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Starling: Chapter Sixteen

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Dear Elliott,

I know it’s been a few weeks since we were in touch. I’ve tried to write, but I’m guessing you’re either mad at me or really busy. Probably both. 

But, good news! Uh potentially. Dr. Chan and I are working on setting up a class trip to Empyrean. You told me once that your goal was to foster understanding, and I think this will be the best way to continue that project. I hope you agree. I bet you’ll know about it by the time we get there, but I wish we could discuss it beforehand. Can you write me back? 

I mean, can you write me? Like, are you okay? If you’re mad at me that’s one thing, I can understand that. But I want to know you’re safe, that you didn’t get in trouble or thrown in jail or something because of that article.

I hope I’m like insultingly wrong about how things work over there. But I just don’t know, so. 

Everyone’s mad at Cosmo. If that helps things. :) 



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