alternatives to throwing things away

hey! this post is just a list of ideas; it’s not complete & i would appreciate add-ons. however, if you’re looking to save money, be more environmentally friendly, or even just get rid of stuff while moving, i think this could get you started.

  • recycle: do a little research: many urban areas have recycling service, but in rural areas this can be harder. however, you can save/collect your waste & bring it to recycling facilities. google whether there is a hard-to-recycle material center in your area. good for paper, plastic, glass, metal, & some locations accept materials like foam.
  • donate & share: if the items you have are obsolete for you personally but functional, you can donate them. there are options like thrift stores, good for still-useable items of any kind, but those aren’t the only potential recipients: depending on what you have to donate, you could give to libraries, creative reuse centers (google this one! they’re basically thrift stores for art supplies), or schools. individuals work too: sharing in your community is free & will probably make you friends.
  • sell: rather than just getting rid of things, you can sell them for a discount to people who need them. in person, pawn shops & consignment stores can easily be found on google, or even just having a yard sale. online, there are many marketplaces for this type of thing; the best known are ebay & craigslist. the items get a longer lifespan with their second owner, & you get some extra cash.
  • reuse: this isn’t just in the classical sense, although things like canvas shopping bags are excellent. before you throw something away, look for nontraditional uses for it: a glass bottle becomes a vase, if you don’t throw it out. look creatively at things you might consider waste.
  • repair: this is a skill. it can be time-consuming to learn, but it’s helpful to know how to sew & how to fix appliances. these skills can be learned from others if you have someone who already knows, or online. youtube is full of tutorials.
  • reduce: ask yourself before purchasing or something new, “do i need this? what will i do with this once i’m done? what can i substitute for this? will this object become obsolete or break quickly?” try to be efficient with your use of resources; “disposable” is often a lie.

that’s all i’ve got, but feel free to add on! try to practice this as often as you can, so that eventually it becomes habit.

Tonight’s realization: Pokémon is a Solarpunk setting.


  • “Science is amazing!” / Science as a recurring theme
  • Coexisting with nature (pokémon) is a major theme
  • Healthcare is free for everyone
  • Society is generally safe enough for 10-year-olds to travel alone with only their pets. In fact, it’s almost common for children to do so.
  • Urban sprawl is pretty well contained in most regions.
  • Wilderness conservation is a well-kept priority
  • Most people walk or bike everywhere, and those who don’t usually ride pokémon. There are few cars to cause smog.
  • Solar & Wind energy is used in many places, even small towns like New Bark.
  • Cultural love of science coexists with respect for tradition and spirituality (mediums, psychics, aura readers, etc)
  • It’s a possible, nearby, optimistic, future (besides the pocket monsters themselves ofc). Very little of Pokémon’s tech is too far off modern tech.

If every working-class person in the world decided this afternoon to install solar panels on their roofs and started biking instead of driving, the ice caps would still melt and the human race would still die off. It simply isn’t possible to end climate change while working within a system that sends all your products overseas in massive supertankers wrapped in unrecycled plastic that will be thrown in a landfill the moment it hits land - and practices like that aren’t going to go away because of your purchasing habits.

Nor are we gonna hit some magical point where using clean energy and reducing waste are suddenly the cheapest or most profitable option and so all the world’s big companies fall over each other to switch over. That has never been the case and never will be - the “free market” isn’t going to save us.

The fact of the matter is, this system needs to be torn down if our species is to survive. We don’t have time to delay the revolution anymore. Capitalism is extinction. 

sustainability as a concept done on an individual basis shouldn’t be framed as planet saving because it’s. not. you can’t save the earth by planting your own tomatoes, because the destruction of the earth is due to corporations

what you CAN do is use individual sustainability to gain a level of independence from capitalism for yourself and for your community through things like sharing grown food

Punk Problems

It has come to my attention as of late that people do not fully understand the difference in the punks. Some people seem to think that Steampunk is pretty much everything when you see it.

Let us review the fundamentals. Steampunk is set in an alternate future where steam was the primary technology and they continued on that path till now. That’s basically it. However there are MANY alternate futures with alternate technology’s, and lumping all of them into steampunk is just cheapening them. So let me just show you an example of each.

CLOCK/STEAMPUNK: This era is often Victorian in style for some reason and the steam powered robots often use lots of smoke stacks, gears, clockwork, belts and goggles.

TESLAPUNK: Unlike steampunk, this world functions as if Nikola Tesla had revolutionized the world with his electricity. Lots of lightning rods, Tesla rods and power cables. Often this is confused as steampunk because they often have the a similar look.

DIESELPUNK: This universe takes place in a world where diesel engines and machines using oil are everywhere. This is criminally underused. They usually use a more art deco and WW1/2 style.

ATOMIC/RAYPUNK: This one uses atomic technology. Lasers, blasters, radiation, green glows, aliens and giant robots. Also rarely used but I dare you to watch “The Iron Giant” and tell me you don’t love it.

CYBERPUNK: Possibly more well known than steampunk. A future, in which technology is so advanced people are more technologically advanced than some of the robots. Chainsaw arms, robotic eyes, hooking your brain up to the internet and evil corporations.

BIOPUNK: Imagine a future where technology has advanced so much that we construct living organisms as easily as building a robots. Living machines, weapons, organic clothing and new and improved limbs.

JUNKPUNK: Almost as unknown as candlepunk but still one to remember. This world all technology is composed of random parts you might find in a junkyard. Kind of like the ‘Coolest’ cooler.

SOLARPUNK: This one has been getting some recent attention. However in a world where technology is powered by the sun I have yet to find one robot picture so sorry about this one.

PUNKPUNK: You have gone off the far side of the spectrum. Turn back.

Hopefully now you can tell the different alternate futures apart and can better survive in the world with this Essential information.

(Note this is not my artwork just a quick google search, but I am working on a series that will clarify these examples better with my own work.)
Germany has so much renewable energy it is paying people to use electricity
German energy consumers were paid to use power over the Christmas period, thanks to a slump in demand, warm weather and plenty of wind power on the grid, trading data shows. Power prices slipped into negative territory on 24 December and again on 26 December, according to the website of the EPEX Spot, which is Europe’s biggest power trading exchange.

Think twice before you adopt the belief that we live on a planet of scarcity. Abundance exists! My solarpunk novel called The Carbon Coast is set in a future where renewable energies are everywhere and the planet has a chance to breathe. Why am I imagining this future?

Because we can replace fossil fuels with renewable, abundant energy. It will cause growing pains, but we have to make this change, and I hope my novel will inspire people to believe in that future

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Ignoring that racism and classism play an integral role in climate change is ignoring a fundamental part of the problem. Trying to say that massive corporations are denying global warming out of ignorance instead of out of calculated, profit-driven cruelty is trying to take away the root of this situation- that corporations and the 1% directly benefit from the suffering and oppression of poor POC affected most by climate change.

Before we can live in a world of vertical gardens covering stained glass skyscrapers, we need to build a world of backyard garden boxes made of reclaimed wood. Before we can cover every rooftop with solar panels, we need to equip every home with solar smokeless cooking made of scrap metal

The appeal of those green cityscapes in the pretty pictures isn’t just that they’re hi-tech and clean, it’s that they sprout from a society that values compassion, the environment, and human lives more than it values profit. We need to build that society first, and we need to build it from the ground up with what we have available

The solarpunk future is for our grandchildren. Our job is to pave the way for it

no, listen, when I say I want to integrate more specific solarpunk stuff in my life, i don’t mean to ask for yet again new “aesthetic” clothes that now you have to buy or make to show your support of the movement (screw that i’m consuming enough as it is), or more posts about impossible house goals, or whatever, I’m asking you what my options to build a portable and eco friendly phone charger are, im asking you viable tiny-appartment edible plants growing tricks on a budget,  im asking tips to slow down when my mind and society tell me im not fast enough, i don’t need more rich art nouveau amateurs aesthetics or pristine but cold venus project, okay, i know i should joins associations where I am tho i’m constantly on the move, thanks for that, just, you know, can we get a bit more practical ??? how do I hack my temporary flat into going off the grid for the time i’m here