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Hi everyone!!! Happy 2018!!!

I figured I’d hop on the bandwagon and do one of these to celebrate the new year. This year was pretty amazing for me; I made a lot of new friendos and I started posting a lot more original content. Here are some awesome people you should follow this year!

But first, these are some people who deserve mentioning:

@kahzooie is one of the reasons I joined tumblr, even though he probably did not know that. Thanks for getting me addicted to this hellhole.

@emmicool28, @flameofdarkness101, @enchanteddaydreams and @darkheartofsapphire are my irl best friends and you guys are actually the best and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

@because-seconds-not-the-same is one of the first semi-friends I made, meaning we tag each other in stuff, and was my first mutual!

@dragongirl0130, @outside-the-boxxx, @ourradjourneys and @mohogirl43 are pretty cool and made/make my life not suck. And @dragongirl0130 is the reason I’m not suffering in my tiny ball of lonely.

@lastshadowfading is one of my most important people and he’s pretty okey most of the time when he’s not being a nerd or smartass.

@katchyalater is an amazing fic author and was the first creator to follow me back. That was a huge milestone for me because it gave me enough confidence to start posting original content. 

@femmefatalenet gave me so many new friends, especially @forever-and-almost-always who shares my love of AtLA and Velma. Thank you @kanokas for creating this net!

Mutuals are bolded, crushes are italicized.

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@adaestra @allthecanadianpolitics @alltimelow @amjnyard @an-airbender-named-aang @ananbeth @andrxnmeda @andysart @anxiouspineapples @apeollo @apple-grass-and-smiles @artificialsmileyface @asexualspectrumspector @avatar-state @avatarsymbolism @baby-rochester @badley @badpjoideas @because-seconds-not-the-same @b-isforbombshell @believeinlostsouls @bellarke @bellarkefanfiction @bellarkefanfictions @blackjacktheboss @blindspot-fan @bluecrowne @book-bending @bookclubnw @booksqouted @bookwormwithacrush @bryandaugherty @burnthepricetag @bushy-haired-know-it-all

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@camphalfbloodnetwork @cassiopeis @catherinetheperfect @chaanv @chaserpercy @clarasworldofwonders @clarkescrusade @corgioverload @dailyhouse @dailyskyeward @dandelionisaks @dandymot @darkheartofsapphire @declanlynch @demigodsdaily @dragongirl0130 @drawana @drogontamer @edwardspoonhands @elizabethwydevilles @emilovesmusic @emmicool28 @enchanteddaydreams @eugeniaclara @everythingtimeless @fandomaestheticnet @femmefatalenet @flameofdarkness101 @forever-and-almost-always @foxy-llama-mama @fycanadianpolitics @fyeahshadowhunters 

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Some shea butter bitch got angry at Solange Knowles because her son is learning French. I love that she says he should learn “African” cultures and languages, as if that’s all one in the same. Butshout out to Solange for clapping back.

There are a lot of great Silm fancasts around but please consider Solange Knowles as Aredhel

The woman is divinely beautiful and clearly rocks all-white/grey ensembles like look at this SHE IS AREDHEL:

complete with fancy gowns and general majesty and badassery

And don’t even get me started on the white jumpsuits/pants (Aredhel in pants is very important to me):


Bonus: please watch this video of Solange and her son Julez dancing it is the cutest thing IMAGINE AREDHEL AND MAEGLIN

(gif from here)