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What would Seventeen bring w/them to a deserted island?
  • [Q: In case you get stuck on a deserted island, which 3 things would you bring with you?]
  • S. coups: food, house, gun
  • jeonghan: fire, water, food
  • joshua: food, shampoo, house
  • jun: seventeen members
  • hoshi: fire, water, food
  • wonwoo: PS4, computer, tv
  • woozi: seventeen, rice, music
  • dokyeom: fruit, seventeen, boat
  • mingyu: rice, fire, house
  • the8: the anywhere door from doraemon
  • seungkwan: rice, family, fans
  • vernon: solar charger, phone, weapon
  • dino: fire, water, rice

I was tagged by my friend, @granada-brett-crumbs.  Thank you, my dear.

five things you’ll find in my bag (other than a wallet)

  • Extra clothes for the boys (in case it turns cold)
  • An umbrella
  • A notebook
  • A mechanical pencil
  • A solar-powered phone charger

five things you’ll find in my bedroom

  • A Victorian wash stand (complete with matching china)
  • The wedding pictures that do not fit on the walls / surfaces in the sitting room
  • Which ever of the boys’ toys that has been left there
  • At least one cat
  • Extra blankets

five things I wanna do w/ my life

  • Become seizure free (so that I can…)
  • Take a ride in a hot air balloon
  • Go scuba diving
  • Learn to drive
  • Get my freedom back

five things I’m into right now

  • Creative cookery
  • Creative writing
  • History (particularly the Victorian era)
  • Kite flying (I can hardly wait until the east wind clears off and the weather warms up)
  • Looking at laptops

five things on my to-do list

  • About one hundred stories
  • Call my old university chums more often
  • Take the boys somewhere this weekend (they have been so patient, but they must be bored)
  • Make some “Drunkards Truffles” (chocolate truffles with a spoonful of something alcoholic – my wife chose the name)
  • Make a delicious Sunday dinner (for the first time since December)

five things people may not know about me

  • I like Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century, Granada and Doyle’s original stories (and the stories that I write reflect this)
  • I always wanted a dog, so my wife bought me two kittens (they have proved to be everything that I wanted, so she knows me better than I do)
  • I like antique furniture and old houses
  • I do not have a computer – if I need access to one, I have to visit an internet café or ask a friend
  • I do not have a computer because one of my cats enjoys destroying things in imaginative ways when he is bored (which is often)
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Q: “If you get drifted to an uninhabited island for a long time, pick up to three things you want to take with you?”

Dino: fire, water, rice (OP’s Note: Chan didn’t understand at first and wrote coconut because he thought which three things he would take from the island.)

Woozi: SEVENTEEN, rice, music

Joshua: Food, shampoo, house

S. Coups: Food, house, a gun

The8: The “Anywhere Door: from Doraemon!

cr: jyeoshin @ what17says
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Window Solar Phone Charger - By XD Design 

They have come up with a Window Solar Phone Charger that enables you to charge your phone using only solar energy. It is fairly small (4.3 x 4.3 x 0.68 inch) and light (3.35 oz), but it packs a 1,400mAh battery and a full size and mini USB port that can be used to charge up its own battery when there is not enough sun, or when it simply takes too long due to the fact that it is said to take about 13 hours to fully charge.