solar innerg


Story behind my name…


My name has to do with my spiritual beliefs, knowledge, and understanding.

Solar_InnerG is an obvious metaphor for Solar Energy,
Which is radiant light and heat energy from the sun.
Everything is energy and all life on earth uses energy powered by the sun
which is our nearest star.

Anyone with a little scientific knowledge knows that “Energy” is infinite it never goes away it just changes forms and circulates around the universe. Sort of like the circle of life. Therefore everything in the Universe is connected. This a what I believe we call “GOD”. Life began In Africa… Africans, The Children of The Sun. My lineage is that of West Africa. Being a child of the sun I feel like there should be no limits. 

As far as the “InnerG” part, well the G stands for three G words: My Inner-Genius, My Inner-Greatness, and My Inner-GOD. 

Solar InnerG is my personal motivation to continue to strive for greatness, wisdom, and knowledge in all areas of life. 

Woop de woop, woop de woop woop, woop de woop
Woop de woop, woop de woop woop 

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