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Melanin Crush Monday

Kings and Queens… Gods & Goddesses… This is the type of elegance, creativity, power and strength I want to exhibit at my wedding. Dancing through the streets with sparklers in celebration with friends and family? LOVE…

Aside from the custom Kenzo dress, who were the other contributors to the wedding of the year? Was the rest the work of Mama Tina?

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UPDATE: Solange and her son, Juelz, turn up to No Flex Zone

Some shea butter bitch got angry at Solange Knowles because her son is learning French. I love that she says he should learn “African” cultures and languages, as if that’s all one in the same. Butshout out to Solange for clapping back.


Solange Knowles and her son share a cute dance at her wedding


Video: Solange And Her Son Juelz Choreographed “No Flex Zone” Dance At Her Wedding.

Solange’s wedding is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. In what will probably go down as one of the best moments of 2014, Solange and her 10-year-old son Daniel Juelz performed a loosely,fun choreographed dance to Rae Sremmurd’s woozy banger “No Flex Zone.” Why we love this family so much. Watch video above.