solar guidance


Cat-like aliens who worship their sun.

They’re an ancient species that live in the Goldilocks zone of a dying red giant. Most of their astronomical studies consists of obsessively observing the movements of their sun; it’s progression through the sky and its various changes throughout the year. As such, they’ve become experts in solar research, able to predict solar flares and numerous other phenomena. Other aliens come to them to learn about stars.

Their studies have allowed them great strides in interstellar travel, each year finding new ways to get closer and closer to the sun. Because of this, they’ve also achieved a great understanding of radiation, heat, and nuclear fusion, far more advanced than anyone else in the galaxy.

A difficult section of study for them is the death of a star. They are full aware that stars do die and that their star will eventually supernova, but they can’t bear the thought of a world without it. To them, their star is like a god. People pray to it for guidance. Solar flares are considered holy events and great festivals are created in their honor. Entire empires were built on the concept on honoring the whims of the sun. To them, without the sun, their entire civilization would collapse.