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Hurricane Preparedness -- What To Take When You Evacuate

There are tons of informational lists out there for hurricane prep.  But if you’re getting hit by anything a category 3 or up, I personally recommend just evacuating.  This is my personal recommended list for what to take when you evacuate:

Flashlights (I recommend the little headlamps with adjustable elastic bands.  They use cheap but bright LED lights, cost as little as $1, and leave your hands free.  Don’t use candles – even if you manage to keep your matches dry, open flame presents a fire hazard and kids are likely to burn themselves.)

Water (1 gallon per person for each day – don’t forget some for pets).

Toilet paper, pads, & tampons

Trashbags in multiple sizes

Non-perishable food (Lipton cup soup, ramen, tuna, jerky, pretzels, etc)

Important documents (birth/marriage certificates, licenses/ID, professional certifications, wills, etc – a cheap and easy way to store these is in gallon Ziploc bags)

Pet food (non-perishable), leash/harness, comfort toy or bed

Diapers and wipes (even if you have a potty-trained toddler, grab a couple days’ worth becuse kids tend to regress in stressful situations)

Chargers (have an alternative on hand, like extra batteries or solar/car chargers)

Phone numbers and contact info (write it down, your phone may not be accessible)

Spare tire, jack, motor oil, antifreeze, radiator stop leak, portable battery charger

2-3 changes of clothes for you and your kids 

First aid kit and comfort medicines (Tylenol, antihistamines, etc)

Prescription medicines and a list of dosages

Medical information kit for everyone and any pets (blood types, allergies, etc – write it down)

Identifying information and a current photo for everyone with you (including pets)

Comfort items (blankets, pillows, pictures of loved ones, a favorite book, toys for kids and pets)

Remember, if the professionals say you should evacuate, then fucking evacuate.  Your house and your stuff is replaceable, you aren’t.  If you do stay behind, remember:

  • Keep a life vest or flotation device on hand if you get caught in a flash flood.
  • Don’t drive through moving water.  If you do feel your car starting to get swept away, immediately roll down the windows and undo your seat belts so you can get out in a hurry.
  • Don’t go into an attic, climb onto the roof.
  • Stay away from windows or make sure they’re boarded up securely (100+ mph winds can turn any projectile deadly).

If you are undocumented, write down contact information for immigration lawyers ahead of time.

If you have special needs, leave early.

Better safe than sorry.

Remember: Hurricanes happen every year.  Yes, they can be devastating, but they aren’t the end of the world.  We can and do survive and rebuild.  Don’t panic and don’t make yourself sick with worry.  Preparedness is for peace of mind.

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What would Seventeen bring w/them to a deserted island?
  • [Q: In case you get stuck on a deserted island, which 3 things would you bring with you?]
  • S. coups: food, house, gun
  • jeonghan: fire, water, food
  • joshua: food, shampoo, house
  • jun: seventeen members
  • hoshi: fire, water, food
  • wonwoo: PS4, computer, tv
  • woozi: seventeen, rice, music
  • dokyeom: fruit, seventeen, boat
  • mingyu: rice, fire, house
  • the8: the anywhere door from doraemon
  • seungkwan: rice, family, fans
  • vernon: solar charger, phone, weapon
  • dino: fire, water, rice

Tree 2.0? The giving tree now offers USB charging, lighting, cooled water and free WIFI…  A seven-panel tree can generate up to 1.4 kilowatts, which is enough to run 35 laptops.

More info:

anonymous asked:

sarah! i’m drafting up my christmas wishlist (i know it’s early but i wanna get it done, ya know?) anyways i have no idea what to put on it. do you have any ideas (even basic ones)? i’m going to be 17 in February if that helps. thanks lovely!

Hi dear! This is kind of a tough question as I’m not quite sure what you’re in the market for, or what you like/dislike, so it’s tough to say what you need/want/already have. Like I’m at the point in my life where I am not above asking for Swiffer pads lol but that is not a “fun” gift.  

I personally always appreciate pajamas/scarves/slippers at Christmas but I think some other “useful” and not necessarily sexy gifts would be a portable/solar phone charger, maybe a nice laptop bag (a leather one), simple jewelry, candles, a higher-end watch that will last you years. 

Hope that helps you get started thinking! 


Window Solar Phone Charger - By XD Design 

They have come up with a Window Solar Phone Charger that enables you to charge your phone using only solar energy. It is fairly small (4.3 x 4.3 x 0.68 inch) and light (3.35 oz), but it packs a 1,400mAh battery and a full size and mini USB port that can be used to charge up its own battery when there is not enough sun, or when it simply takes too long due to the fact that it is said to take about 13 hours to fully charge.

[150718] Yongsan Fan Account

Q: “If you get drifted to an uninhabited island for a long time, pick up to three things you want to take with you?”

Dino: fire, water, rice (OP’s Note: Chan didn’t understand at first and wrote coconut because he thought which three things he would take from the island.)

Woozi: SEVENTEEN, rice, music

Joshua: Food, shampoo, house

S. Coups: Food, house, a gun

The8: The “Anywhere Door: from Doraemon!

cr: jyeoshin @ what17says
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