solange curls

I realized today (correct me if I’m wrong)

Solange is the only celebrity I can think of who “shared” her natural hair journey with us. We saw her from her big chop to what her hair has grown out to be and probably will continue to become. We’ve seen the braids and wigs and other protective styles in between and I think it such a beautiful thing to want to share with fans and the world where most people, especially celebrities, only want to show their natural hair once it’s grown out to shoulder/ back length. I think that being able to grow out your hair to those lengths is beautiful in itself. I just see a more relatable beauty with Solange. Where those who are struggling with accepting their natural hair especially when their curls are really tight and 75% of the naturals around them have really loose curls. 

But yeah.

It’s been an entire year since I got this crazy impulse to go in the bathroom and cut off all my hair. In the moment I felt free, confident, and just plain ol bad ass. But I guess as reality finally sat in I started to feel scared, Insecure, and now I had this massive amount of weight on my shoulders because it was like what are you about to do girl. You just cut all of your hair off. But ultimately this past year concerning my hair journey has been a learning experience. And I can’t wait until my hair is just annoyingly long and out of control


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