solar paneled roof on car

corallia  asked:

did you see the solar freakin roadways video?

  1. Traction is worse because road is now made out of [fiber]glass
  2. Electronic roads and lanes means that if there’s a short circuit somewhere, the roads could be unuseable
  3. As with my concerns with the ‘smart car’, these 'smart roads’ add another level of digital control and surveillance I am not ready to sacrifice
  4. The panels would need to be replaced frequently, and replacing them would require a lane to be shut down, as with all road maintenance.
  5. No one is quite sure what would happen after years of cars exerting force on them, but if current roads are any indication, the panels will get destroyed.
  6. Imagine a horrific accident: shards of broken glass vs. scuffed up concrete, which would you prefer?
  7. Where are we going to get all that silicon, copper, and glass?
  8. Unless they make the seals air-fucking-tight between hexagonal panels, one winter season will be all it takes to heave those panels out of place. As water flows into the cracks and expands as it becomes ice, the panels are destroyed or displaced.
  9. Will they generate more watts than they consume?
  10. Where will excess energy be stored?
  11. On heavily-trafficked roads there would be no point because the panels would be beneath cars all day and would never capture sunlight.
  12. Where panels could capture enough sunlight, its likely they could have just been placed alongside the road.

I am all about alternative energy, and even solar power. But these solar roadways are a terrible idea. Why can’t we turn the roofs of our cars into solar panels, first? What if we could plug our cars in and transfer its stored energy wherever?

Imagine a massive mall parking lot, the same that already exist. Now imagine each light fixture is also an outlet, capable of being connected to an electric, solar car, and having the cars energy transferred to its grid! People could generate electricity while they shop! Imagine if you could plug your car in at home and use the excess energy.