solar ambassador

Cottonwood Solar Ambassador Meeting-September 12th, 2011

A dozen solar ambassadors gathered on Monday, September 12, at the Cottonwood Recreation Center to discuss ways to make solar more accessible to Arizonans across the state. The Arizona SmartPower team, led by Aparna Mohla and Toni Bouchard, directed a lively discussion, gathering several ideas.

Though many in attendance were from surrounding towns, the brainstorming session included several immediate plans to impact and enhance the city of Cottonwood. At the end of the meeting, Aparna asked attendees why Arizona should be the Solar Capital of the United States. Be sure to visit our website for the full video and share your comments on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Group shot of Solar Ambassadors at Cottonwood Recreation Center

Featured Solar Ambassador: Russ and Donna Sherwin

Meet Russ and Donna Sherwin from Prescott and hear their story:

“In December of 2010, we decided to get serious about installing photovoltaic (PV) power on the roof. I had been thinking about it and had done a fair amount of research already.

We decided that a system power output in the range of 5500 to 7000 watts would offset 100% of our annual usage. Our daily production so far has been in the range of 44,000 to as high as 51,000 watt-hours, about 3 times our daily consumption.

Kudos to the City of Prescott for their prompt and hassle-free permitting process. The system works perfectly and has produced more power than expected. That’s what I call a successful result!”

–Russ and Donna Sherwin, Prescott AZ

Featured Solar Ambassador: Karen and Brian Daniels

Meet Karen and Brian Daniels from Clarkdale and hear their story:

“I am no stranger to solar power. Right after moving into our house on Christmas Eve of 2009, our first winter electric bills were very high, so we decided to go ahead with the solar water heating system as soon as we could get approval from APS for an incentive.

As soon as we got our first few months’ electric bills we were really excited. Not only did we produce all the electricity that we needed, we have credits adding up that will offset the higher use coming during the hottest summer months and our winter heating, as well as our future needs for the new construction.

Karen and Brian’s home with 44 solar panels! They will be hosting the Clarkdale Solar Block Party at their home on November 5th.

“If electric rates go up, which we know is a very good possibility, our system may pay for itself sooner rather than later. It will end up being a moneymaking machine, producing free electricity, and we’ll even get paid at the end of each year for any excess produced. An extra bonus is that it will really have increased the overall value of our house!”

–Karen and Brian Daniels, Clarkdale AZ

Featured Solar Ambassador: Bill Bliss

Meet Bill Bliss from Yuma and hear his story:

My system has been up and producing since August 17 2010. I have PV panels that use a micro inverter to convert the DC power to AC power. I am quite happy with it. It just does it own thing every day without any input from me.

I have produced 12.6 MWh since installation — enough to power 415 houses for one day, with a carbon offset of 8.68 tons — the equivalent of 222 trees. 

My last APS electric bill cost me 6.67 dollars. Some months I break even, producing enough power to perfectly offset what I use, so my system is pretty well balanced with my monthly needs. I’m happy to share information with anyone that is interested and show them my PV system. I love being solar ambassador.

–Bill Bliss, Yuma AZ