Solar Pulls Out All The Stops To Support Eric Nam’s New Single On “We Got Married”

MAMAMOO’s Solar is showing how incredible a wife she is as she goes all out to help promote husband Eric Nam’s comeback on MBC’s “We Got Married.”

On the upcoming July 30 episode of the virtual marriage reality show, Solar prepares a 3-set package to help support Eric Nam’s single “Can’t Help Myself.” She decorates a car with stickers that advertise the song, prepares cups of coffee with stickers of his face on them, and helps cheer him on with her normal hyper self as he goes around to promote his song.

According to the crew of the show, when Eric Nam’s new song was released, Solar had come up with this idea by herself. Starting in the early morning, she fights alone as she works hard to be a supportive wife for her husband. When Eric Nam sees the car that she had decorated to advertise his song, he smiles widely as he says, “I’m so touched. My wife is the best,” sparing no compliments for Solar.

Then, Eric Nam goes around to pass out the coffees that Solar had prepared and she enthusiastically accompanies him, acting as his personal cheerleader as she dances and energizes everyone who comes in contact with them.

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Solar in the ghost house (stay close to the ghost)

anonymous asked:

Hiphipau The Holt siblings probably have Bobby-pins for their hair or some shit. They both could use them. Those memelords have them labeled "Nicki" and "Dani". + Shiro looked in on Matt dancing once, and he was just on the floor. That's when they figured out about his heart condition. Matt didn't stop dancing. - sincerely, the anon who sent you the Shiro Matt thing. I've been thinking about it too

I like your idea about Shiro finding out about Matt’s heart problems, especially because it’s v similar to my own! (Which is basically Matt and Pidge are practicing a routine and then Podge screams and Shiro comes running and Matt is passed out and Pidge is calling 911)

also for the meme part of this: Solar going up to Jupiter and going “Dan Nicki your Bobbys” and the both of them just laughing bc they’re memelords


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