me troll him for a few photos.

Here’s my masquerade entry, if you wanna see it moving! 

(With much love for frozencosplayreferences because without them I don’t know HOW I would have gotten this costume together in time.)


I don’t know if I’m elated or gassy
but I’m somewhere in that zone!

My Princess Anna coronation gown, as shot by Solartempest at Costume Con this past May. Some of the best shots I’ve gotten yet, you can see all of the embroidery - that was done by hand, panel by panel, over 150 hours worth on the skirt alone - and details of the wig which I am really quite proud of. This was before I picked up another petticoat, so the skirt isn’t quite as full as I’d like here, but ah well - live and learn!


What’s this?


Due to recent financial troubles (due to working freelance) and having free time, I have decided to open commissions again!

I am taking on a limited number of rush commissions for KatsuCon, if you order by December 31st!

(Additionally, if you’d like to just donate, my paypal is

(Photo credits: PhotosNXS, Cosplayers Canada, Amaleigh Photography, SolarTempest)


Sailor Moon commissions are open!

I’m almost done my current pile, and it occurs to me that the deadline for Anime North (and other May/June conventions) is coming up fast!

Basic information can be found at the above link. And I don’t just do default senshi! If you’ve got an idea for Sailor Avengers/Disney Princesses/Adventure Time, whatever, let me know!

Note: All costumes pictured were made by me with the exception of Sailor Mercury (made by Gina G. with bows by me), and Sailor Iron Man (made by Jayuna with the leotard and hip roll by me).

Photo credits: Wandering Dana | Cosplayers Canada | Eleventh Photograph | Amaleigh | Paul Cory | SolarTempest