solar powered person

sad-rad-indigo said: So there WAS a shift?! I’ve been an emotional wreck! I’m not well informed on that stuff so I’ve been mad as a hatter!

Yes there was definitely a shift on friday, it was an solar eclipse/equinox/super newmoon and i’ve been feeling off ever since! I really noticed saturday when i suddenly had anxiety out of nowhere and that usually signals to me an intuitive moment where i realized we definitely are shifting right now. I would imagine because the lunar eclipse is within two weeks this is going be a very cathartic two weeks. I’m definitely feeling like i’m re-calibrating because when it’s targeting emotions it usually signifies to me this is a heart shift. So there may be a weird imbalanced feeling between the solar plexus[ego, personal power, anger, control] and the heart center[emotions, empathy, self-love, compassion]

We also just encountered the equinox gate which can take a few days to rebalance ourselves back. Sooo if you weren’t feeling it friday i’m certain you’ll probably start feeling it this week or next. 

Take it easy, rest if you need to, Eclipses can send our bio-rhythms off so it cause us to step back, feel drained, emotional baggage can come up as well as relationships in all forms can go through a growth period. Be gentle with yourself  during this time. 

Hang in there <3