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If the world only had white people on it, would that make it better? What makes being white so special? I'm mixed race btw. I just want to hear your point of view.

White people are responsible for the advancement of society. If you look at Africa, you see what years of complacency and low intelligence does. The fight one another constantly. They live in mudhuts and are plagued with diseases. They have child after child regardless of their health and wellbeing. Mexico is a drug ravaged crime ridden place. China is extremely polluted and they lack animal rights. The Middle East is barbaric with their punishments and they have no women’s rights (no gay rights either.).

White people have order in our societies. We care about the environment, we make laws to protect it. We use green energy and try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. (Hybrid cars and solar panels, the EPA) We care about animals and have laws and police specifically to protect them. (The ASPCA, hunting restrictions). We have structure to our society that gives women and gays rights above and beyond what is needed (women can vote and we can work in any job we want, gays aren’t stoned to death, they are legally allowed to marry) Rape is not a reasonable punishment and education is a basic opportunity for every child. We have laws and political systems that function to keep us safe. (We don’t have to pay gangs for protection.) We live in a place where basic medical help is available to everyone. And the list goes on and on. We have so much that other races lack.

Overall, we are the most responsible race. There’s a reason the 3rd world chooses to immigrate to our countries. We have the most to offer. This is because of our drive and achievements. This is because our extreme awareness and care for our home. We are the best race there’s no argument.


Stella Lux - The energy positive family car by Solar Team Eindhoven

The future is trending. There are a lot of well-designed and shiny futures out there atm fighting for our attention. Bold visions, pretty depictions of future comfortable lifestyles or just simple futuristic lab environments full of unnecessary emerging technology gadgets, mimicking a creative and innovative work-ecosphere.

This future, however, is an extraordinary exception because it’s strikingly different. There’s no known designline, no scifi trope or scifi citation and refreshingly no marketing for a brand. It’s jsut a portent, a real life artifact from a desirable future, based on cutting edge engineering and science.

Solar Team Eindhoven - a multidisciplinary team which consists of 21 students from Eindhoven University of Technology - created within 18 months the Stella Lux, a highly efficient “energy positive family car”.

The car is lightweight, aerodynamic, equipped with solarpanels (it generates more energy than it consumes during the entire year), has an innovative energy management system and talks to other cars. It is also intended to be convenient and comfortable.

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The team will participate in this year’s World Solar Challenge which will be held in Australia. The teams will compete with their solar cars in a 3000 kilometer long challenge from Darwin to Adelaide.

Solar Team Eindhoven will participate in the Cruiser Class. This means that our car will be judged not only on speed but also on practicality, the need of external energy and the number of transported persons. These criteria make this class more than just a race. Speed, comfort, practicality and realizability are key words.

Not excited enough? Here’s an one hour documentary about the 2013 version Stella, which has participated in the ‘Cruiser’ class of the World Solar Challenge 2013.

[read more] [photos and chart by Solar Team Eindhoven & Bart van Overbeeke]

Solar Sunday: Xof1 Solar Car Project

Back in 2009, I had the privilege of joining the solar car project adventure! With the team, I traveled from Florida to north of the Arctic Circle.  Recently I was asked to write a chapter for the upcoming book about the project. A bit of nostalgia and another wonderful privilege- to share my experiences in a published format.

My journey with the team starts here:

The chapter is due on or before Dec. 20. Looks like I will be busy reliving the dream and compiling the best of. Every Sunday, I will dedicate the bulk of the day to the solar car book.
Panasonic HIT(R) #Solar Cells and High-Capacity Batteries to Support Tokai University's Solar Car Team - MarketWatch

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OSAKA, Japan, Aug 24, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) – Panasonic Corporation PC -0.12% (tokyo:6752)(“Panasonic”) today announced its sponsorship of Tokai University’s solar car team, the defending champion for the 2011 World Solar Challenge (WSC) in Australia, one of the largest solar-powered car races in the world. Under the sponsorship agreement, Panasonic will supply the Japanese university team with its HIT®*1 solar cells boasting the world’s highest level*2 of energy conversion rate, as well as high-capacity lithium-ion batteries.

The solar car race, first held in 1987, sees many teams from universities, corporations and other groups around the world competing to race 3,021 km through central Australia from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south. The Tokai University team, who won the last race held in 2009 with its solar car using Panasonic lithium-ion battery cells to store its solar generated power, will look for its second straight win at 2011 WSC, which will be held from October 16 to 23.

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and SweetWater Brewing Company Goes Solar!

Stretching and charging the solar car on the side of the Trans Canada Highway, 2009.

My chapter for the book is to be submitted to the publisher in two days. The day pictured was one of the best. I met a man named Crazy, ran parallel with a doe barefoot on a dirt road under a rainbow, laid on the vibrating RR tracks till just before the train came, saw shooting stars shoot across the sky, and shared stories with firemen over a four alarm lunch.

Quantum, the Michigan Solar Car Team’s 11th generation solar car, races through the desert of the United Arab Emirates during the final day of the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge.

Students and alumni of the University of Michigan Solar Car Team participated in the Abu Dhabi Solar Challenge in January 2015. 

Photo: Evan Dougherty, Michigan Engineering, Communications & Marketing