solar dust

Wait, a comet has tails?! Yes!! Normally, a comet will have two tails: an ion tail of charged particles emitted by the comet that are pushed out by the solar wind coming from the Sun, and a dust tail of small debris that orbits behind the comet but is also pushed out, to some degree, by the solar wind. 

Frequently a comet may sometimes appear to have only one tail because the other tail is not easily visible from the Earth. 

In the featured unusual image,Comet 2P/Encke appears to have three tails because the ion tail split into 2 close to the time when the image was taken. The complex solar wind is occasionally turbulent and sometimes creates unusual structure in an ion tail. 

Questions? Ask ask ask!! 

Image Credit & Copyright: Fritz Helmut Hemmerich

Date a girl who’s belly contains a universe. She’s worried about her entropy, and makes sure to consume extra calories to keep the heat of her cosmos intact. Her belly button is the center of the big bang and her stretch marks are made of nebulae, swirling with star dust. Her freckles and birth marks are the galaxies, billions of which float around inside her dark transparent skin. I ask her why she’s willing to keep such an artifact inside of herself, when she needs to work so hard to maintain its expansion. She smiles, and tells me that the quintillions of alien lives within her are worth more than her singular body. 

One day she lets me touch her belly. The sands of time and dust of solar systems is so soft against my palm and fingers. She giggles, and her entire body jiggles, pulsating from star to star, creating the background radiation. I am at ease and so is she. Her warmth radiating from the thermonuclear suns within her, she smiles again and fades into the night sky.


Color shifting pigments!!! Whipped up these experiments while casting orders this morning. There are several methods for using pigments with resin, these have been quite picky about their application but these tests were a success! The pigment is from @solarcolordust and are aptly named “chameleon pigments”. Solar Color Dust is a great small business that carries all kinds of neat pigments you don’t normally see. Use my code “SOLARSKULL” for 5% in their shop if you’d like to try them out. I’ll have crystals and skulls like these available for the next shop update but I don’t know when that will be! Probably a few weeks from now. #resin #skullery #solarcolordust

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NWA 5491 CV3 Carbonaceous Chondrite slice weighing 19.8 grams. This class of meteorite is the most primitive of all the meteorites and contains ancient chondrules (round grains) and calcium aluminum inclusions (CAI’s) (white irregular patches) that are situated in a dark matrix of solar nebular dust. Chondrules are the basic building blocks of the planets.

stand and fight

Magnus is exhausted.

The type of exhaustion that comes long after an adrenaline fueled second wind and every step is a fight with himself never mind the opponents facing him. He’s got no choice but to keep moving though, even when everything in him is begging for a reprieve. The battle is still raging around him. Valentine’s new army falling on them like waves on a cliff, endless like the ocean itself and so devoted to their cause they care nothing for themselves. The worst kind of enemy… they have nothing to lose.

Whereas Magnus has everything to lose and barely any energy left to protect it.

His magic has gone from scalpel like precision, slicing through the circle members like a skilled artist with a paintbrush adding the last flick of paint to a masterpiece to a violent bloody mess not unlike a toddler throwing a temper tantrum. It’s hardly refined but Magnus is so tired he can barely focus. Not that it’s helping his energy levels, this brutish uncoordinated mass of power is a waste.

And one he can scarcely afford.

What’s worse is he lost sight of Alexander an hour ago.

The clawing anxious feeling in his gut has pretty much been permanent since, eating away at his resolve and strength as he grits his teeth against the endless onslaught. He wants to go running off and find him, spare some magic to track Alec. But there’s no end to the fight and it’s taking everything Magnus has just to stay upright.

He’s getting sloppy. Slow even.

A second too late here and he has a broken rib, too much energy used on a group of circle members and his knee buckles bringing him down to the ground. His vision wavers dangerously, fading between darkness and a blurred look of the battle field.

Despite barely being able to think more than a second ahead, most of his thoughts are wound around Alec’s safety.

A circle member comes up behind him and Magnus tosses him haphazardly into a wall so hard he flinches at the sound of bones being crushed against the bricks. He wonders if Alec is injured.

A wolf is pinned and Magnus throws his magic behind a loose rebar throwing it through the skull of the shadowhunter on top of them. The wolf spares him a nod in thanks before rejoining the fray and Magnus wonders if Alec is just as tired as he is. Is his bow dripping? Has he missed too many shots?

Or is he one of the fallen? Packed into the dirt and gravel like so many others, kicked to one side out of haste and desperation rather than disrespect.

There’ll be time to bury the dead later.

Now is the time for the living, for surviving. And god Magnus hopes Alec’s still out there, still fighting, still breathing. The idea that Alec isn’t – that he isn’t…gods it makes his whole world tilt on its axis enough that he stumbles.

He pushes the idea forcibly away as he struggles back upright.

There’s another wave of circle members screaming into the warehouse and Magnus allows himself one moment of despair. His eyes shut and he feels the weight of it all fall on him like a heavy suffocating blanket. It’s so thick he can barely breathe and for a split second, he doesn’t.

He stops breathing.

Just for a second the world stops and Magnus considers just stopping with it.

Instead he takes another breath, opens his eyes and pulls himself up as much as he can. He throws himself back into the fight, closely followed by his fellow exhausted downworlders and the few clave shadowhunters left.

As he collides with the next wave he thinks to himself once more unto the breach and then all his thoughts boil down to the fight.

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Portal to the Moon

This microfic takes place in a post-Wheatley-redemption-arc and Chell-just-ain’t-gonna-stop-bugging-GLaDOS-so-freneminess-happens universe. Sue me.

…actually no please don’t i’m broke *collapses under the weight of a bajillion lawyers*


“Come on, moron, unless you want to be sucked into space without a tether again.”

“Ack! I’m coming! Don’t get your knickers in a twi-wait, you don’t have knickers.”

Chell silently snickered as she zipped up her Aperture Science Compression Spacesuit, the AIs’ bickering less venomous than it once was.

Wheatley swung down from his rail, landing square in the core holder-ehem, Aperture Science Personality Sphere Harness-waiting below him. “Alright, alright, I’m in!”

GLaDOS turned to Chell, nudging Wheatley and the ASPSH to her. “You’re carrying him. I have to prepare the portal surfaces so we can use the portal surfaces.” She pulled up in her chassis, perusing her software files.

Chell nodded, reaching down and securing Wheatley into the ASPSH before pulling the entire thing onto her chest like a backwards backpack. Wheatley flapped his handles excitedly. “So, how often do these things happen, anyway?”

“Every year and a half, approximately.” GLaDOS answered distractedly. “Though for someone who isn’t a world traveler, they’ll likely only ever see one once. Twice, if they age gracefully.”

Chell smirked. She remembered, way back in what she called the Boring Years, she and the rest of her class had gone out to watch one of these, and here she was, centuries later and only a few decades older, getting ready to watch one from two places at once.

“Alright, we’re set for when it starts.” GLaDOS stated, preparing a portal wall. “However, before you fire the portal to the moon, I would recommend putting the Aperture Science Space Helmet on.” This was said with a pointed look at Chell, who rolled her eyes and pulled it on over her ponytail, clicking it into place.

The panels of the ceiling folded back and away, revealing the bright midday sun.

“According to my data, the moon should begin covering the sun from the right side.” GLaDOS explained, a monitor showing a simulation of what they were expecting.

Chell gave her a thumbs-up, taking aim with the portal gun integrated into the suit with her other arm.

There was a flash of blue light, then the first indicator on the suit’s arm lit up blue.

The panels closed up, and GLaDOS spoke. “Initiating air pressure equalization.”

GLaDOS and Wheatley were fine, being robots, but Chell could tell when her suit began working overtime to keep her body contained.

“Pressure equalized to the vacuum of space.” GLaDOS nodded to herself, leaning towards the portal wall as an orange portal opened and Chell’s suit’s second indicator lit up.

Now that there wasn’t a hurricane-force wind ripping her from the earth, Chell could actually walk to the moon’s portal as a round shadow appeared on the planet.

A yellow core floated past. “Space lady! Space buddy!”

“Oh, hey, Spacey!” Wheatley returned the greeting. “How’s the view up here so far?”

“Space view!” Cheered the other.

GLaDOS’s head poked through the portal once Chell and Wheatley were through. “I suppose you are quite enjoying yourself.”


Chell laughed mutely, casting her gaze up to Earth, far away but also so close.

The moon’s shadow was slowly and steadily making its way over the planet, crossing one of the larger continents in its path.

Absently, she hugged Wheatley to her chest and awkwardly sat down on the moon’s surface, kicking up a bit of moon dust.

A solar eclipse was always something special, but how many people could say they’d seen one from the moon?

//Pale Blue Dot//Earth camptured from Voyager 1 in 1990 from 4 billion miles away//

//Look again at that dot. That’s here. That’s home. That’s us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every “superstar,” every “supreme leader,” every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there-on A MOTE OF DUST SUSPENDED IN A SUNBEAM.//


Storms in other worlds.

Earth is not the only world with storms in our Solar System, and in many cases, even our most destructive storms are pipsqueaks compared to our neighboring worlds.
Venus, with its runaway greenhouse effect has clouds of CO2 and likely lots of lightning.
Mars is known for its dust storms, some are so huge that they will pose threats to future astronauts on Mars. Pictured is a simple dust devil.
The Jovian Giants are full of storms. Jupiter’s big red spot is perhaps the most famous, but the other gas giants are no stranger to epic storms that last many years.
Titan has a dense atmopshere and has an abundance of methane. There are storm systems that rain liquid methane. This means there are vast seas and rivers of methane too.


A collection of old and new work in progress paintings. Been sitting on a few of these for awhile since my attention span jumps all over the place. I’ll paint for a bit, forget about them for awhile and come back to certain pieces later in between commission work.

The two i’m currently working on: the dust wallpaper and a redesign of an old dragon character of mine. 

The other 3 are flamegirl’s season 1 design from TOME, moltres from pokemon and a my little pony image.