solar salt

Sun & Moon Salt

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Water can be turned into sun or moon water so why not salt too?

  • Take some salt, any salt, and put it in a jar or container
  • Put that jar or container in the window at noon if you want sun salt
  • Put that jar or container in the window at midnight if you want moon salt
  • Bless either with your intent
  • Keep the moon salt out of the sunlight or keep the sun salt out of the moonlight 
  • Use either in cooking or in spells
  • Bam you’re done

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Please Timmy leak your shower/bath routine and products 💖💖💖

Well, first of all, I prefer bathing in the bathtub rather than showering even though it takes longer. My skin soaks up the water better that way so I feel softer and more hydrated and it’s also just so relaxing to sit and soak in a tub~Before I get into the tub I like to light some candles. I also usually use either bath salt or I make it a bubble bath. When I get into the bath I Shampoo, treat and condition my hair before I use a body scrub to soften and clean up my skin. Then I apply a shower gel and relax for a bit more if need be. When I get out I like to use a moisturizer.

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