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The Lion's Gate

It’s the 8th day of the 8th month, known as “The Lion’s Gate”, the time of year when the brightest star in the sky Sirius aligns with the pyramids in Giza, and marked the time of flooding of the Nile to the Ancient Egyptians, and a sure sign of the abundance, fertility, and harvest to come!  (Sirius is very powerful influence on the Earth as it’s actually TWICE the size of our own Sun!)

This Lions Gate is extra exciting as it comes right at the beginning of this epic eclipse portal which is leading up to the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21st. Take advantage of this flow of new prosperous energy coming to our planet from our closest stellar neighbor, as the skies darkening twice this month with yesterday’s lunar eclipse and the upcoming powerful solar eclipse, allow even more interstellar light to be received by our energetic fields from beyond. 

The Ancient Hawaiians called the star Sirius “The Queen of Heaven” bringing forth the gifts of the goddess. You can harness this energy by tuning into your solar plexus, the powerful energy center of your will and inner power, located below the rib cage along your midline. Balance the flow of your solar plexus chakra by sitting or standing up tall, elongating your spine and lifting your ribcage, to creating room and space for enhancing the flow of energy. Breathe deep into your belly feeling your confidence and vitality growing as you enhance the luminosity of light within you. 

Affirmation: Divine light fills me, protects me, and surrounds me. Divine light guides my way to achieve my goals with ease and grace. Divine light shines the way for new channels of prosperity to flow into my life in the here and now.

And so it is! 

 - Rosemary Milk

blue-green glazed faience amulet of the Eye Goddess, the “Eye of Ra”, represented winged, lioness-headed and wearing the Solar disk with the uraeus; the wings bend sharply downward, and on each arm is an uraeus with horns and the Solar disk.
From the Pyramid (pyramid 51) of a Queen of King Piankhy (ca. 743–712 BCE), Royal Necropolis of Napata, Kush (Nubia). Now in the Museum of Fine Arts of Boston…..

Mysterious volcano-shaped pyramid discovered in Peru hosted celebrations in honour of solar eclipses

A mysterious pyramid discovered in coastal Peru was built to resemble a volcano, archaeologists have suggested. It is possible that the structure was used to host ceremonies linked to major astronomical events, such as eclipses.

In the 1960s, archaeological work conducted in Peru’s Nepeña Valley had revealed the existence of an artificial earth mound, more than 15 metres high.

Although it wasn’t clear who had erected it and when, researchers quickly became fascinated with this pyramid – especially since from a distance it looked very much like a volcanic cinder cone. This resemblance led them to call the structure El Volcán.

Despite having been discovered more than five decades ago, El Volcán is only now starting to reveal its secrets. In-depth excavations have begun only recently, and the first findings are now published in the journal Antiquity. Read more.