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I read this story last night. It is amazing. The ebook is only 99¢ on amazon right now 

Here’s a little history of the story on wikipedia:

Sultana’s Dream is a 1905 feminist utopian story written by Rokeya Sakhawat Hussain, a Muslim feminist, writer and social reformer from Bengal.[1][2] It was published in the same year in Madras based English periodical The Indian Ladies Magazine.[3] The word sultana here means a female sultan, a Muslim ruler.[4]

It depicts a feminist utopia (called Ladyland) in which women run everything and men are secluded, in a mirror-image of the traditional practice of purdah. The women are aided by science fiction-esque “electrical” technology which enables laborless farming and flying cars; the women scientists have discovered how to trap solar power and control the weather.

There, traditional stereotypes such as “Men have bigger brains” and women are “naturally weak” are countered with logic such as “an elephant also has a bigger and heavier brain” and “a lion is stronger than a man” and yet neither of them dominates men.[3] In Lady land crime is eliminated, since men were considered responsible for all of it. The workday is only two hours long, since men used to waste six hours of each day in smoking. The religion is one of love and truth. Purity is held above all, such that the list of “sacred relations” (mahram) is widely extended.

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did you see the solar freakin roadways video?

  1. Traction is worse because road is now made out of [fiber]glass
  2. Electronic roads and lanes means that if there’s a short circuit somewhere, the roads could be unuseable
  3. As with my concerns with the ‘smart car’, these 'smart roads’ add another level of digital control and surveillance I am not ready to sacrifice
  4. The panels would need to be replaced frequently, and replacing them would require a lane to be shut down, as with all road maintenance.
  5. No one is quite sure what would happen after years of cars exerting force on them, but if current roads are any indication, the panels will get destroyed.
  6. Imagine a horrific accident: shards of broken glass vs. scuffed up concrete, which would you prefer?
  7. Where are we going to get all that silicon, copper, and glass?
  8. Unless they make the seals air-fucking-tight between hexagonal panels, one winter season will be all it takes to heave those panels out of place. As water flows into the cracks and expands as it becomes ice, the panels are destroyed or displaced.
  9. Will they generate more watts than they consume?
  10. Where will excess energy be stored?
  11. On heavily-trafficked roads there would be no point because the panels would be beneath cars all day and would never capture sunlight.
  12. Where panels could capture enough sunlight, its likely they could have just been placed alongside the road.

I am all about alternative energy, and even solar power. But these solar roadways are a terrible idea. Why can’t we turn the roofs of our cars into solar panels, first? What if we could plug our cars in and transfer its stored energy wherever?

Imagine a massive mall parking lot, the same that already exist. Now imagine each light fixture is also an outlet, capable of being connected to an electric, solar car, and having the cars energy transferred to its grid! People could generate electricity while they shop! Imagine if you could plug your car in at home and use the excess energy.

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Imagine Carlos inventing a Solar Powered Car and Ben's impressed.

It had taken more time than Carlos had originally anticipated. He spent most of his times in a workshop and the library trying to figure everything out. He quit tourney and ROAR to have more time on his hands trying to make sure everything was perfect.

It was one of the most stressful projects he had ever created. He can’t even remember how many breakdowns he had before he got finished. Honestly, Carlos almost asked Mal to just find a spell and finished it. But he stuck through with it on his own with the magic of science, engineering, and technology by his side.

And now, three and a half months later…

Carlos’ solar powered car is finished. He planned a big day with his friends just so he could show it off.

He had been in the workshop polishing the paint job when the young King of Auradon came in.

“CARLOS! There you are. Everyone’s been looking for you!”

Ben hadn’t noticed the car yet. He was too busy paying attention to his young friend whom everybody thought had gone missing. It wasn’t until he looked up from Carlos’ salt and pepper hair that he noticed the vehicle.

“Whoa, Carlos. Where did you get this?! It looks awesome!”

Ben hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing so many cars. He mainly rode around in carriages and limousines and there was that one time with pixie dust.

Carlos immediately flushed. He still wasn’t used to all the compliments Auradon threw around like greetings.

“I-uh-I built it.”

Ben’s jaw dropped before he looked at the younger teen.

“You built this?! How? Why!?”

Carlos turned a darker shade of red.

“I overheard you and Fairy Godmother talking about the exhaust in the air a couple of months ago and I don’t know. I thought I’d build something that wouldn’t be so hurtful to ecosystem, i guess…”

He didn’t want to admit that more often or not he had to changing the oil to his mother’s car on the Isle and she’d beat him black and blue for dirtying up her floors when he returned to the house.

Ben could tell the young boy was lying. Carlos always had this tall tale sign of biting his lip when he didn’t want someone to know the truth, but he didn’t say anything.

“So have you test drive it yet,” Ben asked changing the subject a little.

Carlos shook his head rapidly. “No, I just recently got finished with it.”

“Well let’s go. We can meet up with others in a minute.”

A slow smile began to cross Carlos’ face as he nodded and headed towards the car. Ben noticed that he didn’t even grab any keys.

“Hey, where are the keys? How are you going to start it up?”

A smirk that Ben was becoming scarily used to danced its way onto Carlos’ face. It was one all of the VKs used when they were doing that no one suspected. He slid into the passenger seat of the car as Carlos pressed a couple of different buttons.

A pair of black, white, and red shades popped out of the visor and Carlos slipped them on with that same smirk on his face.

“You don’t need keys with a solar powered car.”

Then he pressed down on the gas and sped out of workshop with Ben sitting in the passenger seat staring at him in awe.


Paul’s Solar Powered Yeti Car Kit 


My name is Paul and I run workshops at DIY HQ. I also invent handmade kits that help explore broad concepts in practical ways. They’re currently available in the DIY Market.

I’ve recently finished making a vehicle that runs off the power of the sun by converting light into electricity using a solar panel. Attached to the platform of the vehicle is a seesaw, and perched upon that are two happy little yetis.

I hope that you enjoy this Solar Powered Yeti Car. If you have questions about any kits, feel free to e-mail me at

Paul Long

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It was a relief when Jason recovered. Things fell into a kind of routine between them. Jason did his work as a superhero, did photoshoots and media tours. Nico went to classes, interviewed with galleries for part time jobs, and went apartment hunting. On the odd days for it, when there were less likely to be a lot of people out, they went on dates. Multiple times a week when they could manage it.  If Nico didn’t have a project to work on or apartments to visit and Jason didn’t have patrol duty or an interview scheduled, Saturday afternoons were spent in The Principia penthouse, usually watching TV with Piper and Leo or Nico drawing with Hazel while Clarisse or Frank sat nearby talking with Jason.

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