solar winds character concepts

Solar Winds Character Concepts: Ryder Lynn.

That’s right, I love Ryder so much, he gets his own post.  I accidentally went and developed him more than all the other new kids combined.  Oh well.  When inspiration strikes, you just have to roll with it.  :P

Ryder Lynn, The Drafty Dodgeballer - A fun-loving Air Nomad drifter who seems to view life as a game.  Dresses in dark, stormy greys, and always carries a rubber ball.  Fighting style can be described as ‘dodgeball on crack.'  Uses airbending to bounce, spin, curve, boost, and blast his ball in all directions, beaning baddies with dizzying force while acrobatically avoiding their blows.  Never uses his bending directly against other people; only on himself or the ball.  To him, even fighting is a game with rules (and a score!).

Ryder wanders from town to town, playing with the locals and getting by however he can.  He is largely adrift and directionless until he meets and befriends Jake.

More info and plot details below the cut.

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Solar Winds Character Concepts: Round 2!

The Ones That Got Away

In this round, we have major Glee characters that, for whatever reason, were not made part of Solar Winds proper.  Most were simply sorted into other Nations.  Some were cut for time or because they just didn’t fit the narrative.  All were intended to show up in future stories as major characters.  Sadly, those stories are not likely to be written, but at least these characters get to see SOME daylight in the form of this post.  :P

Characters below the cut:  Tina, Mike, Matt, Coach Beiste, Karofsky, Lauren Zizes.

First post is here, in case you missed it.

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Solar Winds Character Concepts: Round 3!

Who’s Bad?

Today’s theme is ‘villains,’ so there are a lot of adult characters in this go-round.  Villains generally fall into one of three categories. 

Primary villains: the ones who are actively driving the evil plots and schemes (Ozai in ATLA, Amon in Korra).
Secondary villains:  arc villains who must be foiled by Our Heroes (Long Feng in ATLA, Tarrlok in Korra).
Adversaries:  characters who actively pursue and repeatedly clash with Our Heroes (Zuko and Azula in ATLA, the Equalist Lieutenant in Korra).

Note that this is not a complete list, because some villains have big, spoilery connections to major characters.  Those will come in a later post.

Characters below the cut: Kitty Whatsherface, Sandy Ryerson, Azimio Adams, Rick the Stick, Terri Schuester, Dustin Goolsby, Shelby Corcoran.

If you missed them, first post is here, second is here.

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