solaro cotton


Eidos Napoli SS16 Lookbook

Another spectacular iteration from Eidos that single handedly sets the tone for what every man should be wearing this Summer. From outstanding tailored suits in seasonal staples such as cotton solaro or linen, to more balanced attires that perfectly blend formal and casual, the Italian brand nailed it yet again. While the term sprezzatura has been widely misused in recent years, Eidos’ approach is the ultimate materialisation of this concept, through a unique mix of sophistication, elegance and just the right amount of coolness. 

5 Italian, bespoke, soft shouldered, solaro cotton summer suits. 5 different combinations of styling choices.

From L-R: 4x2 double breasted jacket with patch pockets, 3-2 roll single breasted  jacket with patch (note the ticket pocket), 6x2 double breasted jacket with flapped pockets and ticket pocket, 3-2 roll single breasted jacket with jetted pockets and 6x1 ‘Kent’ style double breasted jacket with jetted pockets.