Frost (Chapter Seven)

Thor finds out that Loki and Tony kissed. Then everyone finds out that Tony always gets what he wants.


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“Are you aware of what occurred at the banquet last night?”

“Surely you, Our King, wishes to address such a thing?”

“The Prince simply cannot be allowed to carry on like this with your Chosen Love, it is not acceptable.”

Thor rubbed a big hand over his face and sighed. His three oldest advisors, men who had counseled even the All-Father Odin, stood in front of him in his study, each angrier than the last about the banquet.

“There is no harm in Loki and my Anthony dancing.” He finally said with a shrug. “I would think you would be thrilled to see the Prince joining in with our festivities instead of lurking on the side lines.”

“Forgive me–” one of the advisors eyed the others nervously. “But Sir Anthony was seen chasing the Prince out to the gardens and then they were seen… embracing.”

“Embracing.” Thor cocked an eyebrow, then raised his voice so the servant at the door could hear. “Fetch me Sir Anthony now.”

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anonymous asked:

What's your favourite place to write? Do you have a routine before you start writing? Like making a cup of tea or something. Love your story, btw ❤️

I wish I could say that I have a little desk surrounded by plants 🌿🌱(dream!), but I honestly write anywhere I can. Sometimes in my office at work, sometimes at the ice rink, but mostly on my couch at home. But yes, I pretty much always have a cup of tea. ☕️

Thanks! 💕

Our Land = Our Water

If you live in southeast Alaska – the Panhandle – by definition you live on the water. There are 1,000 islands, 10,000 miles of coastline, and no roads connecting the towns here. To get from place to place you’re either on a boat or a plane. Which means the ferry system becomes your lifeline: It’s called the Alaska Marine Highway, linking more than 30 coastal communities. 

Under ominous skies, we boarded the MV Leconte in Haines, bound for the state capital, Juneau. The trip runs down the Inside Passage, about 4 ½ hours in all. Passengers huddled under blankets in the solarium, playing cards and watching dolphins frolicking through the waters alongside the ship. The ferries transport hundreds of thousands of passengers a year, and bring vital supplies to remote villages. The week we rode, the ferry was carrying a mobile mammogram van from town to town. 

Same view, an hour or so later, now with bright sun. The weather shifts quickly here! The towering pines of the Tongass National Forest and mountains capped with snow line both sides of the passage. Breathtaking.

The view from the bridge is 180 degrees of amazing. That’s our captain, Brian Flory (left), and first mate Aaron Isenhour keeping watch. Schedule permitting, they’ve been known to stop the ferry if something spectacular is going on, like a huge pod of humpback whales feeding alongside the ship.

At the end of the trip, just when it seemed the ride couldn’t get more beautiful, I turned around to see a double rainbow arcing above the bow from one coastline to the other. Welcome to Juneau!

–Melissa Block


☾ E t h e r ☽ ~ P o i s o n by Gaël Sacré

Frost (Chapter Eight)



Nothing changed right away between Loki and Tony, or at least not in any obvious way.

Perhaps their daily lunches were a little longer now, and Loki had definitely stopped changing wherever he hid. Now they ate every day in his solarium, their legs touching as they shared the couch, quietly talking about whichever book one was reading, or something that had happened the day before.

Tony still would join Loki in the gardens a couple times a week, following behind him with a watering can as Loki weeded the plants, or clipped roses to put in various vases around the castle.

At least once a week Thor would sit with them, usually on the floor by Tony’s legs so he could see both of them, and always left with a kiss to Tony’s head, and a soft word and hand on the shoulder for Loki.

It was nice. It was different, but it was nice.

And being able to kiss Tony was more than Loki had ever hoped for.

Just quick kisses of course, barely there brushes against his mouth, a hand on Tony’s thigh or cupping his jaw for a few brief seconds before they parted.

Loki never pushed for more, and Tony never initiated it, but as the weeks wore on Loki was having a harder and harder time keeping himself in check, having a harder time pulling away when he should or keeping his hand from wandering up Tony’s thigh.

But that was fine.

Because he hadn’t had a moment in weeks where his skin shaded blue or the frost ran through him. Not since their dance when he had been so afraid of what was happening. And that was… encouraging. Loki felt calm around Tony, he felt at peace for the first time in years as they ate their lunches and shared light touches and gentle embraces.

Or at least he felt calm and at peace until Tony would shift closer and give that little moanthat he did whenever  Loki pulled away, or when he would just casually let his hand rest on Loki’s leg, usually higher than necessary, and then wink in that entirely distracting way.

And it had been happening more often this last week, so Loki had risen this morning with one goal in mind– To speak to Thor about taking things further.

And he was terrified.

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Tonight I finished the unfucking of my solarium.  What pleases me more than even the look of the final result is the fact that I know the room is truly decluttered and organized.  I have an unfortunate habit of “tidying” a room by gathering up all the visible crap in a box and moving that box to a room out of sight.  My intention is always to empty that box at some point.  And I have a couple rooms that are disasters (but improving slowly) because they are full of boxes of miscellaneous junk.  I made sure everything I picked up in the solarium either went in the garbage, to Goodwill, or where it actually belonged.  Even the storage units were gone through, cleaned, and refilled with only things I intended to keep.  It’s amazing what a relief I feel.  My husband wandered out last evening, when it was 90% finished, and said, “Wow!  It’s so clean in here.”  He hadn’t been in there all week and was just seeing what I’d been working on.  Besides being clean and tidy, the room feels BIG.  It’s so wonderful to have it in this shape for the warm weather that is soon to come.