solange music

So Solange gets drunk and beats up Jay Z in an elevator for cheating on her sister. And Beyonce never lifted a finger to help Jay Z.  Then Beyonce sings sad songs about Jay Z. Then Jay Z  is unhappy and admits he is remorseful and wants to save his marriage. Then Beyonce is having twins. And Solange is still quietly resentful. WTF? I have seen Empire episodes that were less complicated than this.

You are not a nice person, obviously., 

Beyonce and Solange let you know that whether its the sun and the moon, Oshun and Yemaya, the Black Madonna or the Last Supper, black women {black mommas} are divine  

Tribe and Busta let you know they’re not backing down to Agent Orange, they’re not playing by his “rules”, and broke down a wall on stage in defiance

the many shades of black resistance