solanum quitoense


mexico!!!  we’ve just returned from a week in what looked like Gilligan’s Island.  the landscape faded from beach to jungle.  it was an absolute paradise, so lush, so green, so hot and humid.  it was perfect.  

everything was bigger.  the Canna outside of our casita was about 30’ feet tall, with fronds up to 8’ long (i’ll spare you the photo shoot i did with it, i was completely in awe).  we saw houseplants…outside!  Philodendrons snaked like vines around the jungle and the Monstera, larger than life, lived up to it’s name.  

Tillandsia, and Bromeliads hung haphazardly wherever they could find space, and orchids fell nonchalantly on the jungle paths and beach.

oh, and did i mention that it was practically overrun with butterflies?


Solanum quitoense (Known as naranjilla in Ecuador and Panama, and as Lulo in Columbia) in the Hortus Horrei of Corte Eremo

The Bed of Nails has made some fruit. I’m not sure if what remains of September and October will be warm enought to ripen the little fruits, but maybe just maybe we’ll get to taste it, and gather some seeds for next year. I’d love to grow it again.  

Seeds from Nancy J. Ondra