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Celestial Wonders- Binary Stars (#1)

The twins of the stellar world are binary star systems.

A binary star is a star system consisting of two stars orbiting around their common center of mass.

When two stars appear close together in the sky as seen from the Earth when viewed through  an optical telescope, the situation is known as an “optical double”.

This means that although the stars are aligned along the same line of sight, they may be at completely different distances from us. This occurs in constellations; however, two stars in the same constellation can also be part of a binary system  

Why study Binary stars ?

Binary star systems are very important in astrophysics because calculations of their orbits allow the masses of their component stars to be directly determined, which in turn allows other stellar parameters, such as radius and density, to be indirectly estimated.

This also determines an empirical mass-luminosity relationship (MLR) from which the masses of single stars can be estimated.

Also,it is estimated that 75% of the stars in the Milky Way galaxy are not single stars, like the Sun, but multiple star systems, binaries or triplets.

The Brightest star in the sky is a binary.

This is true. Sirius (aka the Dog star)  - the brightest star in the sky is actually a binary star system.

When it was discovered in 1844 by the German astronomer Bessel, the system was classed as an astro-metric binary, because the companion star, Sirius B, was too faint to be seen.

Bessel, who was also a mathematician, determined by calculations that Sirius B existed after observing that the proper of Sirius A (the main star) followed a wavy path in the sky, rather than a uniform path.

Sirius can now be studied as a visual binary because, with improving technology and therefore improved telescopes, Sirius B was able to be seen, although not for 20 years after Bessel had correctly predicted its existence.

Black Holes in a binary system ?

Hell Yeah! The term “binary system” is not used exclusively for star systems, but also for planets, asteroids, and galaxies which rotate around a common center of gravity.

However, this is not a trick question; even in star binaries, the companion can be a black hole.

An example of this is Cygnus X-1.

A binary Black Hole system ?

Definitely! A binary black hole (BBH) is a system consisting of two black holes in close orbit around each other.

In fact the LIGO experiment which confirmed the existence of Gravitational waves was able to acquire its data when two Binary Black Holes Collided and merged into one. This phenomenon sent ripples in the fabric of space-time which we call as a Gravitational Wave.

The Universe is amazing huh?

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265-TWILLAR [Twilight-Caterpillar]
-The Crepuscular pokemon
-Ability: Swarm - Illuminate(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon spents most of its time eating to gain energy for its evolution, but are mostly active at Noon or Midnight, depending on the region. When this pokemon evolves, the time of the day seems to take a mayor rol in its development.”
    -Bug Bite
    -String Shot

–>Evolves at lv. 10 during night time<–

266-CRYSELENE [Crhysalid-Selene]
-The Moon stone Pokemon
-Ability:  Shell Armor - Weak Armor(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon remains motionless during daytime, even changing the color of its shell to a dull gray, looking a lot like a stone. As soon as the sun sets and the moon starts to rise, this pokemon will start to bright in a colorful display of silverlights.”
     -Struggle bug
    -Iron Defense

–>Evolves at lv. 18<–

267-DIANARTIC [Diana-Artic]
-The Moonlight Pokemon
-Ability: Snow Warning - Ice Body(HA)
-Dex: “This Pokemon’s body is made of ice cystals, and when they catch the moon’s light, they create infinite reflections that make its body shine like the moon itself. Its wings work as a prism and when they flutter they can create lunar rainbows’ ”
    -Silver Wind
    -Aurora Beam
    -Cosmic Power/Hail

–>Evolves at lv. 10 during day time<–

269-SHELLIOS [Shell-Helios]
-The Sun Dial Pokemon
-Ability:  Shell Armor - Weak Armor(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemon follows the movement of the sun using the long spine on its back and the shadow it cast to navigate and feed on solar energy. When the sun comes down, this pokemon will freeze on the spot until the sun rises once again.”
    -Struggle bug
    -Iron Defense

–>Evolves at lv. 18<–

270-SOLLARDOR [Sol-Apollo-Ardor]
-The Solar Disc Pokemon
-Ability: Drought - Solar Power(HA)
-Dex: “This pokemons absorbs the suns radiation as it follows its course trough the sky, this will turn into energy that can be used as both heat or luminiscence. This pokemon can store so much energy it will shoot fire thar burns white”
    -Solar Beam
    -Heat wave
    -Signal Beam
    -Cosmic Power/Sunny Day

Signs As Natural Disasters

Aries: Heat Waves

Taurus: Earthquake

Gemini: Hurricane

Cancer: Flash Flood

Leo: Solar Flare

Virgo: Drought

Libra: Tornado

Scorpio: Tsunami

Sagittarius: Volcanic Eruption

Capricorn: Wildfire

Aquarius: Blizzard

Pisces: Avalanche


Oh the Places You’ll Go: For Photons! The illustrated telling of a photon’s exciting life journey from its start in, for example, the solar core, through its wave-particle existential crisis–and more–before finally finishing with an appropriately happy ending. [3 points]

My contribution to this year’s Scav, via Paris and London!

The Signs as a Natural Disaster!

 Aries- volcano 

Taurus- earthquake

Gemini- sand storm, thunder storm, and monsoon

Cancer- rogue wave

Leo- heat wave, solar flare, and drought

Virgo- landslide, mudslide, and avalanche

Libra- micro-burst

Scorpio- hurricane, cyclone, and Tsunami 

Sagittarius- wild fire

Capricorn- blizzard, ice storm, or even ice age :o

Aquarius- tornado and asteroid

Pisces- flood

markandyxii  asked:

I don't know if you have already answered this, or care to voice your opinions about it all, but how do you feel about Scotland's independence? Is it the right thing for the country? As a Scot myself, I am excited about the possibility of having an independent nation again, but at the same time I am concerned on whether or not it is fiscally a good idea. Do you think the referendum is going to pass?

I’m voting Yes. I wasn’t sure I could, but apparently I’m still registered at home so I’m voting by proxy (thanks Mum).

it took a while for me to wade in, as both sides have been shouting over each other with a lot of blanket statements and scaremongering tactics, but then I started looking at figures.

The population of Scotland makes up 8.3% of the UK. That’s tiny. Then when you consider the resources the country provides for the rest of the union (e.g. 62% timber production, 40% wind, wave and solar energy,  90% of surface fresh water and an average of 30% fish and livestock) and start looking at those figures on a per capita basis, suddenly you realise Scotland could become one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

Of course I completely understand why this would make the rest of the UK nervous. But I do believe that an independent Scotland wouldn’t necessarily mean those resources would be completely cut off from England and Wales; they just won’t be entitled to them in the same way they currently are. Think of a young adult with a lot of potential, who has some toxic/manipulative elements in their relationship with their parents, leaving home for the first time with the intention of succeeding by themselves and cutting those toxic elements out. That’s p much how I see Scotland right now.

And what are those “toxic elements”, you ask? Well there’s the uncertain future of the NHS; the political party currently obstinately in power that most of Scotland didn’t vote for (we literally have more pandas in the country than Tory MPs); the fact that the UK, with increasing influence of parties like UKIP, is under threat of leaving the EU (while the EU would gladly take on Scotland on its own); increasing cuts on welfare, particularly for disability and food aid; and also, keeping fucking Trident missiles in the country.

A lot of people think there’s too much uncertainty to come from a Yes vote, but here’s the thing! Scotland voting Yes does NOT mean instant independence this Thursday. The question of the referendum is “Should Scotland be an independent country?” If the country votes Yes, THEN they’ll get to work on making it happen. It likely won’t officially take place until, like, 2016. The plans are in place, but there’s no use acting on them yet in the chance it’s a No vote.

I’m optimistic that the referendum is going to pass. But even if it ends up being a No vote, I’m also of the belief that this will still pave the way for some serious political and economical change for Scotland - because I think that the vote will be close enough that either way this will be a serious wake-up call for Westminster, if not the rest of the UK.

I want to make it clear if I haven’t already that I’m not voting Yes as a slight against England based on some 700 year-old William Wallacey grudge. I live here, I like it here, I like the people here. I just like my home country more, and want to see it flourish - or at the very least, exist - separately from Westminster/Conservative rule. Whether I move back home next year, or settle in a house in Edinburgh when I’m old and tired of travelling, I’d like to return to the country knowing its future is in its own hands.

Anyway if none of this helps you make up your mind, do it because Dave Grohl says so