Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Has Cassini inspired you? Learn more about dwarf planet Ceres, get the latest images from the Keck Observatory and more!

1. Has Cassini Inspired You?

During nearly two decades in space, Cassini has been a source of inspiration to many. Has Cassini inspired you? Upload your artwork, photos, poems or songs to the social media platform of your choice, such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or others. Tag it #CassiniInspires. Or, send it directly to: We’ll highlight some of the creations on this page. See examples and details at:

2. Dawn’s Shines a Light on Ceres

Our Dawn mission has found evidence for organic material on Ceres, a dwarf planet and the largest body in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Learn more:

3. Into the Vortex

A new device called the vortex coronagraph was recently installed inside NIRC2 (Near Infrared Camera 2) at the W.M. Keck Observatory in Hawaii and has delivered its first images, showing a ring of planet-forming dust around a star, and separately, a cool, star-like body, called a brown dwarf, lying near its companion star.

4. Enceladus: Cassini Cracks the Code of the Icy Moon

A puzzling sensor reading transformed our Cassini Saturn mission and created a new target in the search for habitable worlds beyond Earth, when on Feb. 17, 2005, Cassini made the first-ever close pass over Saturn’s moon. Since our two Voyager spacecraft made their distant flybys of Enceladus about 20 years prior, scientists had anticipated the little moon would be an interesting place to visit. Enceladus is bright white – the most reflective object in the solar system, in fact – and it orbits in the middle of a faint ring of dust-sized ice particles known as Saturn’s E ring. Scientists speculated ice dust was being kicked off its surface somehow. But they presumed it would be, essentially, a dead, airless ball of ice.

What Cassini saw didn’t look like a frozen, airless body. Instead, it looked something like a comet that was actively emitting gas. The magnetometer detected that Saturn’s magnetic field, which envelops Enceladus, was perturbed above the moon’s south pole in a way that didn’t make sense for an inactive world. Could it be that the moon was actively replenishing gases it was breathing into space? Watch the video.

5. Descent Into a Frozen Underworld

Our planet’s southernmost active volcano reaches 12,448 feet (3,794 meters) above Ross Island in Antarctica. It’s a good stand-in for a frozen alien world, the kind we want to send robots to someday. Learn more:

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The Solar Facts and Magnetic Equator

anonymous asked:

u mamamoo fans are always fucking protecting them even with all the stupid shit they do. even as white girl i can see that they appropriated the bindi. u fucking whore.

i wasnt going to answer this because, as a general rule, i dont post rude anons on my blog but this really bothered me. so im going to break this down for you.

1. What Mamamoo wore was NOT a bindhi - it was an Urna. We know this because of the lyrics in Aze Gag. Now an Urna, according to Google (and my mom), is a spiral or circular dot placed on the forehead of Buddhists and is very often seen on east and south asian art work. It is not constricted to one specific culture, but the religion as a whole. So many east asian women and men who practise are seen wearing urnas:

ex 1 (this is specific to Korea, I believe):

ex 2:

Fun fact, everyone in my family are practising Buddhists. we love it when people look and recognize our culture and religion. I showed the mv to my parents because i wanted their input. my mom laughed and my dad said they looked cute.

Another fun fact, Solar is also Buddhist. If she wanted to wear the urna and let her friends wear an urna. that’s that. nothing to say. nothing to do. If you are insulted because they wore urnas and are buddhist, you have every right to be and can unstan them. its ur right.

2.  Again, what they wore was NOT a bindhi. ANOTHER FUN FACT: i am from India - born and raised who now lives in Canada! I’m not exactly sure about other South asian countries because ive never been there but in India,  the traditional meaning of the bindi is extinct (i dont even know what it means), it’s more a fashion accessory than a religious thing.

Also, most Indians LOVVVEEEE it when foreigners come and try on our kurtis/kurtas and wear bindis and come with us to temples. WE TAKE GREAT PRIDE. i effing love it when i see other people take part and understand it.

this lovely lady does a much better job at explaining this:

Again, Mamamoo were not wearing bindis and even if they were it would not be a problem to Indians living in India. However, if you are South Asian and you felt uncomfortable with the fact, you have every right to be and can unstan them. 


4. Was is really necessary to curse? you could have easily written your opinion in a dignified manner - even if youre angry or upset, name-calling is not the way go.

5. Like I’ve mentioned before, as an indian buddhist i was not offended by what Mamamoo did at all. But if YOU were, that is completely youre right (BUT ONLY IF YOU ARE BUDDHIST OR SOUTH ASIAN). You can unstan them but please just stop leaving hate everywhere, telling them to die, etc. it’s just horrible. If you are from a different culture, religion, etc you can ALSO unstan them - its completely your choice! just stop butting in with ur opinions when you dont know the true culture or know all the facts.

thank you. sorry for any mistakes, i wrote this when i was very upset. 

Astro Hechos pequeños para integrar a nuestro crecimiento personal:

Tus conocidos conocen TU SIGNO SOLAR

Tus amigos conocen TU SIGNO EN EL ASCENDENTE

Tus amigos íntimos, mejores amigos, parejas, novios conocen TU SIGNO LUNAR, TU SIGNO EN MERCURIO Y TU SIGNO EN VENUS

Tus compañeros de trabajo conocen TU SIGNO EN EL MEDIO CIELO Y TU SIGNO EN MERCURIO

Tu esposo/a, novio/a conocen TU SIGNO LUNAR Y TU SIGNO EN MARTE.


anonymous asked:

do you think danny would get excited for the eclipse!!


Danny would be unable to think about anything else all day. He’d be wearing a t-shirt with some solar eclipse image or pun. He’d be making jokes all day and telling facts about solar eclipses to anyone who’d listen. He’d get out his homemade pinhole projector to watch and wouldn’t miss a moment of it.

That ghost portal is under lockdown today. No ghosts are gonna ruin this for him.


Okay, let me just shortly rant for a second and say I’m shook. Exo SERIOUSLY amazes me. I dont know if all of this is a coincidence. The fact that their pathcode albums contain coordinates of where they were. All their concepts/comebacks go backwards from events of the solar eclipse. And the fact they released a music video on each date a solar eclipsed occurred. You know, sometimes I hate SM but then other times I’m like:

Originally posted by starricks-moustache

Cause let’s be honest, Exo’s entire team is smart. They honestly know how to keep Exo-l’s on their toes. I’m so excited to see more, I may just burst at any point if they keep this up. Ugh, thank you Sm for debuting these amazing gentlemen. I hope they continue to treat Exo right. Whether we lose awards or win with Exo, I’m so proud to be apart of this fandom because what other groups out their have such amazing, honest, humble members and kickass concepts that are like fun puzzles? SM, I never thought I’d say it but you da man:

Originally posted by xkagayama

*Chanyeol is SM and Seojun is exo-l in the gif above* 😂😂

🌟 space facts !! 🌟
  • 1. Venus spins backward, and we don't know why
  • 2. Saturn is not the only planet with rings, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and the Earth have them too.
  • 4. The Earth's rings are made of cosmic waste.
  • 5. Nitrogen is a part of the composition of the stars, and of our dna.
  • 6. Most of the stars we admire at night are actually dead.
  • 7.The space probe Voyager 1 was send into space in 1977 with a special message for our neighbors of outer space. It was a disc that features pictures, sounds of the earth such as whale, a baby crying and greetings in 55 languages.
  • 8. Venus is the brightest planet of our system, she is often mixed up with a star.
  • 9. It's pretty easy to observe some planets such as mars, venus, jupiter, Saturn at night. It only require a clear night some patience + an app such as skywiew (free on appstore !) can be useful too.
  • 10. If we were on the center of a black hole time would speed up so fast we would live the end of the universe.
  • 11. Shooting stars don't exists, they are actually meteors showers.
  • 12. Jupiter has 67 moons, Saturn 62, Uranus 27, Neptune 14, Mars 2 and the Earth 1.
  • 13. Kepler 22 is an exoplanet also called super-earth that could (potentially) be habitable
  • 14. It rains diamonds on Jupiter + Uranus
  • 15. The moon moves 4cm further each year.
  • 16. There used to be water on Mars, because her and the Earth had a similar beginning.
  • 17. There's trace of organic life on Titan (one of saturn's moon).
  • 18. Voyager 1 (launched in 1977) is closed to leave our solar system.
  • 19. There's a vast ocean underneath the ice of Europa (one of Jupiter's moon).
  • 20. Pluto was discovered in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh, in 2015 the probe new horizon approached pluto with the ashes of Tombaugh inside.
  • 21. Pluto is smaller than the earth's moon.
  • 22. Saturn could float into water.
  • 23. Our cosmic adress is : planet earth, the earth-moon system, the solar system, the milky way galaxy, the local group, the virgo supercluster.
Razones por las que los signos romperían contigo...

(Válido para el signo solar, lunar y en Venus)

Aries - Aries rompería contigo si te mantuvieras quieto, sin energía, si fueras muy controlador/a, y no los trataras como una prioridad.

Tauro - Tauro rompería contigo si eres inestable emocionalmente y financieramente, si eres impulsivo y poco práctico para él  y si tienes algún problema con el compromiso, desaparece de una vez por todas. 

Géminis - Géminis rompería contigo  si eres aburrido y demasiado serio, si no encuentras las pequeñas cosas divertidas. También si eres demasiado posesivo o controlador. 

Cáncer - Cáncer rompería contigo si eres es insensible a sus estados y a los sentimientos de los demás, si hablas mal de su familia o no eres constante con la entrega emocional que requiera. 

Leo - Leo rompería contigo si eres demasiado cínica/o, si se les trata como que no son especiales para ti, si le das la espalda a la relación u optas por la indiferencia. 

Virgo - Virgo rompería contigo si eres de aquellos de los que siempre necesitan atención y elogios. Si eres arrogante o descuidado en tu higiene personal. Si no eres ordenado o vives en un caos. 

Libra - Libra rompería contigo si la relación no es equitativa. Si no eres lo suficientemente social o activo con los demás. Si careces de modales, educación o romanticismo.

Escorpio - Escorpio rompería contigo si le pareces poco fiable, si todavía mantienes amistades con tus exnovios. Si no eres leal y si no vives la vida con pasión e inconformidad.. 

Sagitario - Sagitario rompería contigo si trataras de limitar su libertad/independencia, si permaneces en casa siempre y te niegas a acompañarlo en alguna aventura o locura que se le aparezca. 

Capricornio - Capricornio rompería contigo si no tienes ambiciones o metas en la vida, si no sabes lo que quieres. Si eres demasiado arrogante e irresponsable, le molestaría que lo avergonzaras en público o que permanecieras enfocado en tu profesión o carrera y que no lo vuelvas a él una prioridad.

Acuario - Acuario rompería contigo si eres demasiado pegajoso y posesivo. Si eres mandon/a o cerrada de mente, si no eres abierto a los cambios. Si ignoras algún conflicto que implique a un grupo social.

Piscis - Piscis rompería contigo si no tomas sus sentimientos en consideración. Si dudas o te ríes de sus sueños o aspiraciones. Que seas serio o tosco en momentos difíciles. 

The obliquity of the eliptic, the solar system does in fact matter

JOHN: Whether the Earth goes round the Sun-
SHERLOCK: Not that again. It’s not important. I deleted it. (…) Listen, this is my hard drive, and it only makes sense to put things in there that are useful, really useful. Ordinary people fill their heads with all kinds of rubbish, and that makes it hard to get at the stuff that matters. Do you see? 

JOHN: But it’s the solar system!
SHERLOCK: What does that matter?! So we go round the Sun! All that matters to me is the work. Without that, my brain rots.

So… Sherlock believes he needs to make a choice of what to keep. Only the work matters, no need for useless trivia. He’s married to his Work, not to the Sun.

Sherlock’s usage of his brain reflects his understanding of how the world works. Sherlock must repress emotions to be a good detective, and as such, he deleted the solar system and everything about the Earth revolving around the Sun.

Brain>Heart (Earth). Delete sentiments, delete the solar system.

HOLMES: The obliquity of the ecliptic. I have to understand it.
LESTRADE: What is it?
HOLMES: I don’t know. I’m still trying to understand it.
LESTRADE: I thought you understood everything.
HOLMES: Of course not. That would be an appalling waste of brain space. I specialise. (…)  It’s the inclination of the Earth’s equator to the path of the sun on the celestial plane.

But by TAB, Sherlock realizes he need to know at minimum the basics. So, the Earth has a slight inclination. The goal we percieve is to seem cleverer than he is, because Mycroft is going to use his failings.

MYCROFT: Murderous jealousy. He’d written a paper for the Royal Astronomical Society on the obliquity of the ecliptic, and then read another that seemed to surpass it.
HOLMES: I know. I read it.
MYCROFT: Did you understand it?

Of course, he understood it but he can’t help but look at Watson.

And you’re starting to wonder if they’re actually talking about the Earth, or even astronomy.

MYCROFT: No. Did you understand the murderous jealousy? It is no easy thing for a great mind to contemplate a still greater one.

The solar system is about sentiment. To people were writing about the obliquity of the earth’s eliptic. But one was better and got killed out of jealousy.

Earth=John, the two people fighting over him are Sherlock and Mary. And one was driven to murderous jealousy.

Sherlock repressed sentiments for too long his understanding of the solar system, of the Earth and its obliquity. He gets the fact now, but does he really understand the jealousy that came with it?

It’s not his fault, you start thinking. He deleted it, he needed the space for his Work, repress sentiment to have the iron-clad logic.

EURUS: I remember everything, every single thing. You just need a big enough hard drive.

But we have Eurus here to give us some hard truth. You don’t need to delete what seems useless.

You can remember everything, every single thing and keep the solar system in your tiny brain, you just need a big enough hard drive. And I think Sherlock’s is big enough for the task.

All the revolutions of Europe since 1792 are the French Revolution: liberty darts rays from France. That is a solar fact. Blind is he who will not see! It was Bonaparte who said it.

Victor Hugo, Les Miserables, Cosette Book Second Ch. III, Hapgood translation

considering using “a solar fact” the next time I’m losing an argument

The super-Earth that came home for dinner

It might be lingering bashfully on the icy outer edges of our solar system, hiding in the dark, but subtly pulling strings behind the scenes: stretching out the orbits of distant bodies, perhaps even tilting the entire solar system to one side.

If a planet is there, it’s extremely distant and will stay that way (with no chance – in case you’re wondering – of ever colliding with Earth, or bringing “days of darkness”). It is a possible “Planet Nine” – a world perhaps 10 times the mass of Earth and 20 times farther from the sun than Neptune. The signs so far are indirect, mainly its gravitational footprints, but that adds up to a compelling case nonetheless.

One of its most dedicated trackers, in fact, says it is now harder to imagine our solar system without a Planet Nine than with one.

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ok my dudes this is what i think is happening

(warning this is hella long oops)

i think the single will drop sometime this week– my money is on monday. the past three leading singles– mine, we are never ever getting back together, and shake it off– were all released in august. we are never ever getting back together and shake it off were both released on monday’s, and mine was released two weeks earlier than planned due to an online leak but it was meant to be released on a monday as well. if taylor follows this trend, the new single should be released either monday the 21st or monday the 28th– the last two monday’s of august. i would think the single will be released on monday the 21st since the vmas, which taylor is rumored to be performing at, are the following weekend and it would be pretty smart to release a new single the week before her performance. however, she could potentially debut the single at the vmas and release it the following day… i stand by monday the 21st, but we’ll have to see.

i’m guessing this would mean the album will drop sometime in october, most likely on another monday. her past three albums– speak now, red, and 1989, were all released on monday’s in the 20s of october. in fact, the only one of taylor’s albums that wasn’t released in october was fearless, which was released in november. if this theory is true, the album will likely be released on monday, october 23. if not, my next guess is friday, october 13– we all know how much taylor loves the number thirteen, and october 13 is the last friday the 13th of this year. (i got this idea from tumblr user tshifty not gonna lie)

i can’t make any guesses on the title of the album, but i have a feeling it will feel like a clean slate. this is due to her clearing out all of her social media accounts, the proximity of all this mayhem to the total solar eclipse, and the fact that this would be the first album not released in an even numbered year. she seems to be stepping out of her past self and i think the “new” taylor will be one who finally feels free to be who she is and feels free to live her life the way she wants. at least, that’s what i hope for her. taylor has been through a lot in the past several years and she deserves to make a fresh start for herself; i’m thinking/hoping this will shine through in the new album no matter what it’s called.